Chapter eight

by Jim Stewart



HEADED: Real men don't do that - sez who?!

Original contents of this chapter was a series of extracts from letters
in “The Fetters Files”

... Get real! - you think you're the only person in the world who has “kinky” fantasies that involve Army games. Why do you think Paint Ball games are currently so popular? All that dressing up in cammo gear and running around the woods - Bang Bang, you're dead! Muddy, bloody, wet and wild, hung up or pinned down, tracking, smacking, hiding, getting captured. Why do you think “SOLDER OF FORTUNE” magazine and stories of mercenaries risking their necks are so popular? The Army supply mail-order catalogues are doing a roaring trade ...

... Yes, indeed, pretend Army games suffer if the players aren't in shape - or have never had the training. That doesn't mean guys who have, can't have fun training guys who haven't. I agree that for people who've never experienced it for real, it's usually very unreal. But, even ex-service men who still hanker after a bit of man-to-man stuff, pick and choose on which level they play. All the tedious times and unpleasant (to their particular taste) aspects of real Army scenarios get edited out. You are not alone, believe me! Guys find ways to do it ... and I think a lot more would like to join in if they could get their minds around it and justify it to themselves (and their girl friends, wives, parents) ...

... Yes, the yen to play Army games may seem “stupid to other people” but how much more stupid than Rock Climbing or Cave Exploring. If you're “Turned on by it” as you say you are, only you can say if the turn-on should be kept to yourself or shared. Depending on the group, exercises can be strictly non-sexual or rampantly homo-erotic ... the games you describe are not uncommon, believe me (as some following clips will illustrate) ...

... Thanks for the report on
field-testing the water-resistant “SLEEPSACK” . Glad it passed the wind, water and temperature tests. Glad my "INITIATIVE TEST" story inspired (see below). Keep me posted about further adventures of your “team” ...

... Can I put you in touch with other men who play Army games? - well, friend, not until you've put a few more cards on the table. There seems to be a sub-text to your letter - and don't expect me to decode it. You're going to have to give me a few more clues - even if you're not exactly sure “where you're at”. Make three brief lists: (A) Things you know you're looking for, or at least willing to try; (B) Things you know for definite you would NOT like to happen ... but be careful, don't slam too many doors too soon; under heading (C) list any things that you imagine you would not like to happen ... but if you were in no position to prevent them, you would deal with for the sake of experience. Maybe you would end switching them to your (A) list! Feel free to speculate. Also, be strictly honest about your age and state of fitness. In the meantime here are “THREE SCENARIOS” . Get back to me saying what you found in them that pressed a few buttons and also what was a definite turn-off. That'll give us a better basis for discussion. A lot of people are attracted to “Bondage” because it allows them to surrender responsibility for what happens next - but, in advance, a few parameters can be set. Think about it - talk to me ... and cut down on the evasiveness!

... So, yes, I do know several groups of people who are actively into Army games. Yes, some of them are Gay - but there's more risk of you getting raped or brutalised if you hung out with a bunch of “Straight but raunchy” guys once the booze starts running. More about such groups anon.

... don't be embarrassed because you modify Government surplus rather than buy from FETTERS. I still use (at every opportunity I get) a tough British army Combat Jacket (Field jacket, to you) which I modified so wrists can be locked inside front pockets into handcuffs attached to a padlocked waistchain inside. Cuffs aren't visible if wearer keeps hands deep in pockets. I still use it for taking someone totally helpless out in public with all the risk and tension that involves ...

... So, yes, I do know several other people ... including an ex-Royal Marine who bought a World War Two underground army bunker on the edge of a forest in a remote area of England. He and groups of like-minded ex-army-nuts spend wild weekends there away from wives and kids, playing some really tough “training, discipline and punishment” games. They also have a nice line in practising "Interrogation" techniques. I leave it to your imagination ...

... Well, Mister //////
So, your previous letter was full of lies! - and now we're on real name terms. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Your army experience and current employment as a State Trooper don't exclude you from the human race - and you're not the only one of your kind (profession or sexual complexity) to read both PLAYBOY and BOUND AND GAGGED. I would firmly recommend that you switch away from PLAYBOY to VARIATIONS and add CHECKMATE to your list. Because military interrogation scenarios are high on the turn-on list you sent me - the Editor of CHECKMATE (which now also incorporates DUNGEONMASTER) knows such games from every angle and will, if encouraged, offer you appropriate professional advice on military matters.
(Ed.2004 up-date info. here)??

