A correspondence

Here is another detailed exchange of ideas and opinions.
This time there is a resolutely strong focus on one (unusual) fetish - waxed cotton motorcycle gear. Not everybody's cup of tea, but the nature of fetish in general is explored in this lengthy correspondence.

As a word, Fetish means different things to different people. Personal erotic/sensual turn-on imagery often defies easy explanation. Trying to analyse things too closely can complicate the issue even further. If you enjoy it and it does no harm to anybody else - go for it.

High heels or garter belts, fishnet stockings or thigh-high rubber waders, bulky bike leathers or slinky cat-suits in latex or PVC - to each his own. ‘Getting off’ using a sensual stimulant, the look, feel, smell, sound, taste - can spark very different energies in different brains.

Imagery enjoyable in the imagination can occupy the mind for many a happy hour. A determination to turn the fantasy into some sort of reality can offer endless exciting possibilities or screw up your life completely. It’s all a matter of degree. The fine line between an interest - enthusiasm - obsession - fixation, is a matter of personal circumstance. Certainly, it can become a distraction in your everyday life if there is no one to share it with.

People who develop a secret instinctive erotic preference may be worried because social conditioning tells them this is a “perversion”. If it doesn’t fit into a recognised category of kink, it can be even more disturbing. There was a time when a guilty fantasy could stew dangerously because there was no safe means of finding out if there were others on the same wavelength. That has all changed.

In these days of Internet, the information highway is wide open - and safe. Opportunity to communicate with others has shed light into the murkiest corners. It’s not a case of pornography (although there’s no shortage of hot one-handed reading to be found), the most obscure preference is now easier to 'research'.

Even when someone else’s particular ‘kink’ does not appeal - finding what other people fantasise about / worry about / achieve, can stimulate the mind. The process of writing down thoughts and describing complicated feelings can clarify things for the writer as well as those who read it. Such written exposures can remain anonymous, or serve as introduction before developing closer contact with others. Communication is a valuable skill.

This collection of written correspondence should illustrate the value of making a concentrated effort to explore in detail a private enthusiasm (or is it obsession?) with other people.

Even if the highly specialised sensual appeal of waxed motorcycle gear is not your specific ‘thing’, enjoy the enjoyment shared between two enthusiasts.


30th November '97
Dear Jim Stewart, I
felt that a letter was appropriate although I am not what you call a letter writer.

Its only over the past few months that I have discovered Fetters and all it stands for. Your catalogue and stories Top Ridge Farm, Scenario for a Leather Fantasy and several others plus John Stapleton's The Adventures of a Motorcycle Messenger have really amazed me. They are so totally on my wavelength . I understand what you say in the introductory ‘blurb' about them being mainly for information and to show alternatives. This they have done for me in lots of ways - but they're also HOT.

You say you like feedback because it helps the information bank. Well the bank has really paid out for me. I understand a lot of things more clearly since reading the above titles - then taking in all the details from your ‘So I Like To Get Tied-up' . I will admit that for many years I thought I was the only one - until meeting one other guy who has the same way of thinking about physical restraint using everyday gear for that purpose.

For example, I was intrigued to read about your army Combat Jacket modified with handcuffs inside pockets. I have a Levi denim jacket (faded blue - one of 6) which I modified in a similar way a long time ago. It has slant pockets at front, and I daringly cut a small hole in each so a handcuff chain could be threaded through inside between pockets. By placing a hand in each pocket, cuffs can be closed on the wrists by somebody else - who then closes the denim jacket before escorting his helpless prisoner - wherever. Together we've tried several versions of this. It's easier with two pairs of cuffs, a single cuff of each locking each hand into separate pockets, then the two spare cuffs inside the jacket can just be locked together. I have myself been in different configurations of this idea on many occasions, up to a few hours - even to the extent of shopping with my partner; most enjoyable.

Gear you mention like PVC, oilskins, leather, army combat boots is very much my scene also, but my main items for restraint is Belstaff or Barbour motorcycle black waxed cotton. My total ownership is now some twelve jackets plus six trousers all of different sizes shapes and condition. May I please ask you, in Top Ridge Farm you mention waxed cotton very briefly but give nothing like the detailed descriptions you give of leather and oilskins - so have you yourself had experience of waxed cotton, and have you ever written anything that involves Belstaffs for any use, in any way? I would be very interested to hear. Unfortunately I've failed to find many people that have a particular interest in waxed cotton ...

My favourite way to use my Belstaff waxed gear is as follows :-
1st jacket (old well waxed) plus trousers, both inside out put on over naked body and done up as fully as possible.
2nd jacket + trousers on properly - preferably smaller size than first ones making them tight to the body. Then add waxed cotton mittens + rubber boots.
3rd jacket on properly with mitts sealed and snapped inside jacket cuffs. Then, hands in pockets, belted around arms + rope used around waist to fix arms tightly to body and keep hands in pockets.
4th jacket on back-to-front + more rope to keep arms tight.
5th Extra large jacket properly on with belt done up, empty sleeve-ends in pockets, and more rope around body if necessary,

That's only a very brief description, but I can assure you it can be a very effective restraint plus HOT in all senses of the word. I enjoy being tied up like this for hours, being fed and bedded down for the whole night with a pillow covered in an old jacket. Very stimulating, even to think about in retrospect.

