Site Intro 1a

(before I go any further into this site)


This is not a commercial site
(although Jim Stewart was founder and originator of
'Fetters' in the UK and USA - and has books on sale elsewhere).

It is not a pay-to-enter site.

Is not a 'gay' site although mainly man-to-man.

It's an attempt to put my long-term enthusiasm into
better perspective ... and share with others,
written and pictorial material
I've been collecting since puberty (which was a long time ago).

That's the meat of the main site:
a personal archive of information plus an invitation
to discuss and exchange ideas.

As the name suggests,
the primarily focus here is 'wrapping, strapping, chaining and tying'
but this is NOT just another 'bondage' site.


What are

It's never been easy to explain the instinctive attraction I've felt for ‘Houdini stuff' since early childhood; the elements of physical challenge, testing, risk, dare - taking control over someone or risking them gaining control over me.

The instinctive leaps of imagination when I saw a piece of chain, good solid strap, tall lace-up boots or heavyweight jacket or army kit-bag. The abstract potential of the materials, equipment - the lorry tarpaulin - the tent groundsheet - the judo classes with hand grabs and arm-locks plus the tough canvas of the suit - and to speculate whether, if I whipped off the soft fabric waist belt I could use it to secure the prisoner I'd just subdued - or would my opponent be tempted to do it to me while I was held immobilised. Childhood games of cops-and-robbers, cowboys and indians - the movies. The possibilities offered by comic book heroes capturing or being captured, made powerless in such imaginative ways.

The sensual excitement prompted by tough hide and rough canvas, chain or a heavy oilskin rain jacket plus tall rubber waders. Was this budding fetish or the potential it might offer for using to protect or confine - make me struggle and sweat - or use on somebody else to challenge them to escape from it or deal with it.

The psychological potential of willing surrender of power. The adrenalin rush of catch-as-catch-can physical game-playing. The coming out on top or taking the consequences of being overpowered - power exchange - control and counter-control.

This tangled web of inter-connected images, ideas, possibilities has always fired-up my imagination. The related but separate elements always were (for me) embodied in the exploits of an Escape Artist. The open challenge to ‘do your damnedest' and I'll either escape or at least put up a bloody good struggle.

The decision to launch a web site sprang from a story I wrote a few years ago.

In it a British fire-fighter (married with kids) needed information which was not available to him.
His sexual fantasies had recently been straying into areas of 'kink' which
he couldn't risk discussing with either work-mates or his new mistress.
He was turned-on by the idea of being physically overpowered and made helpless -
or doing it to somebody else - either woman or man:
dangerous territory for a bloke in the Industrial North of England.

All his life he'd relished physical risk and often gone out of his way to invite challenges.
But recently his mind kept straying into areas he didn't
dare admit to anybody who knew him.

This fiction-based-on-fact story contains no serious angst.
There's a lot of humour but it was written to contain information.
Detailed descriptions of physical restraint game-playing on
many different levels of intensity, give practical insight into the
possibilities and practicalities of fantasy fulfillment.
In addition, it's a stimulating read ... if it connects with your imagination.
(More information and EXCERPTS can be accessed
via the Home Page.)

if the idea of physical challenge game-playing
as either fantasy or a real-life possibility appeals to you in some way ...

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