Thanks for returning the three stories and your list of “Yes, no and maybes” regarding preferred incidents described. As far as your Gay, Straight or Bi questions - sorry, I'm not a psychiatrist (although on these matters I could probably give you better advice than your average Shrink). My best advice to you at this time is to forget about the Shrink and spend the money on buying magazines and postage stamps. Then write to and talk to any advertiser you can contact who sounds as if he may be on a wavelength even remotely similar to yours (as you currently perceive it)! Then explore the territory from all angles, even ads. which at first sight might seem threatening. There are all shades of grey when it comes to the "... erotic attraction whether overt or covert” (to use your phrase - I like it!) of the games you described.

Only you can decide how far - in which direction - when you're ready to move - at what speed. What you definitely do need to know is what alternatives are available - and how not to get in deeper than you can handle at any given point ... that is unless you enjoy the challenge of getting into something that you can't get out of without having to deal with it first. It still makes sense to define the general limits of play - hence the list I asked you for - which I may show to a couple of people who may or may not contact you.

So, in your next letter be more specific about your personal preference and “Druthers” as Li'l Abner” would say (now he was a mixed-up Bunny!). I know in your case any form of overt sexual stuff is excluded - which is no problem to most of the army game-players I know, even to those who enjoy hot and heavy Mansex. They're not into rape. “MUTUAL CONSENT” is the key phrase and “CONSENSUAL NON-CONSENT” means that strictly no-go areas have been agreed in principle. Also, be careful not to emphatically exclude things which ... later, in the right circumstances ... when you've gained a little more trust, you may like to be “persuaded” to try. Believe me, as long as the game plan is established in advance, these guys will respect your limits - perhaps more so than a group of so-called “Straight” men when the action hots up. Repressed sex is a dangerous thing ...

... Incidentally, how much do you know about The Training Centre in Georgia ? It offers prison / capture and interrogation / mental hospital scenario weekends for people who can afford it. They manage to secure the services of real-life cops, paramedics, army training personnel and local Heavies to run the sessions!: (Men who pretend they only do it only for the money! Oh, yeah?!). I'll send you details. They also make videos which may be to your taste! Certainly no “Suck and fuck” as you so graphically put it.

(again, most of the material first published in this section has been transferred onto the site. I have left the original headings with links

... Your letter about Lockable Clothes and carrying control and counter-control games out into public places encouraged me to dip back into my files. I already sent you the lockable biker jacket descriptions -and details of the army jacket with hands handcuffed inside pockets - which can have many variations in sun and snow (if you happen to fall over in public wearing it, it's virtually impossible to stand up again without help!). I know a Swedish guy who often gets taken out for a walk in snow-covered woods trussed up under thick cold weather clothes. It's amazing how often he happens to fall over. Sometimes he gets left while his wife goes off for a walk on her own - or maybe he gets turned out of the car and told to make his own way home ...
MORE on Lockable Clothes

... The story “Top Ridge Farm” ... not everybody's cup-of-tea. Sorry the sexual side of it seemed a bit brutal to you. Takes all sorts ... as they say. Somebody I know even got Politically Correct about suck and fuck sex between brothers (Is that natural experiment or incest?) In fact, the story is based on real life - and the brothers both survived (still survive). Glad you liked (and would like to try) the idea of spending all night lashed to the five-barred gate in the middle of a field ... suitably clothed, of course ...
MORE on Top Ridge Farm story

... Thanks for photo of you in Foul Weather gear . Yes, games in the rain turn me on too - as you will gather from the farm story also I think John Stapleton wrote the attached story with me in mind. Staked out in the rain in full biker rain gear or diver's Dry Suit ... we all have our funny little ways. Keep the suggestions, questions (and photos) flowing ...
MORE on "Further Adventures of a Motorcycle Messenger" story

... Great situation, the padded fishing suit made lockable with added wrist, ankle, collar and waist belt. I guess, even when hands are free, it's impossible to remove: Canal walking and fishing trips take on a new dimension. Your suggestion for the athletic crotch protector with urinal bag strapped to a thigh inside a locked suit is very practical; you're not the first with that one! Let me know how the electronic remote control “Zap” jock progresses. I've used one on someone in the USA . There's a lot of potential if you get it right

... interesting idea, the Arm splints inside sleeves of street clothes. These alone make removing any jacket impossible if it's zipped/buttoned in front. Unfortunately, in a bike jacket, it also makes it impossible for the wearer to ride solo, and dangerous even as a passenger. However, in many situations soft splints can totally prevent elbows from bending. If carried down into gloves or mitts they're even more effective and undetectable for outdoor activities.
??MORE on Medicat restraints and medical authority figures - soon??

