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A homoerotic motorcycle story by John Strickland
(Complete text 10,000 words)


“Yes, Sam?”
“I’m out to get someone!”
“OK. The gun’s in the top drawer!” They were lying together on the bed, Chris reading, Sam just thinking.
“No, seriously though, Chris, there’s this young guy at one of the firms I deliver to. He sure is good-looking and obviously interested. I thought I’d follow it up.”
“Does this mean I’ve lost you forever?” Chris asked, putting his book aside and sliding his hand into the front of Sam’s open leather jacket.
“Don’t be stupid,” Sam replied. “It’s a chance for both of us to have some fun. That’s why I’m telling you.”

“Does that mean there are others you don’t tell me about?” He massaged Sam’s nipple firmly.
Sam clamped a strong hand around Chris’ wrist.
“Chris, I am trying to have a serious conversation with you, which will be impossible if you start turning me on!”
“OK. Tell me about him. What’s his name?”

“I don’t know what his name is yet. He’s probably about 24, about our build, he’s got short, very blond hair, cut in a spiky way, perhaps dyed, he’s got great teeth, fabulous eyes, is a very modern type of guy, designer’s stubble, looks like a pop star, is very athletic, super-masculine, probably works out in a Gym, looks great in faded jeans, has a fantastic arse and generally makes you look like a puny wimp!

Chris was on top of Sam in a second, kneeling astride him and pinning his arms to the bed above his head.
“But apart from that you haven’t noticed anything particular about him?” he asked, lowering his weight onto the leather guy. “What makes you so sure he’s interested in a prick like you?”
“The first time I met him was on that day you staked me out in the garden in my oilskins. He was fascinated by my suit, didn’t even notice he was getting soaked in the rain . The next time I was there he came out with me to the bike again and asked me how I get my leather jeans so shiny, and today he started on about how fabulous this jacket is. He’s definitely on the same wavelength.”

“I’m on the same wavelength, too,” said Chris, kissing Sam’s face, deliberately running his unshaven chin over Sam’s. Sam’s arms were still stretched out above his head. Chris brought them together and held both wrists with one hand as his other hand travelled down to message Sam’s hardening prick trapped behind his leather jeans.
Sam went cross-eyed, trying to focus on Chris’ face, so near to his.
“What do you think?” he asked.
He spent the night in chains.

The next morning Sam dressed to kill. He pulled on brown leather jeans, old favourites of his because of the good fit and the way they were really well worn. The thighs were dark and shiny, almost black with the grease of time. A pair of old battered basketball boots went well with those, as battered as the black leather jacket he zipped himself into. He didn’t shave, he ruffled his short hair, he slung a heavy chrome chain over his right shoulder and under his left arm, the massive padlock resting in the middle of his chest. The purpose of the chain was to lock around the bike’s front wheel to stop it getting stolen. It looked better wrapped around Sam. Old ripped gloves, his oldest crash helmet and he was away. Chris smiled at this contrived machismo and fell back to sleep.

Sam’s first big disappointment was finding that the firm where the young guy worked wasn’t on his delivery list for that day. He spent his first few deliveries thinking of a reason to go to that firm. In the end he decided he would just ride there and pretend he had lost a glove there the day before. His heart was pounding as he went into the firm to the reception. Shit, he felt like someone on his first date. No, they hadn’t found a glove of his. He left. No sign of his man.

Sam went around the corner of the building, fixing his crash helmet as he went, to find the guy standing next to his bike, waiting.
“Hi,” the guy said, “Thought I recognised the bike.”
Sam took his crash helmet off again and fluffed his hair back and forwards.
“Hi,” replied Sam. “Listen, if we’re going to keep talking to each other, we’d better know each other’s names. I’m Sam.”
“Short for Samuel, or what?”
“Just Sam, short and sweet, and yours?”
“Kai, short and sweet.”
“Pleased to meet you, Guy. ” said Sam, offering his hand.
“Not Guy, it’s Kai, rhymes with “Guy” but is written K-A-I. It’s a German name. My Mum’s German.
“Then hi, Kai!” said Sam, “That rhymes, too.”
“Heh, I like your jeans,” said Kai, “They look as if they’ve seen some action!”
“We’ve been through a few rough times together, me and these jeans,” said Sam, as though he were talking about his trusty horse. He unzipped his leather jacket halfway revealing bare chest.
“Don’t you wear anything under your leathers, Sam.”
“Not usually,” Sam said casually, “especially under this jacket. It’s shiny leather inside and out and feels great next to my skin.”
“Do you have any clothes that aren’t leather?” asked Kai, hopefully.
“Oh, sure,” said Sam, “I’ve got a pair of faded denims like you’re wearing, a few T-shirts, a greasy waxed cotton jacket, the oilskins you saw me in, and a denim jacket, but I do tend to wear leather most of the time,- day and night!” he ventured, watching Kai’s reactions.
“Got a lot of leather clothes?” asked Kai, looking away from Sam at the bike.
“Sure, maybe ten different jackets, five or six pairs of jeans, two full suits, - shit, more than I can think of. Leather would suit you, Kai. You know that?”

“I’ve got some leather jeans and a couple of jackets, too, but I can’t wear them to work here. I liked your black P.V.C gear, that looked great. I’ve looked around the last few days for something like that, but haven’t seen anything anywhere.”
“Why don’t you come by sometime and try it on. Then I can give you the address where I got it. Have you got a bike or anything?”
“No, no money for one, I’m still learning here.”
“Where do you live? I’ll pick you up. Are you doing anything Friday evening?”
Kai was, but suddenly it didn’t seem very important any more.
“No, I could come,” said Kai, and explained to Sam how to get to him.

On the Friday Chris left to visit a friend and Sam left to pick up Kai. Sam was wearing black leather and nothing but. He had on an old leather shirt, thick leather jeans and his favourite leather jacket. He had heavy scuffed scrambling boots on, the six straps all pulled tightly through their six buckles. He and Chris had polished the worn leathers until they shone, buffing up every chrome zip, buckle and press stud until they gleamed. His black crash helmet reflected a distorted world, the black visor revealed nothing of the face beneath. Sam was a modern knight in modern armour.

He found Kai sitting on the wall waiting for him. The sun shone off his leather-covered thighs. Like Sam, Kai had spent time getting his leather ready for the meeting. Kai’s jacket was slung over the wall. Kai was sitting there in a white T-shirt, the black leather jeans and white trainers. He smiled like a kid, his smile lit up the whole of his tanned features, awakening the romantic in Sam who could have embraced him on the spot, kissed him on the spot, (and then thrown him off the wall, put handcuffs on him and raped him on the spot! ) Kai immediately felt his prick stiffen at the sight of Sam in his leathers, so he jumped down off the wall and pulled his jacket on to hide the fact. Sam had pulled up, got the bike on its side stand and was taking the second helmet off the back for Kai.

