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Real men don't do that - sez who?!

Extracts from letters ...

... You think you're the only person in the world who has “kinky” fantasies that involve Army games. Get real! Why do you think Paint Ball games are currently so popular? All that dressing up in cammo gear and running around the woods - Bang Bang, you're dead!
Muddy, bloody, wet and wild, hung up or pinned down, tracking, smacking, hiding, getting captured. Check out Battle Re-enactment groups whether modern or period: 'Sealed Knot', Roman's v Ancient Britons or the 'United Sons of Odin'!
Army surplus stores - the people who work there - and many of the customers you see there are potential game-players ...
And mail-order catalogues are doing a roaring trade in gear of all kinds ...
(this was written before Internet and E-bay)...

... Yes, the yen to play Army games may seem “stupid to other people” but how much more stupid than Rock Climbing or Cave Exploring. If you're “Turned on by it” as you say you are, only you can say if the turn-on should be kept to yourself or shared. Depending on the group, exercises can be strictly non-sexual or rampantly homo-erotic ... the games you describe are not uncommon, believe me (as some following clips will illustrate) ...

... Yes, indeed, pretend Army games suffer if the players aren't in shape - or have never had the training. That doesn't mean guys who have, can't have fun training guys who haven't.
I agree that for people who've never experienced it for real, it's usually very unreal. But, even ex-service men who still hanker after a bit of man-to-man stuff, pick and choose on which level they play. All the tedious times and unpleasant (to their particular taste) aspects of real Army scenarios get edited out. You are not alone, believe me! Guys find ways to do it ... and I think a lot more would like to join in if they could get their minds around it and justify it to themselves (and their girl friends, wives, parents) ...

... Thanks for the report on
field-testing the water-resistant “SLEEPSACK” . Glad it passed the wind, water and temperature tests. I especially liked the bit about tying two into one sleeping bag. It must have been a struggle getting them both in (were they tied first - or tied together?) and then reducing mobility. Take more tent-pegs next time.
Glad my "INITIATIVE TEST" story inspired (see 'Storylines'). Keep me posted about further adventures of your “team” ...

... Can I put you in touch with other men who play Army games? - well, friend, not until you've put a few more cards on the table.
There seems to be a sub-text to your letter - and don't expect me to decode it. You're going to have to give me a few more clues - even if you're not exactly sure “where you're at”.

Make three brief lists:
(A) Things you know you're looking for, or at least willing to try;
(B) Things you know for definite you would NOT like to happen ... but be careful, don't slam too many doors too soon; under heading
(C) list any things that you imagine you would not like to happen ... but if you were in no position to prevent them, you would deal with for the sake of experience. Maybe you would end switching them to your (A) list! Feel free to speculate.

Also, be strictly honest about your age and state of fitness.
In the meantime here are “THREE SCENARIOS” . Get back to me saying what you found in the various stories that pressed a few buttons and also what was a definite turn-off. That'll give us a better basis for discussion. A lot of people are attracted to “Bondage” because it allows them to surrender responsibility for what happens next - but, in advance, a few parameters need to be set. Think about it - talk to me ... and cut down on the evasiveness!

... Groups of guys who are actively play together ... Yes, I do know several . Your gay/straight question ... Yes, some of them are Gay - but there's more risk of you getting raped or brutalised if you hung out with a bunch of “Straight but raunchy” guys once the booze starts running. More about such groups anon.

... So you modify Government surplus rather than buy from FETTERS. Don't be embarrassed to admit it. I still use (at every opportunity I get) a tough British army Combat Jacket (Field jacket, to you) which I modified so wrists can be locked inside front pockets into handcuffs attached to a padlocked waist-chain inside. Cuffs aren't visible if wearer keeps hands deep in pockets. I still use it for taking someone totally helpless out in public with all the risk and tension that involves ...
(Ed. See web site LOCK-ON CLOTHES)

... Moody premises? Not so easy - a topic I'd like to get more info about. I do know of an ex-Royal Marine who bought a World War Two underground army bunker on the edge of a forest in a remote area of England. He and groups of like-minded ex-army-nuts spent wild weekends there away from wives and kids, playing some really tough “training, discipline and punishment” games. They also have a nice line in practicing"Interrogation" techniques. I leave it to your imagination ...
However, such premises do bring problems, sometimes with the 'locals', sometimes because the mix of the group. Group selection is another topic ....