... Glad to hear you made your own modified Combat Jacket with chain handcuff belt inside . The idea is catching on. Recently a like-minded friend in New York met me for lunch with a buddy in tow, suitably locked into a similar jacket. Very pink around the ears, we took him around Woolworth's and the Bank before going into a Coffee Shop (wonder if the Bank security TV monitors kept an eye on him. He was certainly looking very furtive). He was new to our little games and probably expected to sit through the meal only as a spectator. Relieved when the key was slid across the table to him ... he then realised what picking it up would entail. Taking a deep breath he cautiously eased one manacled hand into view to pick up the key and take it into his pocket - and was philosophical when ordered to open only one cuff. Trying to achieve this while sitting at a table in a crowded restaurant made him look as if he was tossing himself off. He achieved his task and dutifully returned the key to the table. The rest of the meal was fun for two and severe test of nerves for one. Eating bacon and runny eggs with only one hand free is complicated - and quite entertaining to watch - if you're that sort of person (and who do we know who isn't?)! My kind of mind game - bondage and control in the great outdoors of mid-town Manhattan . MORE on Lockable Clothes

The guy who instigated the scene also runs a mountain "Establishment" where anything can happen. You should meet him - you have a lot in common - mainly a strong streak of gleeful sadism! Write again soon. Regards to the Gang ...

... PS I promised you a copy of the long letter about heavy layers of motorcycle gear and outdoor games. Hope it doesn't sound too extreme - but, if you're into motorcycle gear it should get the juices flowing.

The following scenario is a favourite of mine. I wrote it out in detail several years back - and have played a part in it several times since - doing it to others - and having it done unto me - the rules changing slightly each time - adding surprise elements, intensifying it and encouraging other people to build on the basic idea. If you enjoy “mind games” there's a lot of possible variations on this theme. That's what makes life fun if you're creative. Anyway, hope the scenario's not too hot and heavy for your delicate tastes. It's certainly very much an outdoor game.

Motorcycle gear as restraint Equipment:
British motorcycle clothing, due to our climate, is thick and tough and naturally quite restrictive. Even people who don't have my highly developed “kink” for layer upon layer get a kick out of stomping around in it. In London there's a whole subculture of Motorcycle Couriers who must be masochists to spend their days weaving through the fumes and filth thrown up by heavy traffic ­especially in wet weather. For people who are turned-on to the imagery and restrictive potential of heavy bike clothing, a world of possibilities is opened up by the fact that this is easily available ­and is a familiar sight in the streets and countryside. So - games where a willing victim can actually be taken outdoors efficiently restrained and trapped inside an innocent-looking biker's outfit are easily possible.

The layer-upon-bulky-layer effect is there already, especially in cold weather when thick insulated underwear covered by leathers, covered by rainproof suit are all necessary. In a “Control” situation additions to this can soon reduce mobility dramatically. Instead of thermal underwear, imagine wearing a tight skin-diver's neoprene wet-suit under thick motorcycle leather jacket and pants ... then with fisherman's rubber hip boots pulled over leather pants legs - covered by a biker's solidly practical wet weather over-suit - so everything underneath is hidden from view. Because these everyday looking one-piece suit are such a common sight, it never gets a second look. Even just walking the streets, passers-by assume you're just walking to or from a parked bike.

So, if padded leather biker's gloves are added (they usually have wrist straps) under leather jacket cuffs, plus waterproof over-mitts undetectably taped in place with black duct tape - it becomes impossible for the wearer to remove the layers without outside help. So, there you have a restrainee, mobile but only just, ready to be “taken for a ride” ... or even forced to walk the streets and subjected to various sorts of challenges or tests. If accompanied by someone also dressed in bike clothes, this incapacitated totally encased “victim” can be left standing sweating on a street corner helpless until collected - or left to walk home alone! With a closed faced crash helmet, it is even possible in extreme circumstances to tape the mouth under the helmet ... and unsuspecting Joe Public is none the wiser (unless somebody asks our hero/victim for street directions! !)