“Hi,” shouted Kai at the black visor, placing his hand on Sam’s shoulder for an instant, casually, but taking in the feel of the leather jacket. Kai zipped his own jacket up to the studded collar, pulled on the helmet, fumbled with the chin strap, pulled on leather gloves and climbed on the bike behind Sam who was already revving the bike to get going. Kai found the foot rests, held Sam tentatively at the hips and they drove off.


Half an hour later Kai nervously follows Sam up the stairs and into the flat.
"Want something to drink?" asked Sam.
"Some coke or whatever," said Kai, looking around the room. Nice place you've got here. Live alone?" he asked.
"No, I share it with a guy called Chris. He's away for the weekend."
"A-ha," acknowledged Kai, feeling a pang of disappointment. Somehow he'd envisaged Sam living alone."
Sam came in from the kitchen carrying a can of coke for Kai. He had unzipped his leather jacket, revealing the leather shirt underneath. He took the borrowed crash helmet Kai was still holding and handed him his drink.
"Leather shirt, eh?" said Kai with enthusiasm. "I'll probably find your underpants are leather, too!"
"Who said I'm wearing any?" said Sam. "Want to see that oilskin suit you were asking about?"
"Sure, if you like," said Kai nonchalantly.
"It's easier if you come through to the bedroom." said Sam leading the way and Kai followed.

"I don't believe this," exclaimed Kai, "even the bed!"
He inspected the leather-covered bed. Everything was black leather, the bed itself, the pillows, even the quilt covering it.
"Leather's about all that exists for me," said Sam. It's ideal on the bed. If I sleep naked it's a great feeling, cool and smooth, if I leave my gear on, I like the feel of leather upon leather. It all smells good and the older it gets, the shinier and better it looks. Don't you like it?"
"Like it?" said Kai, "It's fantastic!" He threw himself onto the bed and rolled over and buried his face in the shiny pillow. Sam looked at the guy lying there. Sam could have flung himself onto the young guy there and then. It was too soon, though, he still didn't know how far to go with Kai. All his questions and the things he said seemed so naive and innocent ... but turning up in a leather jacket ...
"Here are the oilskins," Sam said flinging the folded suit onto the prostrate guy.

"Oh, great," said Kai, rolling over and standing up. "Hey, that's some mirror," he exclaimed, noticing for the first time that the whole of one wall was mirrored, reflecting in a huge mirror on the opposite wall. He saw himself from the front and from behind, standing there in leather holding a shiny bundle.
"This suit's far heavier than I imagined," said Kai.
"It's really heavy PVC and double thickness, shiny inside and out. Try it on, we're about the same size."
Kai let the suit fall open and looked to see how to get into the thing.
"Try it on without your jacket. It feels really good without anything on underneath it," added Sam.
"OK, that's probably best," said Kai casually and threw the suit onto the bed as he started to take off his clothes. Leather jacket, T-shirt, shoes, jeans were all peeled off slowly by slightly trembling fingers, until Kai stood there sporting only a pair of leather briefs that could hardly contain his rigid penis.
"A-ha!" thought Sam to himself, "Leather briefs. Our beautiful man is certainly not as innocent as he seems!"
But beautiful Kai was. He had the slender muscular body of the athlete, without the exaggerated muscles of the bodybuilder. Perfectly tanned, he was the natural, soft brown colour that blond people go, again like his figure, not exaggerated. He had picked up the shiny black suit again.

"Take off your shorts, too. It'll be more comfortable."
Kai obliged and stood there with an enormous hard on, which neither of the men mentioned.
"Come on," said Sam, "I'll give you a hand, It's quite a struggle getting this on, - not to mention getting it off!
"Cold!" said Kai, stepping into the oilskins.
"At the moment," said Sam, "You can work up quite a heat in this thing. You've got to put your arm back, Kai, it's like a fancy boiler suit. Come on!"
Kai got his arms into the smooth sleeves and Sam helped him work the suit up over his shoulders. It was cold and smooth and felt wonderful on his skin. Sam turned Kai around prepared to start closing the long front zipper. Kai automatically grabbed his rigid dick and pulled it inside to prevent it getting caught in the teeth of the tough zip. Neither man said a word as Kai's bare chest disappeared into the suit which was soon closed high up under his chin. Sam folded in the flap of the rainproof zip cover and smoothed the two Velcro surfaces together.
"Adjust the collar," said Sam, pulling the high collar even higher. The extended front flap was soon snuggly closed across Kai's throat and bedded firmly onto the industrial-weight Velcro.
"There, now you'll stay dry in any weather. What do you think?'

Kai turned to look at himself in the mirror and his hard prick nearly nearly burst a hole through the tough favric of the suit. He was encased from neck to bare feet in heavy-duty oilskins. The black PVC simply gleamed in the spotlights. The suit was a perfect fit, it moulded to and defined his body. Elastic pulled the suit in at the waist, keeping everything tight. He twisted to see what he looked like from the back. The light shone back off every fold that his turning caused.
"You can see yourself from one mirror to the other." Said Sam.
"Fantastic!" said Kai, and saw how the light gleamed across his shoulders, how the P.V.C stretched across his arse. How the backs of his legs reflected every ray of light.
"Well?" said Sam, "What do you think?"
"It's fantastic!" said Kai, "absolutely fantastic! It feels so good, too. Shit, why isn't it raining?!"

He smiled at Sam and Sam's prick fought in his leather jeans at the sight of this shiningly packaged man. Kai's collar was up under his chin and the black material accentuated the blond guy's powerful looks.
"Does it have to be raining? Let's go out now." proposed Sam.
"Christ, the sun's shining out there," exclaimed Kai, people would think I'm mad."
"How do you think you look in that suit?" asked Sam.
"Great, but ....."
"How do you feel in that suit?"
"Fantastic, but ....."
"Then other people will think you look fantastic, too. I do. They'll probably think you've heard a weather forecast that they haven't or that you've come straight from work in a car wash! Who's gonna recognise you under a crash helmet anyway? Come on, let's get off. Put your trainers on, they'll go with it." Kai sat on the bed to pull on his shoes.

Sam had trouble resisting the urge to touch this guy with the light shining off his thighs and gleaming over his muscular back and shoulders.
"Heh, that's a great picture!" exclaimed Kai as he stood up. On the one non-mirrored wall, entitled 'The Escape Artist', was a dramatically drawn picture of a young man struggling with his bonds.
"Yeah," said Sam, "It's great isn't it? Used, to be a hobby of mine."
"What?" asked Kai, "drawing pictures?"
"No," replied Sam, "Trying to escape from things. Come on, let's get out. Getting warm in that suit yet?" asked Sam as he zipped his leather-jacket tight up around his neck. They picked up their crash helmets and left the flat.