I feel I could continue writing but do not wish to bore you with ramblings that possibly only interest me. I have enclosed an SAE and hope very much you can reply in some way about the questions on waxed cotton. Any extra ideas on their use in any way would, of, course be appreciated. Yours - - - signed

6th December '97 I replied ...
Hello Geof,
Your letter reached me - only a couple of hours ago, in fact. Thanks for your detailed and well considered descriptions and questions. I enjoy discussion, whether face to face or in correspondence ... as you will have gathered from the various books books you mention (see 'Storylines' on Home Page for all titles).

Did I say the books were “... only for information ....” ? That worried me. Without looking it up, I hope I suggested that in the fiction the stories contain reliable information rather than impossible and perhaps dangerous fantasy. They're certainly not mindless jerk-off material - but I hope they're packed with things people can get off on ... but different people get off on different things.

Running my eye down your much appreciated letter ...
Feedback - is always welcomed - and valuable because it can be shared, passed along, built on. Yes, we're on the same wavelength if you're turned on by leather, heavy rubber (as distinct from latex), oilskin, combat gear and boots - especially used in restraint situations. All that I can happily share in. In fiction, choosing the range of images and the predicaments they can create is like assembling a storyboard, the pieces making a visual sequence for the Mind's Eye.

Visualising a mental fantasy step-by-step is the subject of Scenario for a Leather Fantasy (in the GAMES MEN PLAY booklet). ‘Visualisation', as a mental exercise, is currently a hot topic with me. Of course in preparation for an actual happening the selection from the toy-cupboard and pre-planning of the event, is the same process. In the imagination one makes choices in advance. When writing fiction or in a real live scene, whatever is pre-planned can easily be modified as the action happens because it's a shared experience. My particular turn-on is a slightly competitive element, so tables can be turned; the unexpected can always happen between well-matched players. That's why I so often refer in scenarios to ‘interaction'

Your handcuffs under a denim jacket is probably as much fun as my military version - all a matter of what imagery turns you or your play-partner on. Out in public, being disadvantaged is great, isn't it ... as is escorting somebody out who's some how handicapped ... specially if the one who's supposedly in control is also wearing something locked on which the ‘incapacitated' person holds the key for (which may not be accessible until he is first unlocked).

Barbour and Belstaff have always attracted me (both wax cotton and the old Black Prince shiny stuff). I'm delighted to make contact with somebody else who's attracted to greasy wax cotton - one of my earliest lusts. I envy you the succession of layers you describe. Because such a routine takes time to pull on and help to complete ... lucky you to have somebody willing to indulge/assist/encourage/provoke you. Tell me what he gets up to during times when you're suitably suited up! I hope he gets off on your predicament - or do you take turn and turn about?

The practicalities of layering have always fascinated me. Wax Cotton against skin is terrific. For the past few months I have been trying to track down a source of really greasy wax cotton fabric on the roll, so Fetters could line more bags and sacks.

Long ago, before I started Fetters, I made a sort of strait jacket out of an old Barbour wax jacket, but it didn't last long because the garment itself needed extra strength. I have always liked to fight my way out of whatever I've been put into, if it's humanly possible. Nowadays, I sometimes put a canvas or mesh strait-jacket over a wax or oilskin jacket to enjoy the tactile effect plus the strength, heat and inescapable-ness. The hotter it gets, the softer and more clinging. I may be old and out of shape - but I still get to enjoy the occasional roll-around.

Do you ever take pictures of yourselves when in or getting into your layers of wax gear? That I would like to see.

My current projects?
I just got back from New York where I did a presentation about mental ‘visualisation' or how to make jerk-off fantasies more potent. This included discussing audio-visual back-up like still photos, video or audio tapes, desk-top editing together of favourite images, Internet or phone sex. It was an interesting evening and I've come home with wads of notes - so I guess I'll be putting them down on paper for the next couple of weeks.

I also did a workshop on ‘Enforced Chastity'. Rather than traditional lockable belts I was talking mainly about lockable clothes. The group discussion covered a lot of ground - and chas tity as a concept is more than not having sex, is it not being allowed to have an orgasm or being prevented from getting an erection by whatever means. – or being milked dry to stop you getting horny

Do you try to stimulate yourself when layered in gear ? Or do you wear something underneath to prevent you from stimulating yourself? Do you spend time locked into stuff and unable to get out of it when the key holder is somewhere else?

So, give me a call next time you're around this way (I'm only a mile from Vauxhall) and we could perhaps meet and gossip. Since I retired from the day-to-day running of Fetters I have much more time on my hands ... although am usually quite busy, I do self-indulge myself just bouncing ideas around in letters and on e-mail.

Keep in touch. Your letter was much appreciated.

Sincerely yours, Jim Stewart.


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Writing this correspondence also prompted me to write two different semi-autobiographical stories: see WELL WAXED AND WATERPROOF and, more recently, LONG-DISTANCE CONTROL TRIP


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