If this scenario sounds unpleasantly extreme, please be reassured that it's not my intention to shock or spook you. You asked about different types of games. Main thing to remember ... not everybody's into everything! But knowing where other people are ‘at' helps you to know exactly where you are ... and where you're not. Doubly reassuring to know you're not as weird as some ... which maybe give you courage to experiment with ideas of your own you've perhaps been resisting because you think they're too extreme.

You picked up on the surgical splints worn in public as restraints idea. The real hospital equipment is very expensive, but occasionally is available second-hand; body braces, splints, callipers and crutches seriously slow someone down in public, especially if they're accompanied by a firm but supportive attendant. Here's a note from the files about medical scenes.

... If the more authentic mental hospital-type restraint scenarios interest you: I've always been fascinated by the possibilities of finding myself in a hospital or detention situation which is completely outside my control. Then my instinct would be to fight and thrash around as much as energy or opportunity would permit. The ideal restraint equipment scenario again includes canvas (usually with leather straps) strait-jacket or “Punishment suit”, plus bed straps and the possibility of other forms of securing violent and uncooperative people being used in a variety of ways. Enough about me - tell me about you ...
??MORE on paramedics and medical authority figures = FIND??

... In New York I used to hang out with a couple of roustabout guys who work as Paramedics. Their work often involved dealing with drunks and drug-crazed people. Together we experimented and perfected efficient (without being unnecessarily brutal) techniques for subduing and immobilising even the most violent and determined “subjects”. In experimental sessions with these two idiots I did at the time enjoy acting as either the controller or victim. What happened after the practice session “victim” was suitably restrained was a matter of personal preference of whoever ended up on top ­and the mood of the moment - or the provocation given by the subdued victim.

My “bondage philosophy” is basically - if you allow yourself to get into a tight corner - you have surrendered responsibility or invited whatever might happen next - depending on who you allow yourself to be subdued by. There are risks involved - and always unknown factors to gamble on. Sometimes the game becomes one of surviving the moment you're not actually enjoying. I can usually get through such a moment by planning suitable revenge for some time in the future because I usually only like to get involved in play with people who are prepared to take as good as they can give (or vice versa).

... In the meantime, I'll try and dig out some notes on hitchhike and abduction scenarios which you might enjoy (if the stuff you sent me is any indication). But I'm cautious about kidnap fantasies. They make me nervous because of the current dangers in the USA , with so many remote areas and deserted highways. The following notes explore it from various angles:

... First, let me say, your “Kidnap” fantasies aren't so weird as you think - and certainly not uncommon ... mainly as a preliminary to some-thing else. However, they are mainly fantasies and, for most people, should remain fantasy. The real thing must be excessively traumatic; on a sliding scale with mugging or attempted rape . Fantasy versions of real-life dramas are, however, very much part of both straight and gay turn-ons ... for those who enjoy physical control game-playing.

In the eyes of the law, the abduction and kidnap possibilities described below could be prosecuted as if they had been actual crimes. Any “Snatch” without the prior consent of the victim, even if you think it's something he will appreciate in retrospect, is sailing very close to the wind legally speaking ... particularly if something goes sour. Next, denial by a previously “willing” victim that he ever gave consent could also turn a fantasy game into a nightmare for the perpetrators. However, from the other angle, a fantasy game “Kidnapping” is ruined by explicit prior consent by the “victim to be”. An interesting conundrum to which I do not know the answer. I only know that the situation's a recurring theme in many people's dream-book.

Consensual Non-Consent
This keeps cropping up in these essays. Active, practical “Control and counter-control” demands previous consultation and must inevitably remain within the area of play known to appeal to (or at least be acceptable to) the “subject”. Prior negotiation or planning need not always take place between the prospective Doers and the Done-to: Intermediaries can act as communicators. Correspondence is another alternative, useful because it provides written record of the potential victim's agreement to or request for the experience. However, if something goes wrong, the Doers are the ones in trouble with the law. When it comes to advance negotiation, every would-be player of SM, bondage or physical control games should have their personal orientation list in focus, on file AND in their pocket. When it comes to defining the parameters of interest and exclusion before a Scene of any kind, such a list serves to establish no-go areas either physically or psychological. With kidnap, such pre-planning can totally undermine a surprise “Snatch” ... but, to be realistic, a pre-agreed written list avoids denial that certain limits were set, and makes sure that even the willing “victim” doesn't forget to mention contact lenses, diabetes or the wooden leg.