Kai felt great on the back of Sam’s bike, although very self-conscious, dressed in the black rain-suit with the sun shining.

Once out at the bike he had put on his crash helmet as quickly as possible and just wanted Sam to get off before anyone came. At a traffic light another biker had been level with them. He had nodded at Sam and Sam nodded back. Kai just looked forward, convinced the man thought him crazy in his shiny gear. He never dreamed that that guy would spend the next days trying to get the sight of two young guys on a motorcycle, one top to toe in tight-fitting leather, the other with the sun gleaming off his oilskin-covered shoulders, arms and thighs, out of his mind. They soon began to leave the built up suburbs and the country started to win through. Kai relaxed on the back of the bike, tentatively putting his arms around Sam a little further, pulling up closer to the leather guy. The shiny suit felt cool against Kai’s naked body, cooled by the wind rushing over them. Sam’s mind was more on the muscular guy behind him than the road. Seeing a lay-by, he pulled off. Two a lorries were parked there either side of a shabby-looking mobile snack bar.

“Want something to drink?” asked Sam as they stopped.
“We can’t stop here,” exclaimed Kai. “People will see me in this suit!” he said.
“So fucking what?” said Sam,”If you feel as good in that suit as you said you did, then you look that good to others, too. Come on, get off the bike so I can, too.”
Kai reluctantly got off and undid the chin-strap of his crash helmet. Sam unzipped his jacket a little and led the way to the coffee stand, his P.V.C. packaged man in close tow.

The two lorry drivers were standing drinking as Sam ordered two drinks. One, a muscular-looking guy of about 30 showed definite interest in the two bikers. He looked very definitely at Kai as he unzipped his suit slightly, revealing his brown chest.
“Expecting rain, mate?” asked the man serving behind the counter, “Or are you going sailing?” he added.
“Always come prepared, that’s my motto!” replied Kai, trying to look as if everyone wore a foul-weather suit on a sunny day. He took his drink from Sam and the two walked back towards the bike.

“Was that so painful?” asked Sam.
“No, but I still feel fucking stupid in this. Why doesn’t it rain? It usually does !”
“Come on, Kai. Stop looking so worried. You look great.
Give us a smile for a moment. No-one’s going to attack you for wearing the wrong gear for the wrong weather. "
Kai smiled. He looked stunning. Sam wilted.
“Christ, you bastard, you could be a model! “ exclaimed Sam.
“How can anyone have teeth that perfect?” Kai laughed.
“Come on, - drink up. Let’s ride around a bit more.”

Kai tipped his head back and drained his can of coke, - too fast,; a trickle ran over his chin and dripped down the front of the P.V.C. suit.
“Looks like oilskins are the best thing for you, Kai. We can just swill you down at the end of the day:” said Sam, leaning over and licking the sticky coke off the smooth surface.
Kai laughed and fluffed Sam’s hair. “Come on,” he said, zipping his suit up to his chin and wrapping the collar flap across his throat.
“All sealed up!” said Sam, zipping his own leather jacket up and pulling on his helmet. Soon the two men were back on the bike and leaving the siding. They travelled around a bit, and Kai slowly relaxed, holding on to Sam naturally, feeling his warmth and feeling his smooth leather against him. Eventually Sam drove off the main road and into a lay-by.

He pulled over to the side and stopped. Kai got off and fumbled with his crash helmet. “A quick break before we get back,” said Sam, pulling his bike onto it’s stand.
“I need a piss,” said Kai and went up and over a grass bank. When he came back, Sam was sitting up on the bank, gloves and crash-helmet next to him. His leather shone beautifully in the warm light of the sun now very low in the sky. Kai sat down next to him, unzipped his suit a little and then lay back in the long grass.
“I wish it was pissing down with rain and then I could lie here in this soaking grass and just feel the water run off this suit,” said Kai.
“Feel good in it, do you?” said Sam, leaning on one elbow and looking down into Kai’s bright eyes.
“It’s fantastic. Don’t you wear it a lot?” asked Kai.
“Sure, usually longer than I want, what with the fucking weather here. Don’t forget I’m riding round all day getting covered in muck from head to toe. After a rough day there’s not much shine left on that suit.”
“And then you have to clean it up,” stated Kai.
“That’s not much of a problem. Under the shower in the suit, - Chris washes me off,- then a quick rub down, & a quick buff up! All ready for the next shitty day!”

“When you wore it at the firm last week, I thought it had a hood,” asked Kai.
“I had an anorak over the suit, Kai. I wouldn’t have even noticed a monsoon in all that!”
“An anorak sounds great. Shit, can I try that, too, sometime?”
“Sure, and the over trousers and the jeans, if you want, all black and shiny,” said Sam, “but I thought you’d be too warm in this weather.”
“I’m soaked in here,” said Kai, “but it feels kinda good. Here, feel.” He pulled his zip down a little and Sam slid his hand over Kai’s sweaty chest.
“You’re right, you’re soaked. You’ll have to watch you don’t get cold.” He made no attempt to pull his hand away from Kai. Kai didn’t protest. Sam delicately rubbed his rough fingertip over Kai’s nipple. Kai breathed out sharply.

Eventually Kai said, “You know you said trying to escape from things was a kind of hobby with you? What did you mean exactly. Are you an escape artist in your spare time, or what?”
“No, not really,” said Sam, “just interested, I’ve always liked being tied up and trying to escape - or tying someone else up and watching them struggling. I’ve got all the books about Houdini and any other articles about other escape artists. There’s something fascinating about a good-looking guy wrestling and fighting with his ropes or chains or whatever.”
Kai’s breathing was becoming irregular as Sam’s hand gently moved over Kai’s naked chest, massaging his nipple.
“Or strait-jacket,” said Kai.
“Or strait jacket.” repeated Sam.
“Like the guy in your drawing,” said Kai. “Have you ever been in a strait-jacket?” he asked.
“Many times, and sometimes for a very long time, too!” said Sam. “They’re quite a battle.”
“I thought you could get out of things,” asked Kai, “why not out of a strait-jacket?”
“There are strait-jackets and strait-jackets,” Kai. “If you’re in a simple canvas affair as used in hospitals and the guy tying you doesn’t know what he’s doing, then you can get out OK. But the jackets come in all shapes and sizes, and those designed to punish are very efficient, they’ll hold you for a long, frustrating time.”
“What do you mean, punish?” asked Kai, bright-eyed and breathing jerkily.

