A 10250 word story by Jim Stewart

Topic of this short extract is
a description of a
first experience of a strait-jacket.

(EXCERPT 630 words)

The STRANGER, having been invited back to the New York apartment of an experience 'LEATHERMAN', is now wearing heavy bike leathers from neck to boots, has had his first brief experience of handcuffs and leg-irons - and has now agreed to a further development - just for the sake of experience.

Given the key to unlock the handcuffs which are locked around the thick gauntlets he is now wearing, the camera moves in to watch in close-up the difficult process of manipulating the small key with leather-padded fingers.

When the STRANGER has at last managed to release the second cuff, he looks up and sees that LEATHERMAN is holding open a tough-looking leather strait-jacket.

LM: Some of the things I have in mind for you to try ... may drive you crazy. A strait-jacket is meant to prevent the patient from injuring himself or his 'controller'. Yes?

STRANGER take a breath - nods agreement and begins to unzip the bulky borrowed bike jacket.

LM: Leave the jacket on.

The camera watches closely as the STRANGER tentatively pushes his gauntleted hands down into the heavily riveted long leather sleeves of the strait-jacket.
The LEATHERMAN talks reassuringly as he hauls the strait-jacket up around the already leather-clad shoulders and begins the elaborate process of buckling the first of the many straps.

The STRANGER inspects the closed ends of the strait-jacket sleeves and the camera zooms in on the bulge the bulky gloved hands make inside the tough double-thickness hide of the sleeve.

LM: You made a good decision. Nothing like a bit of real first-hand experience - and I like nothing better than seeing a guy with balls taking a risk - and agreeing to be strapped and made helpless - and then watching him deal with the situation he's agreed to - asked for - hot - and sweating - and totally helpless.

As the re-assuring voice continues, straps rattle closed and leather creaks as the jacket is made progressively more secure and pressure on the STRANGER's bulging padded arms and chest becomes tighter and more totally confining. He spreads his manacled bike boots further apart to withstand the tugging on the solid leather straps.

LM: All that strength and power - boiling and seething but completely powerless. Power is something we grow up with - take for granted - until it's taken away from us - and then the feeling of helplessness creeps up - inside our bones. It's there before we realize it - recognize it. The mind and the muscles don't accept it at first - powerlessness. I bet you still feel you have the power to resist - at least put up a fight - but the time for fighting the way you're used to fighting is already gone. No arms to use to defend yourself - no feet even .

Camera grabs a close-up as the shackled, booted feet shift instinctively.

LM: How long is it since you were physically totally helpless? You ever been in the hospital? In splints or bandages? (STRANGER shakes his head, very tense) Maybe you will be before the night's over; bandaged from head to feet - just your balls out in the open - maybe the crack of your ass accessible. You may not like the idea but if all goes the way I expect it to go, you won't have any say in the matter. Do you think you can deal with reaching a point where it's no longer your decision? (No immediate response) Do you think you can deal with that possibility of totally surrendering control - willingly surrendering - just to know what it feels like? (Eventually the STRANGER allows himself to nod) Good man. Good decision. You'll survive it even if you don't particularly enjoy it at the time. You can have confidence that you'll be able to have your revenge - if that's what you want when the time comes.

The LEATHERMAN smiles and suddenly the sweating STRANGER laughs nervously, his breath restricted by the tightness of the strapping around his chest and arms.

STR: Too fucking right!!

LM: That's what I like to hear. Now - the time for making decisions is almost over, buddy - for the present, anyway. Even the time for saying 'No' in this particular phase. Do you think you can handle it? (STRANGER nods, determined to go along with the situation)

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