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(update May 2010)

Some very welcome contributions have been received recently.
More would be appreciated if you can suggest an image to fill an obvious gap,
or a piece of text inspires you to supply an appropriate image.
(Credit will be given to the owner of any picture offered, plus a link to the donors if they wish)


Some images out of my store of pictures were downloaded in the past from various internet sources for my own personal private enjoyment. Ownership of many of these familiar pictures is now unclear.

If you own or know the original source of any picture used on this site, please contact me immediately so I can either credit the originator or, if the owner wishes, delete the image from the site.

'Territories' listed below now have a few pictures in each - but the plan is to add extra images to each sector. So, use your imagination and suggest/supply images that you think fit into categories described. (click title of each section to read more about the 'territory'.)

Looking for photos
Sports physical challenge
Sports related =
Wrestlers applying painful holds
American sports armour / helmets in action

Martial arts protective gear

Any restrictive or potentially restrictive sports related equipment
Specific images needed to illustrate text :
Close-up of cricketer's wire face cage
Boxing gloves being laced
Work jacket modified
Work related =
genuine action shots of gear in use, preferably rope/chain/strap images
Fire-fighters (British and foreign)
Breathing gear
Crane or scaffold riggers wearing safety harnesses
Commercial diver dry suits and breathing tanks
Mountain Rescue team, particularly strapped stretcher etc
Protective / restrictive work-wear
Wet, muddy or wild work situations
Specific images needed WW2 army motorcycle despatch riders
Cold water dive masochist
Hobbies and pastimes =
Water-based activities which need gear
Outdoor rugged activities situations
involving strappery or protective gear
Motorcycle leathers and weather gear being put to the test
Leisure pursuits challenging for other reasons
Specific images needed to illustrate a text :
Hang-gliders or free-fall paras in harness and ready to launch
Wind surfers in wet suits - pref. one lashing gear to top of Land Rover
USA riot police in action
Law Enforcement =
'AUTHORITY FIGURES' is now a broader category. Photos galleries for
British, Foreign, and Riot police imagery are now in place. All images would be welcome if action or gear is dynamic.
Contemporary prison and historical jail imagery now have a page
Specific images needed
Arrest techniques demonstrated (cable ties? or cuffs) + baton training
USA 'Old West' marshal in action (maybe movie stills?)

Self-challenge =
Images are thin on the ground in this section so far.
Suggestions would be particularly welcome
More from 'Tough-guys' web site?
Specific images needed
Home exercise equipment in use (plus perhaps in kinky use?)
Fitness Centre group being made to sweat
Runners and trainers pushing themselves
Country exercise - perhaps a heavy backpack run
More from 'Tough-guys' web site?
Any other self-challenging action?

Going nowhere escape challenge

Escape Artistry =
Any images you can find please
Plausible public challenges - basic street escapology or glam show-biz
'Houdini Today' file needs illustrating =
... well-applied restraints as escape challenge rather than overtly erotic
... using different means of restraint = rope / strait-jacket / cable ties / sack and chain - whatever.
Escape challenges using work/sports/generally available equipment
Japanese style rope tie imagery (challenging rather than overtly erotic)

Interrogation scenario
Simulated scenes & role-play =
Any plausible-looking uniformed or costumed role-play involving restraint
Jail Training Centre / Academy type facilities in action - more needed
'Dressing for Pleasure' type event = role play as distinct from 'fetish'
Cross-dressing and forced cross-dressing
Adventure Training activities, particularly team challenge events
Paint-ball game-playing or related high-energy action opportunities
Plausible stress positions and interrogation scenarios
Well strapped in PVC = Storylines
Fetish/Erotic Bondage =
Full range of alternatives =
... stylised icons contrasted with real-life originals
Contrast fetish materials = latex and industrial rubber, fur and knitted-wool,etc
Efficient physical restraint in or using fetish materials
Social events = 'Dressing for Pleasure', 'Inferno' or 'Black Rose'

Suggestions invited = more unusual fetish preferences






To compliment different 'Storylines', how about more pictures of leather-clad bike couriers, firemen in difficult situations, roped farm workers or trapped in waxed cotton motorcyclists?

The subject of illustrating stories and using combinations of images
to make fantasies more potent in the Mind's Eye, is discussed in my long correspondence
with "Joe T." See STORYBOARDS


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