“In prisons, Kai They use them in prisons, healthier it’s all kept quiet. Chris works in a prison. They strap up the guys that fight, they strap them up in complicated jackets of canvas and leather, full of buckles and rivets, designed not just to restrain but to humiliate, too. They leave the guy rolling around in one of those until there’s no fight left in him and then leave him some more, or they turn him out among the other prisoners still strapped up, where he’s seem by all, defeated and helpless.”

“I bet I could get out of one,” said Kai, non too convincingly.
“Oh, yeah, sure!” sneered Sam. “The Great Kai! They’d really go to town on someone like you!”
“What do you mean, ‘Someone like me?’ What makes me so fucking different?”
“Because you’re beautiful Kai. You’re athletic, you’re muscly and you’re extremely good looking, just asking to be put in your place.”
Sam had pulled himself up and the leatherman was nearly astride Kai, lying flat out in the grass.
“They’d grab you and despite your struggles you’d soon find your arms slipping down into thick, closed sleeves, and that would be the beginning of the end. They’d pull strap upon strap through buckle upon buckle and you’d feel the jacket closing tightly around you.”

Sam wrenched Kai’s zip suddenly shut, closing the thick P.V.C. up to his neck.
“Rough fingers would strap the high collar tightly closed .....”.
Sam jerked the suit’s collar across and the Velcro held the black shiny material tightly across his throat.
“... and the jacket would jerk tight as other hands wrenched the crotch strap between your legs and strapped it at the back!”
Sam brought his leathered knee up between Kai’s legs, applying heavy pressure on his prick, causing the man to gasp.
“Hey,” exclaimed Kai and reached up to push Sam away a bit. Sam grabbed Kai’s wrists and pulled the oilskin suit’s sleeves hard, until they were completely over Kai’s hands. Then they’d grab the straps hanging from your sleeves and you’d feel your arms crossed over around your body and strapped tight!”
Sam crossed Kai’s arms in strait-jacket fashion and held them pulled across his chest. The P.V.C. shone stretched and taut.
“Helpless. Doomed to hours of writhing and pulling, struggling and fighting. They’d never let you out again, Kai!”

The two men looked each other directly in the eyes and Sam let go of Kai’s wrists and slowly lowered himself onto Kai, his full weight pressing down on Kai’s crossed arms. Kai strained and with effort pulled his arms out from under the leather-covered guy.

Sam touched the side of his face against Kai’s and then their mouths met and they kissed deeply and longingly. Sam’s swollen prick, bursting behind thick leather, massaged Kai’s, straining in the smooth black P.V.C. Leather creaked on oilskin as Sam tensed and relaxed on his black, shiny partner. Kai’s hands travelled over the worn leather back of Sam’s jacket and down over Sam’s firm, leather-covered buttocks. Sam’s hands felt Kai’s naked body within it’s ultra-smooth black covering. Sam kissed Kai’s neck and slowly moved down Kai’s body. His tongue licked the P.V.C. leaving wet marks on the impervious surface. Kai’s fingers ruffled through Sam’s hair as Sam’s tongue traced Kai’s prick through the heavy oilskins. Sam turned his head so his mouth could massage the length of Kai’s swollen prick. He saw the sunlight glinting off the gleaming wet P.V.C and pushed his face down on to Kai’s smooth crotch and licked and massaged the bulging shape even harder until Kai arched his back off the ground and gasped at the unbearable sensations, his fingers digging into Sam’s hair, his other hand pulling at the collar of Sam’s leather jacket.

Sam pulled up and away from Kai and unzipped his leather jeans. His swollen prick burst out of the restraining black leather. Sam fell down onto Kai again and massaged back and forth, kissing Kai deeply. Kai was in ecstasy, gasping for breath, his whole body charged and over-sensitive. He felt Sam’s tongue in his mouth, smelt Sam’s masculine smell in his nostrils, sensed Sam’s muscular body under its leather covering. His skin was alive and tingling, conveying a complete feeling of the glossy P.V.C. suit he was encased in, the smooth surface stuck to his sweaty body. Sam too was so turned on he couldn’t get enough of this fantastic man under him, he couldn’t kiss him deeply enough, he couldn’t push hard enough down on him, his hands couldn’t travel over the firm, oilskin covered body fast enough.

Suddenly the two men couldn’t hold back any more and with convulsing waves of ecstasy surging over them, their pricks pulsed in a simultaneous orgasm. Kai’s prick spurted white jets into the dark depths of thick black P.V.C as Sam’s shot creamy white liquid over the outside of the protective suit. The orgasm came long and draining, until, gasping at a last pulsating shudder, the leather guy collapsed onto his shiny friend and so they lay in the grass, panting as if after a five-mile run.

The leather man lay motionless, embraced by the guy he was lying on. The dying light shone dully on his tight leather clothes and glinted off Kai’s arms in their shinier sleeves. Sam eventually recovered enough to roll off Kai who still seemed exhausted. His arms just plonked to the ground as Sam pulled away.
“Come on, Kai. Let’s get you cleaned up and back to my place.”

By the time the two were back in Sam’s flat, they felt a bit more lively. Sam set to, making coffee and Kai disappeared into the bathroom to clean himself up. He emerged barefoot with his suit open to the waist. He came into the bedroom and sat down on the leather-covered bed. He liked the feel of the P.V.C. on the leather. He looked down at the light gleaming off his thighs and felt his prick hardening again. Sam came in . He had taken his jacket off and looked great in the tight leather jeans and the leather shirt. Sam put down the coffee he had brought in and sat down on the bed next to Kai who had been looking at the drawing of the bound escape artist on the wall.

“That guy looks good, wrestling in that strait-jacket,” said Kai, “drawn from anyone you know?” he asked.
“No, unfortunately not. No-one we know. Not many escape-artists in the family.”
Kai suddenly grabbed Sam and pulled him down onto the bed.
“Perhaps you should become one and I could tie you up!” said Kai, holding Sam’s wrists.
“If you start getting dangerous, Kai, I’ll be the one tying you!”
“Only a strait-jacket can stop me raping you!” Kai exclaimed, falling down on to the leather guy and wrapping his arms around him. Sam embraced Kai, moving his hands over the thick cool P.V.C.
“That can easily be arranged, but I’m not so sure I want to stop you raping me,” said Sam and kissed Kai.

Kai pulled away.
“What do you mean, ‘That can be arranged!’?”
“Exactly what I say, that can be arranged.”
“You don’t mean you’ve got a strait-jacket here?”
“No, - several,- in all shapes and sizes!”
“Oh shit, I don’t believe it,” exclaimed Kai. “Show me!”
“Soon,” said Sam, reaching up and pulling Kai down on to him by the open sides of the black rain-suit. Kai rubbed his stubble chin over Sam’s and kissed him gently.
“Please!” he said.