... Well, Mister ////// So, your previous letter was full of lies! - and now we're on real name terms. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Your army experience and current employment as a State Trooper don't exclude you from the human race - and you're not the only one of your kind (profession or sexual complexity) to read both PLAYBOY and BOUND AND GAGGED.
I would firmly recommend that you switch away from PLAYBOY to VARIATIONS and perhaps add CHECKMATE to your list.
Because military interrogation scenarios are high on the turn-on list you sent me - and you're looking for other men to interact with - the Editor of CHECKMATE (which now also incorporates DUNGEONMASTER) knows such games from every angle and will, if encouraged, offer you appropriate professional advice on military matters.
(Ed.2004 are CHECKMATE and BOUND & GAGGED ON LINE? - Add links but not here)

... Looking for like-minds - then what? Only you can decide how far - in which direction - when you're ready to move - at what speed. What you definitely do need to know is what alternatives are available - and how not to get in deeper than you can handle at any given point ... that is unless you enjoy the challenge of getting into something that you can't get out of without having to deal with it first. Risky - but exciting. Matter of personal choice.
It still makes sense to define the general limits of play in advance when checking out potential play-partners; hence the list I asked you for - which I may show to a couple of people who may or may not contact you.
So, in your next letter be more specific about your personal preference and “Druthers” as Li'l Abner” would say (now he was a mixed-up Bunny!). I know in your case any form of overt sexual stuff is excluded - which is no problem to most of the army game-players I know, even to those who enjoy hot and heavy Mansex. They're not into rape. “MUTUAL CONSENT” is the key phrase and “CONSENSUAL NON-CONSENT” means that strictly no-go areas have been agreed in principle.
Also, be careful not to emphatically exclude things which ... later, in the right circumstances ... when you've gained a little more trust, you may like to be “persuaded” to try. Believe me, as long as the game plan is established in advance, these guys will respect your limits - perhaps more so than a group of so-called “Straight” men when the action hots up. Repressed sex is a dangerous thing ...

... The Academy in Georgia It certainly seems to offer prison / capture and interrogation / mental hospital scenario weekends for people who can afford it. From what I gather from their videos, they manage to secure the services of real-life cops, paramedics, army training personnel and local Heavies to run the sessions!: (Men who pretend they only do it only for the money! Oh, yeah?!). Yes, there's an absence of“Suck and fuck” as you so graphically put it, in their videos. What goes on when the cameras are switched off - who knows! I guess if you're part of the team (or a paying guest) you can stipulate.
(Ed. 2004. More recent info on Academy. The Mountain Facility, Jail Training Center are to be found on the internet. One day I'll have time to add links to this site!)

... Team and social events ... Glad to hear you made your own modified Combat Jacket with chain handcuff belt inside . The idea is catching on.
Recently a like-minded friend in New York met me for lunch with a buddy in tow, suitably locked into a similar jacket. Very pink around the ears, we took him around Woolworth's and the Bank before going into a Coffee Shop (wonder if the Bank security TV monitors kept an eye on him. He was certainly looking very furtive). He was new to our little games and probably expected to sit through the meal only as a spectator.
Relieved when the key was slid across the table to him ... he then realised what picking it up would entail. Taking a deep breath he cautiously eased one manacled hand into view to pick up the key and take it into his pocket - and was philosophical when ordered to open only one cuff. Trying to achieve this while sitting at a table in a crowded restaurant made him look as if he was tossing himself off. He achieved his task and dutifully returned the key to the table. The rest of the meal was fun for two and severe test of nerves for one. Eating bacon and runny eggs with only one hand free is complicated - and quite entertaining to watch - if you're that sort of person (and who do we know who isn't?)! My kind of mind game - bondage and control in the great outdoors of mid-town Manhattan . MORE on Lockable Clothes

... You picked up on the surgical splints worn in public as restraints scenario I mentioned. It can be one-on-one if the wearer is prepared to co-operate - but for me it can be more fun if there are extra pairs of hands -preferably skilled hands. Two examples follow - (I'm looking for more) ...

... If the more authentic mental hospital-type restraint scenarios interest you: I've always been fascinated by the possibilities of finding myself in a hospital or detention situation which is completely outside my control. Then my instinct would be to fight and thrash around as much as energy or opportunity would permit.
The ideal restraint equipment scenario again includes canvas (usually with leather straps) strait-jacket or “Punishment suit”, plus bed straps and the possibility of other forms of securing violent and uncooperative people being used in a variety of ways. Enough about me - tell me about you ...
??Ed 2004 Find MORE on paramedics and medical authority figures= FIND??

... In New York I used to hang out with a couple of roustabout guys who work as Paramedics. Their work often involved dealing with drunks and drug-crazed people. Together we experimented and perfected efficient (without being unnecessarily brutal) techniques for subduing and immobilising even the most violent and determined “subjects”. In experimental sessions with these two idiots I did at the time enjoy acting as either the controller or victim. What happened after the practice session “victim” was suitably restrained was a matter of personal preference of whoever ended up on top ­and the mood of the moment - or the provocation given by the subdued victim.

... Staged hitchhike and abduction scenarios ... I'll try and dig out some notes on which might give you more incentive to set up your own little group of players locally. If the stuff you sent me is any indication, you've got the ideas and some of the skills - and your house and work situation seems to offer opportunities - maybe potential play-partners are closer than you know. Perhaps time to take a few risks by putting out feelers.
Perhaps we should discuss further, the question of tactful sounding out of possible players.
??(Ed 2004 The topic of kidnap/abduction/snatch operations is touched on in various parts of the site. An 'index' of these related texts is not yet ready - check out correspondence = MORE)

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