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Married-with-kids British fire-fighter A.J. 'Chunky' Proctor is learning more about what sort of games are played by a group of men.

In the photo-studio cum playroom Chunky, still wearing his heavy fire-fighters kit, sits strapped to a chair (and gagged for the first time ever) watching video recordings of previous events at 'The Inner Man'.

The sequence begins to accelerate ...

What followed began to gain pace - and wash across the face of Chunky's world.

A caption flashed on the screen - a quite professional-looking introduction to the new sequence. “Arrivals”. There was music - quite jolly music. The yard, no vehicles but the double gates were being opened by someone and a car drove in. The gates were closed by the man wearing overalls like a plumber or removal man. The driver got out but the passenger stayed in his seat. The driver opened the passenger door and began fiddling with the passenger seat belt and then somewhere around the passengers' legs ... straps! Straps being released. The man in overalls smiled at the camera as the passenger was helped from the car. His wrists were locked to a short chain attached to his hobbled ankles. Stooped and off balance he was escorted towards what Chunky knew to be the cell block.

A different car in the yard, Alan in roll-neck sweater and jeans unlocked the boot and smiled down into it. The camera moved in to show someone trussed up in the back, gagged and blindfolded with packing tape. Charlie came out from the main house with the wheeled chair (the very one Chunky was sitting strapped to) and helped Alan lift the trussed man out of the boot and into the chair where straps were applied.

Another sequence, this time an ambulance backing into the yard. It looked like a real ambulance - and the two paramedics looked real enough. Opening the back doors two men dressed in soccer gear climbed out. Their strip was muddy as if they'd just come from a game - and a stretcher was being unloaded. Strapped to it was another player. His neck was in a surgical brace and the camera explored the emergency splints that encased each limb. Both arms and both legs. Serious injury? No! Serious game playing, decided Chunky as he observed that white adhesive tape gagged the ‘patient'. The two players smiled down at the stretcher case ... who's strip was a different colour to theirs. Chunky speculated on the very public nature of this imaginative “kidnap”. His mind raced and his cock raged somewhere deep inside his padded pants.

THIS EXCERPT (10) is followed immediately by ARMY GAMES - a sequence which describes a seriously intense army-related capture and softening-up process.



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2 -
HANDCUFFS AND MORE = a range of cuffs described and demonstrated
3 -
HANDCUFF EXPERIENCE = first time into a pair of handcuffs
an efficient control device efficiently used
5 - TEAMWORK = shared experience and team involvement
6 - MANACLED = metal and chain in the hands of an expert
7 -
Q & A SESSION = getting to know you
8 - SHOWTIME = video footage of games men play at 'The Inner Man'
9 - SECOND SITTING = continuation of 'Showtime' - self-applied restraint sequence

12 -
BAGGED = an efficient restraint sack efficiently applied
13 - DE-BRIEFING = as far as the story goes (or is it?)

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