Sam got up and slid back one of the mirrors, and pulled a bundle out of the closet beyond. Kai watched from the bed, his heart pounding. He heard the jingling of buckles and suddenly the heavy bundle had landed on him. He sat up and let the jacket unfold. At first it seemed such a complicated mass of straps and buckles that he couldn’t determine which way was up. It was so heavy. It was brown and black leather, it seemed to be leather inside and out, it had a high collar, it had very long closed sleeves, it seemed very menacing.

"Fantastic," exclaimed Kai, jumping off the bed to get a better look at the jacket. "Fantastic!" he repeated turning the tangled bundle of leather in his hands.
"It looks better on. Going into it?" asked Sam.
"As long as you let me out when I say, I'll give it a try," said Kai.

Sam settled himself onto the leather bed, distancing himself from Kai
"No, my friend. We've got to get this clear from the beginning. You're not holding a toy there. A strait-jacket is a prison, and that's exactly what mine are. Just like in a real situation, you're not the one who says when you come out. If you let me strap you into that, then I'm the one who decides when you come out. Maybe I'd let you out after a couple of hours, maybe tomorrow morning, maybe Sunday evening would still find you strapped up like a maniac."
Kai looked dubious.
"You'd have to trust me." he continued, "I'd look after you, make sure you're not in pain at all, but, unless you could get out yourself, you'd be my prisoner as long as I decide and I'd have no qualms about tying you down or gagging you if the situation started getting serious. It's your decision."
"Forget it" said Kai, and threw the restraint onto the bed across Sam's legs. He took his coffee and drank it down in one then, smiling, he provocatively climbed astride his leather friend just as Sam had done to him when they were in the field under the hedge. Kai clamped his hands on Sam's shoulders under the soft leather shirt and pushed him down on the bed.
"You'd really refuse to let me out?" asked Kai.
"I'd expect you to take your imprisonment like a man, and not even ask me to let you out, Kai. The name of the game is trust."
"No chance, you bastard!" said Kai and kissed Sam deeply. The two cuddled, leather against oilskins and the atmosphere relaxed ... at least for a while, but Kai was somehow restless. Suddenly he pulled away.

"Oh shit!" he said nervously.
"What?" asked Sam.
"Strap me in the straitjacket!"
"You sure?"
"Strap me up in it, Sam!"
"Soon," said Sam, pulling Kai back towards him.
"Now," said Kai, "Quickly, before I change my mind!"
"You gonna keep that suit on or put your jeans and tee shirt on before the straitjacket on or what?" asked Sam.
"I guess I'll get kinda hot in all this PVC, won't I" asked Kai.
"You'll get kinda hot in a straitjacket anyway." Sam's eyes twinkled mischievously."Why not keep it on. I want to see the sweat roll off you! Come here, I'll do it up. "
He zipped Kai up, and fastened the high collar snuggly under his chin.
Kai looked Sam straight in the face. Sam had his hands on Kai's shiny shoulders.
"Give me one last hug before you lose your freedom. Kai."
Kai pulled Sam to him and they kissed and held each-other close.

Kai's hands travelled over the soft leather of Sam's shirt and Sam felt Kai's muscular body under the thick PVC Kai began breathing more heavily.
"Get the fucking jacket on me!" he said.
"I hope you're not going to regret this," said Sam as he picked up the heavy leather jacket lying on the bed. The buckles rattled ominously.
"Oh shit!" breathed Kai, as he stood up to be imprisoned.
"Pull your sleeves down over your hands a bit and hold them. Perhaps you can twist the sleeves around your arms a bit. I'll get the jacket on you better. Here."
Sam was facing Kai holding the thick jacket invitingly open.

Kai pushed his arms into the heavy sleeves and Sam moved round Kai to pull the jacket from the back. Kai's arms went down into the depths of the sleeves and he let go of the sleeves of his PVC suit. His hands felt the cool smooth leather of the inside of the straitjacket Sam jerked the jacket firmly over Kai's shoulders.
Kai raised his right arm and looked at the riveted, closed sleeve encasing his hand. A thick brown strap hung from the end.
"Second thoughts?" asked Sam as he pulled the jacket together at the back over Kai's shiny suit.
"Carry on!" Kai gasped.
Kai felt the straps being buckled, one after the other. The slack slowly left the straitjacket as the leather garment was fastened closed out of reach down his back. A thicker strap went like a belt around his waist. Sam pulled this firmly shut. Sam's hand reached through Kai's legs and grabbed for the crotch strap dangling from the front of the jacket. The strap was sewn to a thicker flap of leather and this was pulled through Kai's legs. Suddenly the whole jacket assumed a new tension as Sam strapped through the buckle at the back.
"Comfortable?" asked Sam.

Kai just grunted and wriggled his shoulders a bit to work himself into the jacket better. Sam pulled the jacket's collar up high and passed the strap through the loops. The collar's buckle was at the front, the strap went right around the neck. Kai lifted his chin to let Sam push the prong through the hole. Sam then took the ends of Kai's closed sleeves and jerked the sleeves downwards, pulling any slack out of them.

"Let me hold you one last time," said Kai embracing Sam with his encased arms. He chaffed his rough chin over Sam's cheek and held him close, his hands inside thick leather mitts, running over the soft leather of Sam's shirt; his fingers feeling nothing in the depths of the closed and riveted sleeves. Sam hugged Kai to him, Kai's body feeling totally different in the solid leather to the smooth PVC He fingered the straps and buckles down Kai's back.
"Now cross your arms, Kai, left over right, there's a good boy!" He grabbed the ends of the sleeves and passed them through the retainer straps on the sides of the jacket. They would stop Kai working his arms up or down.
"Point of no return, Kai!" said Sam as he jerked the thick sleeve strap through the buckle on the other sleeve. He braced himself against Kai and wrenched the strap again. Kai grunted as the prong clicked through the hole in the strap. Sam set to work tidying up the straps, passing them through loops positioned to stop them flapping and hanging.
"That's you fixed!" said Sam and turned Kai towards the mirror.

Kai's prick, throbbing under the pressure of the crotch strap, had even more blood surged into it as Kai took in the sight of his imprisoned self. The jacket was battered and stained, the brown leather greasy and shiny from previous battles. Black leather reinforced the jacket at the elbows, at the ends of the sleeves and a strip of black leather was riveted down the front of the jacket extending into the crotch strap. Kai's arms were folded across his chest. The buckle at his collar glinted in the light and an inch or so of the PVC suit's collar could be seen higher than the jacket's collar, jet black against the brown leather. His legs shone in the suit, pulled into folds where the crotch strap cut between his legs. Sam stood beside him looking magnificent in his complete leather. He slapped a hand down on Kai's shoulder, his hand making a loud slap on the thick leather jacket.

