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Fire-fighter A.J. (‘Chunky' to his mates) risks visiting a gay shop 'The Inner Man' to buy a pair of handcuffs for games with his girl friend. The sutiation takes a sudden threatening turn when an another customer arrives.
Chunky, highly nervous, quickly puts down heavy manacles he'd been inspecting and being tempted by.

The newcomer was already in the cage-like vestibule and re-locking the outer door when salesman Robert greeted him in familiar tones.
“Hi Charlie” he said releasing the locked metal inner security grille.

The little store suddenly felt very crowded and Leading Fire-fighter Proctor felt trapped. This rough-looking character might have just wandered in off a building site and his manner convinced Chunky that he had. Was he really a regular customer in a Gay shop?
“Cheers, Rob.” said Charlie dumping a canvas toolbag down with a resounding clank. “ What's cooking? ... or should I say who's cooking?”
He then turned to address A.J. amiably “Last time I dropped in here, this little fucker had some poor sod wrapped from head to foot in cling-film sweating his bollocks off in the back room.”
“He wanted to know what it felt like ... and it's not the sort of thing you can describe to somebody”
explained Robert to Chunky, reasonably.
“How long did you keep him in it?” asked Charlie.
“I'll show you the video sometime. It turned into quite a production. Alan finished up taped to him and the pair of them had quite a fun evening.”
“Is Alan around?”
asked the newcomer.
“Out doing an installation.”
“Some lucky bugger getting a dungeon fitted?”
“No, surveillance cameras ... a full security rig - big detached house on the outskirts. Quite a set-up. Five cameras in the grounds plus two each on the front and back doors ... plus inside and outside the triple garage and a monitoring and recording suite to make your mouth water.”
“Fuck me, he's come a long way from rigging TV aerials”
Charlie confided to AJ. “Al and I started off as scaffold riggers together when we were youngsters but he was always the fucking brainy one.” He turned to Robert. “That fucking electric butt plug he made for me is fucking murder ... but he's a fucking genius.”
“Have you used it on any of your customers, yet? Charlie here does massage - plus a little pain if required”
he informed Chunky with disconcerting nonchalance.
“Not got many who are that heavy ... but I've tried it on myself ... just so I know what it feels like, you understand ...”
“Yeh, Yeh, Yeh - sure!”
scoffed Robert.
“ ... and Tina's tried it on me complete with the wired-up cock and ball rings. Talk about the electric fucking circus! Anyway, I only popped in to check if I could bring some stuff over ahead of time for Sunday. There's four bags of cement and some sand I want to pick up tomorrow.”

AJ's mind was racing between the image of the electric sex toys and sand and cement, but the conversation galloped along ahead of him.
“The tiles and plumbing stuff is being delivered on Friday” said Robert, “and Alan's got all the electrical stuff, but what about extra hands?”
“Sammy from the gym and I'll be seeing Duffy at the TA on Thursday. Jerry's for definite and Badger. Len's only game if he can wear full rubber all day. He's bringing his diving gear and won't be let out of it until the showers and drainage pump are working down there and all the other stuff's installed.”
“And Badger?”
“You know Badge. If you've got any sort of manacles for him to work in, the heavier the better, he'll be happy as a pig in shit.”
“There's all that rubble to carry upstairs.”
said Robert looking dubious.
“The van will be in the yard” reasoned Charlie. “About twenty ball breaking trips should shift it out ... he'll deal with it ... and the sand, cement and breeze blocks to carry down. Is it Okay if I bring some of it in before Sunday?”
“Any time, just dump it in the yard. You've got your remote for the big doors.”
“How are they working?”
asked Charlie.
“Very smooth. Great to be able to just drive in without getting out to open up.”
“Thought I'd bring Len in already suited up and locked into his rubber ... make it a bit more of a scene for him. Perhaps put him into it the night before. Oh, and I've asked Jack Davis if he wants to come as well. He enjoys seeing Badge sweat and keeping him moving ... quite the little sergeant major. He'll probably strip bollock naked, just belt, boots and cap ... and a parade stick, of course.”
“This isn't going to turn into an orgy.. There's serious work to get finished.”
“Then you'd better have a Chastity Belt ready to put on me, son, soon as I get here.”
“That can be arranged. You and Alan both ... fucking randy sods! And if you want to get Badger chained up before he gets here, take these.”

Rob picked up the heavy duty iron collar with waist belt, ankle manacles and cuffs all linked together by sturdy chain that Chunky had been lusting after, and handed them over.
“Great!”, grinned Charlie, “We'll be out on the town Saturday night ... he might have to stay in them from Friday at five ‘til after we're finished here on Sunday.”
“Are you busy Sunday?”
Robert suddenly fired the question in the direction of Chunky who once again had the feeling he was drowning. “We need all the extra hands we can get. There's a cellar under here that'll turn into a very useful extra playspace.”

Chunky invents an excuse for not being available for the ‘Work Party' on the coming Sunday - the persuasively reassuring young Robert, gets the fire-fighter to agree to come back to the store sometime soon with his heavy fire call-out gear for some bondage shots on video and still cameras (subject suitably masked and with reassurance that no sex will be involved).

Story continues to an intense photo session in next excerpt MANACLED (6)

For more about group game-playing at 'The Inner Man' see link 10 (below)


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HANDCUFF EXPERIENCE = first time into a pair of handcuffs
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