Chapter nine

by Jim Stewart

Two main topics here = the psychology of 'captivity' +
a legally enforcable ‘no let-out' option contract


Chapter Nine:
Proposal for a Project

Dear //////
Great to receive your letter. Yes, if you think I could contribute something to your seminar on “LONG TERM CONFINEMENT SCENES” it will certainly brighten up my trip to the USA in June. Not sure exactly what I can contribute, though. You have done similar workshops without outside help, and your article from way-back on the “Psychology of Captivity” (See footnote ) covers the subject pretty thoroughly. You know what I feel about “pretend” imprisonment situations - that was well covered in my “Boredom in bondage” ... and that little essay didn't go down well with people who like playing jail cell games. For the record let me re-state the core of that argument:-

Simulated Imprisonment.
1) Straight forward in-jail scenes, to be realistic involve long periods of tedium. I know you have many tricks for keeping a Military Brig scenario bubbling along but this demands constant input from the “keepers” ... and is consequently, unrealistic.

2) However long the sustained scene is planned to go on, it must have been agreed to some extent with the prisoner to take time off from the real world. So he's mentally secure in the knowledge that it will end within a predictable timescale. So the experience is less stressful than in a real hostage or kidnap situation.

3) Whatever prior agreements were reached, if the detainee changes his mind part-way through and demands release, to keep him against his will becomes a crime irrespective of any prior agreement ... unless a legal contract can not only be devised BUT DEFENDED IN COURT if necessary.

My general input to your Workshop.
You and your henchmen are already adept at the Interrogation/Resistance to Torture type tests. (Incidentally, I was very intrigued by your recent weekend Training Course on Interrogation Techniques. Would like to have been an observer at the practical sessions. Is there video or a written report?)

In June I'd prefer you to decide which if any area my contribution might cover. One aspect we might discuss is how general jail cell situations are seriously intensified when restraints are added. Not just manacles and chains, but when strait-jackets, head-bags, bodybags and sacks and strap-down stretchers are unexpectedly introduced; these produce much quicker effect of helplessness on non-bondage oriented “detainees". It's something we could discuss. Give me a call. However, if you would like to get away slightly from the pretend capture/willing imprisonment scenario I'm working on something that might throw a lot of different switches.

“Under Wraps”
This is a Project I've been working towards for quite a while. I already mentioned to you about wanting to get some video footage of long term physical restraint sessions. This may be outside the scope of your presentation for June - but I know it's something we'd both enjoy working on ... and you certainly know several people who'd be eager to participate if the sessions were set up efficiently.

Basic premise is that most “Bondage” photos or commercial video footage are of people only recently tied, wrapped or strapped. I'm interested in the subtle variations of body language and the progression of psychological/physical changes which happen when the human body has been restrained for different lengths of time. My plan is to establish a standardised static camera set-up and session format in which suitable volunteers would be roped, strapped or taped and just left to deal with the situation. Once the subject stops being aware of the camera and putting on any sort of performance it could be very interesting raw footage. Not most people's idea of exciting videos but I'm also interested in developing some new video editing techniques.

Certainly the sessions wouldn't be uneventful. As you know, even relatively short periods of immobilisation can have unexpected effects. Very unpredictable. The most determined-to-stay-cool-and-survive tough customers suddenly get violent panic attacks. Alternatively a transformation from initially feisty into docile acceptance is more usual. “The bondage Glow” as Richard Hunter calls that smile you often see when you unwrap somebody after a long session in immobilising sensory deprivation. Again, the problem of initially willing victims who Then change their minds comes up. Maybe I've solved this.

Willing Volunteers.
For “UNDER WRAPS” I've devised an advertisement and am in the process of drafting a Briefing Document and Agreement Form. In addition to this I enclose here details of an INDUCTION INTERVIEW which in itself might produce a lot of interesting video footage. During this on-camera question and answer sequence every prospective candidate for a long-term restraint session will sit facing the camera and not only verbally agree to a range of possibilities (which he has previously agreed to on paper), but be asked to re-state on camera that he is prepared to accept a point at which any future change of heart on his part will be denied by force if necessary.

This interview will, if nothing else, produce some very tense and dramatic video footage; very similar to the sequence in “Scenario for a Leather Fantasy” when the guy who wants to experience bondage for the first time is made to ask for, in detail, everything that is going to happen ... right up to the moment when he is made to ask for the hood and gag which will prevent him from any further ability to say “No”. Very tense and very hot to watch! I guess the tape would also be sufficient legal evidence that the experiment was entered into willingly, including the “surrender of consent” clause.

Even if what I'm planning is not appropriate for your June event, I think I shall be ready to launch a few experimental sessions around that time. Please read the attached and give me a call.

With all good wishes.

In the book, the full text of the INDUCTION INTERVIEW follows. For the web site this has been stored as a separate file


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