"I've always wanted to try a straitjacket," said Kai.
"Sometime soon you'll be able to," said Sam.
"What the hell are you talking about? What's this I'm in? A Tee-shirt?"
"At the moment, Kai, you've got a leather jacket strapped on you. It will only become a straitjacket when you start wanting to get out. When you start realising you're a prisoner and start fighting and struggling against it's grip, then you'll know what a straitjacket really is."
"And you're really going to let me get that far?" asked Kai, almost hopefully.
"Oh sure, and that will only be the beginning. You look great strapped like that. It suits you. It turns you on and it sure turns me on so, Kai, maybe you'll be hugging yourself for the rest of your life! I'll look after you."
Sam pulled the strapped guy to him and kissed him. Kai was breathing fast, turned on by the straitjacket strapped over the smooth suit, his heart slamming in his chest at the thought of being the long-term prisoner of this fabulous leather man holding him. Sam felt over the hard leather that encased Kai's body, feeling the numerous straps and buckles holding the straitjacket onto its prisoner. Kai couldn't respond, his arms strapped tightly around him. Every movement, every twist he made, applied pressure to his prick through the crotch strap. He kissed Sam deeply, he couldn't get enough of his leather man. Sam hugged his restrained partner tighter to him, his chin over Kai's leathered shoulder. His tongue licked the shiny oilskin collar sticking out of the straitjacket, his tongue felt the heavy strap encircling Kai's neck. Kai's unshaven chin moved over the soft, warm black leather of Sam's shirt, Kai's cheek rubbed against the shirt's greasy collar. His natural instinct was to cuddle and embrace this sensuous guy but his arms were unable to move, encased in thick leather sleeves designed to immobilise.

Sam pushed against Kai a little too enthusiastically and he toppled backwards on to the bed, Sam falling with him. The two lay on the worn black leather bed cover, Kai's head had fallen between two leather-covered pillows. Sam climbed astride the strapped man, his knees pushing Kai's shiny legs together. He leant with all his weight onto Kai, a hand pushing down on each shoulder.
"Having regrets Kai? I could do anything to you and you couldn't move a finger to stop me. Like this for instance!"
He grabbed the leather pillows either side of Kai's head and pushed them down over his face. Kai struggled, wrenching his head from side to side and twisting his body under Sam's weight. Sam let go of the pillows and Kai came up gasping for air.
"Had you worried for a moment there, didn't I?" said Sam.
"I can take whatever you give me," said Kai provocatively.
"Will you'll be saying that the same time tomorrow night after a long tortuous day in that jacket? You won't be able to cum and you'll slowly go insane with frustration. Then I'll just deliver you ready strait-jacketed to the nearest asylum, where I'll come to torment you as you roll around in your padded cell!

Kai’s breathing came fast as Sam lowered himself onto the strapped man. He kissed Kai long and deeply, making him short of breath, all the time massaging Kai’s rock-hard prick held back behind the thick oilskins and stiff leather.


Suddenly the door opened. Chris stood there looking cold and menacing in full leather. Dressed to kill.
“Having fun?”
“It isn’t what you think,” exclaimed Sam, rolling off his strapped prisoner.
“How do you know what I think?” said Chris with an icy tone to his voice. “Come out here a moment Sam, I want to talk to you.”
He pulled Sam roughly out of the room. The door closed.

Kai strained to get upright, not easy without the use of his arms. By stretching his legs out and rocking, he eventually got into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. The exertion had made him sweat in the P.V.C. suit. A bead of sweat trickled down past his eye and tickled him, but he couldn’t alleviate it. He heard muffled voices raised, but couldn’t understand what was being said. The tone was aggressive. There was a loud thump, a bump, more shouting.

“Hey you guys, what’s going on?” shouted Kai. No reply, just an ominous silence.
“Hey!” he shouted getting to his feet and crossing to the door.
“Sam? You OK?”
He tried to open the door with his elbow but couldn’t turn the knob. His strait-jacket creaked, sweat trickled through his hair. He caught sight of himself reflected back and forth from one mirrored wall to the other. His shiny, jet-black legs, the brown and black strait-jacket, the row of glinting steel buckles holding his restraint tightly closed. His prick was uncomfortably hard, the crotch strap was applying constant pressure that he had no power to relieve.

Suddenly the door burst open, knocking Kai staggering backwards onto the bed.
“Out of the way you bastard,” snarled Chris, practically dragging Sam into the room.
“Oh shit:” muttered Kai, seeing Sam’s predicament. Sam’s leather shirt was gone, he was bare-chested and bare-footed in his greasy, stained, brown leather jeans. A heavy metal collar was locked around his neck, a heavy chain led down to the handcuffs around his wrists, the same chain was locked around his waist before it travelled down to the manacles locked around his ankles. He fell grunting to his knees as Chris tugged him further forward than his chained feet could step.

“Get up, you cunt,” growled Chris wrenching the restricted guy to his feet by grabbing the massive collar.
“Thought you’d have a bit of fun while the cat’s away, eh?” he hissed, as he pushed Sam backwards against the wall. He leant the weight of his leather-covered body against Sam as he chained Sam’s collar to a conveniently placed hook in the wall.
“That’ll keep you out of the way a moment while I deal with Houdini there.”
“It’s nothing to do with him, I brought him here,” stated Sam. “It’s my fault, not his!”
“He’s sure going to regret letting himself be brought here!” said Chris menacingly, stepping over to Kai sitting on the bed. Kai turned away but Chris knelt on the bed and grabbed Kai in an arm lock. Kai’s heart pounded as the leathered arm locked around his strapped neck levered his head upwards.
“What’s your name, pretty boy?” asked Chris.
No reply.
“I asked you what your name was cunt!” Chris asked again increasing the pressure on Kai’s neck.
“Kai!” the helpless guy grunted.
“Kai! You Swedish or something?” asked Chris.
“Let go of me!” hissed Kai, trying to twist away from the leather guy’s grip.
“Leave him alone.” shouted Sam, straining against his chains. “Let go of him.” He jerked and coughed as his collar held him back.
“Shut that foul mouth of yours,” ordered Chris, letting go of Kai so suddenly that he slumped back onto the bed, breathing heavily. Chris opened a drawer and then approached Sam, with a gag in his hand.
“No,” protested Sam as Chris grabbed him by the hair.
Chris leant against his victim and pushed one leg between Sam’s as he tried to get the rolled leather bit between Sam’s teeth.

