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Good tough tape ripping from a roll has a dynamic impact different from all other forms of restraint.

Can text about tape being used bring you
the feel and the smell and the sound?

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New York artist Joe T
had a word for it.
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(Index of tape sequences)

THE FIERCE MECHANIC In the privacy of his garage, Pete has the local town bully lashed to his own motorcycle. Fixed seated astride his Harley, he is belly-down with his neck clamped onto the handle-bars by tough elastic bungee cords. Naked to the waist, his leathered legs and bike boots are stretched forwards to the front wheel and his elbows have been tightly cinched together behind his back. (Follow title links to each excerpt and use the 'back' button to return to this index)

PVC PACKAGE by John Stapleton describes a frantic moment for a PVC rain-suited biker who is already trussed into a leather strait-jacket on top of it. Then he is tape-gagged before being forcibly wrapped in more PVC covering before the package is securely taped all over.

CRIMINAL CONFESSIONS FROM SUBURBIA has a brief but potent mention of tape being used in the bedroom.

INDUCTION INTERVIEW This proposal for a video experiment ends with a dramatic description which includes tape-gagging. The 'script' paints a vivid picture ...

TRIP TO GREENVILLE describes an innocent-looking young farm kid who has learned some interesting tricks from both his father and big brother.

BRIGHTON FRONT, a "story from real life", ends with a very short taping description ... the text of which is reproduced below ...

In a casual encounter on the sea-front, an experienced bondage game-player meets an ex-army 'hardnut' who can not resist a challenge.

This ends with an invitation; the army guy is told to arrive at the game-player's hotel later in the day wearing heavy bike boots, a thick sweater under his bike-leathers with his old waxed two-piece rain suit over the top.

The bondage expert, left alone in the sea-front cafe, thinks through his plan for their next meeting ...

... Happily, my mind began to line up a routine for the coming afternoon; for his arrival at the hotel. Keeping him waiting around down at the Desk, self-conscious and sweating inside all his bike gear; his walking into the room ... me immediately making him confirm that he has agreed to remain physically restrained the whole time he was there ... no discussion ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Ordering him to stand with hands behind his back. Then blindfold, a neat efficient light-proof padded leather toy I always carry on my travels. Next, wordless and efficient strapping of his elbows tightly together inside the layers of leather, sweater and thick waxed jacket ... duct tape would sound good now he’s blindfolded. Then his bike gloves removed to make way for more adhesive tape round his wrists and then down around his fingers leaving them totally encased - before ordering him to kneel so I can tape his heavy bike boots together.

For a longer excerpt from 'Brighton Front' check out 'Storylines' on the Home Page.


Telling a story in a sequence of pictures is, for me, often more of a turn-on than a movie clip. Capturing dramatic action in drawings is an even greater skill.
JOE-T the New York bondage artist does it better than anybody I know.
His elaborate bondage creations usually show us ultra macho cops and punk villains in violent competition. Drawing well-taped dudes is a particular enthusiasm for him.

Even the noise tape makes when being ripped off a roll in order to gag a victim, is brought to life in his drawings.

Check out SCR-R-I-T-T-C-H, a file where I have brought together some frames from Joe's different dramatic story-boards. These often show good strong tape being used efficiently on his tough characters. More power to your elbow, Joe.

Joe T. and tape
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A general over-view of the topic published many years as one of the original FETTERS Information Sheets, briefly discusses tape gags. Much of the information is expanded on in the above note.
The short passage reads:

A small piece of tape stuck over the mouth to silence a victim is a film and TV cliché. In reality it is not so simple. Because of the flexibility of the cheeks and jaw the tape must be wide enough, long enough and stuck over the mouth when open to make it effective. Alternatively, the jaw has to be taped upwards before the mouth is covered.
A mouth stuffer used in a taped mouth can be used to push the cover off. Wrapping narrow tape around the head and across the open mouth to hold stuffing in place is effective but can cause the victim to bite into his/her flesh inside the mouth. Fabric based Duct-tape' can be very useful - particularly when wrapped around both the gag-line and from under chin round over the top back of head. Two points to be borne in mind are that removing adhesive tape can be painful and the possible toxicity of industrial tape.

Visit NOTES ON GAGS & GAGGING for general information on mouth covers & stuffers.

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