My personal preferences are well known to anybody who's chatted with me for five minutes or read any of the stuff I've written.

Within the broadest range of "S'n'M'n'Bondage" activities, what I like and dislike often seems severely limited in scope.

The Information Bank on this site covers the widest possible range of 'wrapping, strapping, chaining and tying' options. Knowing what pushes other people's buttons does not mean you have to share their specific enthusiasms. Site visitors are encouraged to pick-and-mix to satisfy their own personal taste here ...

... BUT ... on this page, the focus is on my own particular enthusiasms.

Self-expression has always been the name of the game for me,
and writing things down has often helped to clarify ideas for myself ... and for others who read what I have written.

When introducing printed collections of correspondence or stories in the past, I've often struggled to explain where I'm "at".

At the risk of repeating text on this site, below are a few excerpts from autobiographical notes written to introduce various text
(which are on this site, but to avoid distracting cut-aways - you'll find all links at the end of this page).



A magazine interview I gave many years ago began ...
I've always known what 'turned me on' even before I knew what being sexually aroused meant. What excited my imagination and fired-up my fantasies were hectic and competitive bouts of Cops and Robbers, Cowboys and Indians and war games.
These were usually played with an older brother and his mates, so capture - and 'punishment' was almost inevitable for the smallest member of the gang - and was a big part of the excitement.

The focus changed when, at the age of nine, I first heard about HARRY HOUDINI. His exploits seemed to embody more specifically my favourite imagery of challenge and fighting restraints ... and not always winning.

Earlier still, at the age of six, some vague instinct first made me climb into my father's tall rubber boots and tie myself to a drainpipe while the family was out. I knew enough to keep that secret even from my closest friends. But, ever since, I've been trying to gain a clearer understanding; not so much of WHY - but HOW I could enjoy these natural instincts more potently and more often ...

Published information on fetish and bondage was thin on the ground when instinct first drove me in search of 'like-minded misfits'. Communication in those pre-Internet days was severely limited - and sexual stereotyping ruled, even in those hard-to-find and expensive Alternative Sex publications. I wasn't into glamour fetish or master/slave homo-erotica. Trying to explain the focus of my interests was easier in writing ... so ...

The introduction to the first collection of stories I wrote filled in
more biographical information:

Know what you're getting into here. You'll find no elegant restraint, no comfortable let's-pretend 'bondage' or stylish high-fashion fetish; no graphic descriptions of genitalia or penetrative sex ... here's a wide range of sensual and psychological, rather than overtly sexual excitements … sex opportunities are 'optional extras' which your mind can add to suit your personal taste.
… if the sensual appeal of strong canvas, tarpaulin, tough hide (rather than dress leather), oilskin, industrial-weight rubber and army gear excite your erotic imagination ... (plus, of course, it's restrictive potential) you're in the right place.

In another collection of three stories, I wrote ...
Knowing more of what other people fantasise about (and sometimes achieve) would have helped me in my early explorations. Today, imaginative would-be game-players, whatever their sexual orientation, can benefit by knowing what pushes other people's buttons.

Enjoy each scenario for what's in it for you - then adapt and expand it to your own taste - and either turn a similar situation into reality - or build on it mentally to make your own private fantasy more potent. Jim Stewart - June 2002.

Another angle on personal preference
is the concept of altering other people's fiction, adding or subtracting detail,
to suit your own personal tastes.
This topic is discussed in the introduction to my personal 'adaptation' of
a story originally written by Derek Arnold.

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