Leather rubbed on leather as Sam wrenched left and right to avoid being gagged, but eventually Chris got Sam’s nose between his fingers and pinched tight until his struggling victim opened his mouth to gasp for breath. In the same instant he rammed the hard leather between Sam’s teeth and expertly fastened the strap behind his head. Sam was gasping for air and making unintelligible sounds as he made futile attempts to close his mouth by biting into the bitter-tasting leather.

Chris turned his attention to Kai.
“Wearing his oilskins, strapped in his strait-jacket eh? You’re in a mess, Guy or whatever your name is, you know that?”
“Kai, my name is. Just let me out, will you?” said Kai in an almost conversational tone as though the game was over. “ I’m soaked with sweat in here.”
“Strange,” said Chris, “you don’t seem to realise just what a mess you’re in, do you?” He grabbed Kai’s elbow in its thick leather sleeve and jerked him upright. Sweat trickled off Kai’s brow. Sam pulled in his chains and tried to protest with meaningless sounds. In his helpless state, Kai was scared of this man, but still his heart pounded at being threatened by this guy, looking great in full leather.
“You’re in this jacket for a long, long time yet,” said Chris bracing Kai against him and jerking the strap fastening Kai’s arms around his body a notch tighter.
“Get used to it!” said Chris, as Kai gasped. Sam’s not going to be able to help you. I’ve got big plans for him.

Sam wrenched towards Chris but the collar held him back. He choked and coughed, the sounds distorted by the gag.
Kai jerked away from Chris.
“Let me out, you bastard. I’m too hot.”
“I think you’ve yet to learn what being really hot’s all about,” sneered Chris, standing up and sliding the mirrored door of the wardrobe open. From its depths he pulled out a shiny black bundle.
“You like being black and shiny, then black and shiny you shall be!” He shook the folded P.V.C. open and approached Kai.
“Didn’t Sam show you our anoraks? Or our jeans? All in heavy, thick, double-sided oilskin? Aren’t you just dying to try them out, Kai? Why be satisfied with just a rain-suit, Kai, when you can have more?”

As Chris taunted Kai, he was pulling the sleeves of the foul-weather garment inside out.
“I’ve had enough, you cunt, let me out!” exclaimed Kai aggressively, wrenching his arms left and right in a useless gesture.
“Now, now, Kai, I don’t really like being called that. We’ll have to do something about that mouth of yours!”
Within seconds Kai’s mouth was sealed shut with very sticky surgical adhesive tape!

Kai shook his head from left to right, tried to force his lips apart to rid himself of the tape, but it held fast. Words issued from his throat as intelligible sounds. He strained in his strait-jacket, all to no avail. Chris had the massive P.V.C. anorak ready to put on Kai. Kai had no intention of going into it. It looked great and Kai felt his heart pounding in his chest, but Chris obviously meant business and this was no game. But, what could Kai do to resist? Immobilised in the strait-jacket, he rolled around on the leather bed, he kicked and squirmed, but Chris was used to dealing with violent prisoners. He soon had Kai upright against the bed-head and had dragged the heavy garment over Kai’s head and shoulders. It caught on the strait-jacket’s buckles as the shiny P.V.C gradually covered the leather of the strait-jacket. Eventually Kai’s head emerged breathless from the black oilskin anorak and Chris had it on him properly.

Sam had stopped struggling to watch the fate of the young guy he’d brought home. In the handcuffs, Sam tried to adjust his rock-hard prick trapped in the brown leather jeans.

Chris had Kai standing now, the glossy anorak completely hiding Kai’s tightly strapped strait-jacket. Kai didn’t struggle too much as Chris fastened the foul-weather gear. Either he had given up or, despite his fear, was perversely enjoying his increasingly hopeless state. Chris jerked the anorak down and strapped the waist belt under the bulge of Kai’s crossed and strapped arms. No sleeves dangled as Chris had already pulled them through on the inside. Hanging from the bottom of the garment was a wide crotch flap to stop it riding up. Chris reached through the already smooth and shiny-covered legs and fastened it at the front. He then started tugging the draw cord in the bottom hem of the jacket and knotted it tightly.

Chris stood holding Kai by both shoulders, looking into his masculine face which was just as attractive with white plaster sticking the mouth shut and sweat trickling down it.

“Last chance to admire yourself, Kai,” said Chris, turning him round to face the mirror. Kai saw himself encased gleaming jet black P.V.C. He was bare footed, his arms were missing, held useless by his madman’s jacket deep under the suit.
The anorak’s hood was bunched in thick folds around his neck.

“Last step,” said Chris, pulling the hood up over Kai’s head. Kai let out a throaty cry and pulled away, falling onto the bed. Chris soon had him on his back and was sitting on his, holding him down as he fastened the hood. Layers of shiny P.V.C. were crossed across Kai’s chin and mouth, drawstrings were pulled tight and soon Kai was looking through no more than a slit. He didn’t like this, he felt he was going to suffocate and he started to wrestle about as Chris got off him. At one point he had worked his head up into the hood so that his nose was visible in the slit he was meant to look through.

This move made breathing easier but was unfortunate, because it got Chris onto other ideas. From the cupboard, he produced an enormous roll of black, two inch wide P.V.C. tape which he proceeded to wrap around Kai’s head, pressing the hood against his mouth, closing his eyes into complete darkness. His head was encased except for his nose for him to breath. As Chris cut the tape, Kai panicked, throwing himself around on the bed, his shiny legs kicking out at anything. Chris fell on him, winding the tape around Kai’s rain-suited legs, above the knees, below the knees, down until he started wrapping length upon length of tape around Kai’s bare feet until there was not an inch of skin to be seen. The leather guy straddled Kai, his shiny jeans appearing dull in contrast to the P.V.C. Kai was bound in. He leant over to Kai’s ear.

“I guess you can hear me in there, you prick! There’s a steel cage in the cellar waiting for Sam, but I’ll be back to work on you further when I’ve dealt with him. Both of you are going to regret ever meeting each other!”
Kai made feeble, muffled vocal protests, but went quiet to listen to the struggling and fighting as Chris dragged Sam out of the room.
The door slammed and the room went quiet, leaving Kai with the creaking of the suit, the leather covered bed, his strait-jacket and his laboured breathing.

“Fuck!” he thought, “What a fucking mess!”
He pulled against his bonds,- everything expertly placed and tight. The heat! The suit was impervious, his muscular body was hidden from the air by layer upon layer of oilskin and leather. He struggled, cut off from the world. Every movement caused the thick P.V.C. pressed to his ears to creak and then he could hear nothing else.

He couldn’t hear the door open, he couldn’t know Chris was standing there watching him, his arm around Sam’s shoulders. Sam was smiling, his beaten black leather motorbike jacket over his bare chest, his handcuffs and manacles gone, just a red mark where he had been biting down on his leather gag.

