ORIGINAL NOTES with additions after discussion session
The Eulenspeigel Society (TES) Thirtieth Anniversary Weekend.
10th-12th August 2001


Advance advertising read:

  • Excited by power forcibly removed rather than willingly surrendered?
  • Turned-on by people who don't need control handed to them on a plate?
  • Do capture, kidnap, interrogation, endurance scenarios grab you?- or the struggle, and sweat of a Houdini challenge?

Discuss ways you could be part of such action as participant or spectator.

PRESENTER Jim Stewart, invites you to consider some practical suggestions for making heavy action game-playing opportunities achievable for men and women.

Some further background to a challenging topic:

Jim Stewart writes:- The focus of this session will depend on who turns up for it.
Who turns up will depend on how well I explain in these preliminary notes just what I have in mind.

Start by identifying two 'mindsets':

1) The type of physically capable men who find willing surrender of control is not exciting - while the idea of having control forcibly removed is a big turn-on - as a fantasy, at least.

2) Women who enjoy having Power but don't want it handed to them on a plate - because they understand the thrill of being able to take and (through their own skill if not strength) keep the upper hand.

DISCUSS - Is it simply the difference between being a 'Submissive' and being brought to submission? That's part of it; to do-or-be-done-by - or even to enjoy just watching it being done. In a challenge/risk/dare situation, the process, the predicament, the struggle and strain, the determination and increasing desperation, the wriggling and sweating - lots of different delights and dangers for people with a certain mind-set.

As a spectator sport or something to get involved in (in either role) the subject is, in itself, a challenge … "Subdue me if you can!"

THIS WORKSHOP/TALKSHOP WILL BE an open invitation to explore some practical alternatives for making game-playing opportunities possible.


FURTHER THOUGHTS ON THE TOPIC, written before the event ...

Suggestions of force or fighting make many people nervous.

Political Correctitude dictates that images of anything more than stylised 'Domination' are questionable (in certain minds) … but the aim here will be to explore some ruggedly non-PC territory: Anybody who is attracted to any form of challenge or 'dare', risk or endurance scenario (however seemingly non-consensual) could have something to share with others.

This meeting of minds is also intended to identify possible build-ups of frustrated 'violent' imaginings which, without a safety-valve, might tip-over into unintentionally dangerous game-playing.

Here is an opportunity to throw some light onto darker sides of fantasy, find out more about other people's frustrated needs, and explore the practicalities of playing such heavy games for 'real'. I use the word advisedly because one of my favourite pastimes is making 'Theatre of the Mind's Eye' as real-seeming as possible - but in this session we will be talking about 'Physical Theatre' = actual but controlled.

Another aspect of the same subject is - regular partners who even-up the physical odds at the start of a mutually enjoyable game of bedroom rough-and-tumble by using some sort of 'handicap'; a blindfold or 'One hand tied behind the back'. Even when strait-jacketed, a powerful man can put up a struggle against a lighter-weight opponent in a tussle for more total control. A stronger partner even if they find it difficult to surrender their physical advantage willingly - may fantasise about a forced power-reversal within a relationship (or outside it?). Experiencing such a fresh perspective can be very revealing.

Efficiency when using restraints has always been essential to my personal turn-on games. Advising women how to take and keep control of their men (and sometimes showing them how) has involved me in some memorable situations - which brings me to …

A dangerous other topic (but a delicious one) - women who bring in some extra muscle to help subdue their male partners. Even if the extra help leaves as soon as the balance of power has been redressed, the scenario can develop in many ways. If the third party stays, what then? If the third party is male, and he stays after the other male is physically restrained - that can become …several different ball games.

In DESIRE MAGAZINE (www.desire.co.uk) Denise Collins wrote about the amount of popular fiction that involves two women getting it off with a man - while the subject of a woman who might wish to involve an extra man in her fantasy is carefully avoided. Is this because most men find such a scenario hard to deal with - especially if their maleness is challenged by another male? However …
Men with fantasies which, in reality, only another man could make happen, are often afraid that such interaction, even when no sex is involved, will make them seem 'Gay'. Bullshit! (as Denise Collins puts it). Getting off on imagining being subdued by force by other men is basic to our culture, or there would not be so many 'Cops and Robbers' and 'Hi Action' movies. Also, how many men have had no opportunity to indulge in man-to-man competitive body-contact sports since High School days? We will discuss this hot area of 'fantasy' and the hang-ups it can produce - but sex will not be the real focus of our exchange of ideas - action will.

BE WARNED: here we will not be discussing people who simply like to pig-out on bondage, pain, humiliation or power-trips - or get off on being willingly submissive. Experts in every field are scheduled to advise and demonstrate their skills in those areas during the weekend.
The few of you who are willing (eager) to risk being forced to submit and those prepared to make it happen are the ones who should take the opportunity (risk) of meeting other like-minds.
Bring to the session your hopes, dreams and experiences to share with others.