A 10250 word story by Jim Stewart

Topic in this short extract from the main story is the power of a totally closed hood



(EXCERPT 935 words)

The STRANGER now stands strait-jacketed over heavy bike leathers and he has agreed to allow the LEATHERMAN to take the experience further ... but he is getting nervous

LM: OK - you've done well so far. What next?

The STRANGER doesn't know and his breathing under all the leather and strapping is becoming more laboured. He doesn't answer.

LM: (Sternly) I asked you a question, buddy! The time for making decisions is almost over - for the present, anyway. Even the time for saying 'No' in this particular phase. Do you think you can handle it? (STRANGER nods, determined to go along with the situation) Have you ever tried a leather hood? (The other man is about to say 'No' but hesitates) Sorry, I'll rephrase that - are you willing to try a hood that shuts out all light - and makes you totally unable to speak - even to say 'No'? Are you willing?

STR: (Looking down at his strapped arms) Even if I said I wasn't, I guess you could force me into it.

LM: That's not the name of the game this time round, buddy. I'd get a hell of a kick out of fighting you into some sort of restraint. In the right place where there were no lamps to smash and furniture to destroy I'd get one hell of a charge out of wrestling you until one of us was overpowered - but that's not the game tonight, right? Tonight it's my pleasure to make you not only agree to - but ask for being completely - taken over. Now - are you willing to have an eyeless, mouthless hood over your head with a gag in your mouth? (The STRANGER nods, but the LEATHERMAN is not satisfied) You want me to put you into an eyeless mouthless leather hood with a gag that will totally prevent you from complaining or even saying 'No'? (STRANGER nods again but is getting more nervous) Then say it, fellar. I want to hear you ask for it. Tell me what you want me to do to you, man. (The other man licks his lips nervously) Say it!

STR: Say what?!

LM: I want you to put me into an eyeless, mouthless leather hood with a gag in my mouth that won't allow me to say "No" if the going gets tough.

STR: (With supreme effort) I - want you to put me into an eyeless, mouthless leather hood ... with a gag in my mouth ... that won't allow me to say 'No'.

LM: (Smiling) Good man.

Again, as the LEATHERMAN prepares the next stage of the game, he talks reassuringly to his 'victim'.

LM: I've tried a lot of different ways of silencing somebody I'm playing around with. These are gum-shields - got 'em from a sport store. I guess you've used them - I bet you've done some boxing sometime.

Too late for the STRANGER to reply because the flexible plastic double mouthpiece is in and seated, encasing his top and bottom teeth and the LEATHERMAN is ready to drop the efficient-looking leather hood over his head.

LM: This hood is my favourite. OK there's no mouth-hole for any cock-sucking or boot-licking - but that's not the name of the game tonight, buddy-boy. Can you still hear me? (The hood nods). Good, I could have used earplugs to really cut you off from reality - but I want to be able to communicate with you now and then. (Begins to lace the hood expertly and super-tightly as he talks) You see, I've screwed around with guys of every shape and style until it's all distilled down to the feel and smell and taste of leather over a powerful but powerless hunk of - real man.

Standing behind the hooded STRANGER the LEATHERMAN puts out his tongue and licks the broad leather shoulder. Teeth gently bite into the leather and the shoulder tenses. He then talks into his prisoners ear.

LM: Only your cock and balls and your mind will be mine to play around with. You won't be able to see or speak - or scream - but you won't really care because you'll begin to float in your own dark - safe world - because you will be safe, buddy-boy. All the sensations you ever dreamed of will be yours, whatever your name is. All the things you ever wanted to happen to you - this hood will free you to experience them - knowing that there's somebody outside who will keep you safe - and calm - and secure - because you have no decisions to make any more. You can just float and forget the real world. Open your mind to all those images and fantasies and pictures that have excited you for all those years. Even things you've resisted and rejected. I wonder what they are? What people and what situations have attracted you - and scared you because they attracted you? I wish I could see the pictures that'll begin to float through your head now you don't have any other powers or decisions or senses to distract you from your innermost self ...



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