They watched their prisoner contort in a futile attempt to free himself, every twist causing him to grunt with the exertion. He was one glossy black shape, his head devoid of its features, his arms moulded around his body, stretched over with the heavy oilskins, his legs taped together as one.

Both Chris and Sam were breathing fast, their pricks iron-hard as they looked upon the sight of this beautiful young man packaged, black, shiny, de-personalised, the strength of his smooth, brown body held impotent. A violent wrench caused Kai to roll off the bed. He landed with a thump where he lay still a moment to get his breath and his bearings. He renewed his struggles.

The two guys moved quietly over to sit on the bed, their eyes fixed on the struggling form, drinking in every fold, the shine and the tension in Kai’s restraints.
“Oh shit!” breathed Sam. putting his arm around Chris, pulling him to him and kissing him deeply. Both were breathless, highly turned on, their pricks enraged in their leather jeans. They tipped back onto the leather-covered bed. Kai was gasping and tugging, kicking and moaning on the floor, helpless, hopeless, but left with no alternative.

Sam and Chris kissed feverishly and deeply. Chris had his hand inside Sam’s leather jacket and was chaffing Sam’s hard nipple. Their leather jeans rubbed against each other, their pricks were ready to burst. Both were inside Kai’s restraints, imagining the raging heat, the smooth, wet oilskins pressed to sweating skin, the unrelenting grip of the strait-jacket. They imagined the dark, the frustration, the fear of not knowing when, or whether release would ever come.

Kai’s heart raced as he fought for breath, bucking, twisting and writhing in absolute imprisonment. His prick was ramrod-hard, trapped and inaccessible under suffocating P.V.C.
The leather guys’ hearts pounded as they kissed violently while opening their leather jeans to take each other’s prick in their hands.

Kai took a deep breath and strained. He put all the strength of his trained muscles into one massive wrench. His body arched in a contraction that left only his shoulders and feet in contact with the floor. The strait-jacket proved its worth, the thick leather did its job. The tight crotch strap pressed hard on Kai’s prick, adrenaline surged through his veins. The fear, the heat, the excitement caused Kai’s body to feel electrified. For a moment he could see himself as an outsider, helpless, packaged, a black, shiny human shape with limbs useless and impotent, his release dependent on a guy in leather who obviously preferred him bound. He came. He came with a fierceness that caused him to clench his teeth together and scream. He fought in his strait-jacket as thick cum burst into his waterproof suit. The outside world existed no more as, in the blackness, he became aware of every part of his body.

Sam and Chris were as one with Kai as they too gave in to their orgasm. The leather guys kissed deeply, stubbly chins chafing together, hands travelling over their smooth leather as they simultaneously spurted thick, creamy liquid which streaked their leather jeans and dripped onto the shiny, black-covered bed. Chris slumped down onto Sam, his arm around Sam’s hot body under his leather jacket. So they lay, gasping and breathing deeply.

Sam suddenly started and pulled away from Chris.
“Kai’s dead!” he exclaimed.
“Sure!” said Chris, “Dead men always breath deeply!”
Kai was lying immobile, his chest heaving as he tried to take in enough air through the narrow slit of the taped hood. Soft moaning sounds issued from his throat every time he exhaled.
“We’d better let him out,” said Sam urgently.
“Why? He’s having the time of his life in there.” said Chris.
“He’s probably near to heat stroke!” said Sam. feeling his prick stiffen again at the sight of their shiny prisoner.

Kai moaned and tried to roll over.
“Let’s put him under the cold shower,” suggested Chris.
“That won’t help, his body can’t breath in there. Come on, help me!”
Sam pulled away from under Chris and got up to help Kai.
“Help me, will you!”

Chris got up and together they lifted the restrained man into a sitting position. Kai didn’t even pull away. Whether his spirit was broken or whether he was half-unconscious or whether he realised the two were there together, they didn’t know, but they set to, trying to unwrap the sticky black tape from Kai’s head.

Eventually they were able to unbutton the hood and untie the drawstrings. Sam was unwinding the tape from other parts of the oilskin anorak. Eventually all was free and they were able to lean Kai forwards and tug the garment off him. Kai glowered at them from incensed blue eyes. His hair was soaked with sweat. Red marks from the taped hood crisscrossed his face. A drip of sweat dripped off his chin and made a dark spot on the front of his brown leather strait-jacket. Sam tried carefully to untape Kai’s mouth but soon he realised the only way was to wrench it quickly and hope it didn’t tug half of Kai’s hair out.

‘You bastards, you cunts!” exclaimed Kai. “I nearly died in this lot!” I trusted you, Sam!”
“You’re OK., aren’t you?” said Sam. “I made sure you were alright, didn’t I?”
He put a hand on Kai’s shoulder, still encased in the thick leather of the strait-jacket and leant over to kiss Kai’s mouth.
Kai turned his head away.
“Just let me out you arseholes!” he said defiantly.

“Don’t forget you’re still very much a prisoner,” said Chris aggressively. “Let’s really show him what hell is!” said Chris grabbing the oilskin bundle they had just pulled off Kai.
“Come off it, Chris,” said Sam. “The fun’s over, he’s exhausted and red-hot in this lot.” He started to unstrap the strait-jacket. One by one the buckles were undone. Kai said nothing. Sweat still poured off him. He grunted as his stiff arms at last fell away from his body. As Sam released him from the strait-jacket, Chris was freeing Kai’s feet and legs. Eventually the young guy was propped up against the bed in his P.V.C. suit.
“Let’s get you to the shower,” said Sam.

They practically had to lift Kai, so exhausted and weakened he was from his battles. As they unzipped the rain-suit from his soaked body a wave of heat surged to meet them. They had to peel the heavy covering from him. It had welded itself to his body. They got Kai into the shower where he leant shakily against the cold tiles, his beautiful, trim body covered in red marks from his bindings. The strait-jacket had left a red welt around his neck and his pubic hairs were sticky with cum. They left him to shower.


An hour later, the two guys found Kai laying face-down on the leather-covered bed. He was naked, one leg stretched out, the other slightly bent, one arm at his side, the other up by his face. The red marks were disappearing. His perfect skin looked beautiful against the black leather. He appeared to be sleeping .

“You asleep, Kai?” asked Sam.
“No,” muttered Kai.
“Still angry with us?” asked Sam. Kai didn’t answer.
“Are you still mad with us?” asked Sam again. Suddenly Kai rolled over, his prick was hard and erect.
“Did someone say something about a cage in the cellar?” he said and smiled his blinding smile.

END - 'PVC Package' complete text

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