Staging a simulated “Snatch” in the real world. If it is to take place in public it's a complicated business. If the intended victim is likely to put up a struggle, public places are full of problems.

The slightest hint to passers-by may result in police being called - or else the would-be kidnappers could get beaten-up or shot (in the USA ). Smoothly picking up somebody and taking him or her somewhere they would prefer not to be needs very careful pre-planning, and surprise factors usually crop up to complicate the plan. If the “victim” is determined to kick up as much fuss as possible, extreme physical efficiency is demanded from the Hijackers. People trained in unarmed combat are taught just how damaging some of their skills can be. Medical and legal implications make this a high risk fantasy if put into practice.

It all looks so easy in the Movies.
We grow up thinking how simple it is to render someone unconscious or to disable them. Pressure points, karate chops or a quick bop on the head are all seriously dangerous in real life. Waking up after being knocked unconscious is not a happy experience. Chloroform, ether or ‘something in a drink' usually result in the victim waking up feeling terrible for quite a long period. Medically, a full anaesthetic needs to be recovered from slowly - so it's no way to start a fun Scene.

But it can be done.
A swift and silent move on someone who is not expecting it is possible if carefully planned and CAREFULLY carried through. Jumping them inside a private space whether their own home or some neutral space is obviously preferable to a public place. Once the victim is off balance there is a variety of ways of reducing their ability to fight back or attract attention - too many to list here. Enough to say - the game must be within the capacity of the “victim” to survive unharmed and not result in injury or (hopefully) loss of friendships.

If the “Snatch” is to happen close to where the next part of the scenario is to take place, this is a considerable plus factor - unless part of the fun is the transportation of a potentially unco-operative “victim”. Availability of suitable vehicle plus means of loading and unloading what may be an embarrassingly squirming or noisy cargo is a major factor. A scuffle and a van screeching away leaving a single shoe in the gutter will not go unnoticed as it so often does in the movies. Even silent scuffles in Shopping Mall car parks are likely to attract spectators - but, again, it can be done. It just needs pre-planning and a lot of good luck. The essential thing is - we're assuming a fun exercise among imaginative kink-heads, however rough the action may get. In public places a couple of clip­boards and a camera tripod are very reassuring to passers-by. But even that has risks. In many areas you need a permit to film in public. Another defence is, perhaps, a detailed written game-plan left somewhere the police can go and find it if you've been arrested on suspicion of trying to pull a real kidnap.

Planning, reconnaissance and rehearsal.
This can be as much fun as the actual event (if it ever takes place). A build-up to a purely hypothetical kidnap may provide many hours of stimulating discussion and knockabout ‘dry run' action - although the actual event naturally brings with it a greater adrenalin rush. For the “victim” anyway the actual “Snatch” is something he/her will never forget ... that I can tell you from experience (see the “INITIATIVE TEST” storyline). Knowing your objectives once the snatch has been made is also essential. The excitement of the opening moment can be followed by disappointing anti-climax. The action may quickly become an embarrassing non-event unless the dramatic line has been thought through to a conclusion satisfying to everybody concerned.

NB: As when attempting to wrestle an unwilling victim into a strait-jacket - take precautions; wear shin guards and a protective crotch cover - take it from one-who-knows!

A story of that title appears in a small "Games Men Play: six scenarios". This story may read like fiction, but it actually happened almost as written. It describes a military Initiative Exercise in which an unwilling victim is transported from point A to point B without being able to resist, escape or attract attention. It happened almost forty years ago - and the forcibly abducted victim was me. Not exactly a kidnap because I knew who my abductors were and their objectives. I knew they were determined to succeed and willing to sacrifice my comfort to achieve their objective. OK aged twenty-one I already had ten years of energetic “Houdini” games behind me but, in fact, it was my first ever experience of being physically restrained against my will and, at the time, I wanted OUT! Of the many occasions before or since, that one remains totally clear in my mind. Which perhaps indicates that being so unexpected and NON-CONSENSUAL is what made it such a vivid experience. Forty years on I can tell the story and enjoy it in graphic detail - but at the time it was not fun . But as I've said before, that's true of a lot of rough, tough and uncomfortable “Scenes”; they may become enjoyable only in retrospect. Anyway, if you're that way inclined “INITIATIVE TEST" is a very potent story. (Ed. 2004. Find more details via 'Storylines' on the web Home Page)


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