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TAPE (strong & sticky)

... OR A LOT  
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Now here’s a topic to get the creative juices flowing.

Efficient rope tying demands skill and practice,
but a couple wraps of adhesive tape
and you’ve taken control - or lost it!

Lots of different end-results can be achieved with tape,
as various picture on this page will show.

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For the past year this imaginative video
has not been available
on the Internet.
So, for fans of tough tape
and sticky situations,
the creator of this brilliant
piece of self-indulgence
has allowed me to
add it to this site.
(Feedback welcome)


Boston cuir
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Academy Men videos
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Headgear for men
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Jail Training Center?
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Who is 'OneT'? (below)
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More 'OneT' artistry
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Bound & Gagged magazine
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Photos of tape game-playing have always turned me on.
My thanks to several imaginative tape enthusiasts for allowing me to show examples of their creative work.
But, many hot pictures I've collected and drooled over for years are from unknown sources. If you can help identify any of them, I'll be happy to
give credit if the owner contacts me, or remove the images on request.

Because there are web sites entirely dedicated to the possibilities offered by wrapping and strapping with sticky tape, this page is just a
brief tour of the territory.
At the end of the following notes you'll find links to several excellent tape sites, plus shortcuts to descriptions of tape being used in
stories already on this site.
and some interesting drawings on SCR-R-I-T-T-C-H


A quick run-down of various types of tape and their specific properties when
being used for wrapping and strapping game-playing, follows here
just to fire-up your creative imagination.

DUCT/DUCK tape, which is usually silver, is perhaps the most commonly used. Mainly two inches wide but is available wider (see photo left). The two inch is easier to apply to contours.

GAFFER tape is perhaps less sticky than the above, and leaves less residue when peeled off. Also, it’s less painful when ripped off from naked skin.
It comes in about 30 colours and several widths. Two inch is again the norm, but it also comes in wider and narrower rolls.

ATHLETIC tape is cloth based and usually white. Athletes use it to give extra security when lifting weights or as support around a weak ankle or wrist.
Boxers occasionally use it to bind their fingers together inside their gloves (but I sometimes wonder about such guys).
ATHLETIC or SPORTS tape is tough and resistant to sweat. There’s often a roll lying around in a locker room - and fun can be had sticking a strip unexpectedly onto somebody’s hairy chest just for devilment and watching them try to peel it off, or even capturing a pair of unwilling wrists. All good fun among blokes - specially when they’re stripped off in the changing room.

SURGICAL tape is perhaps the same as ATHLETIC, at least so I’m told.
If anybody knows for sure, please confirm.

ELECTRICAL TAPE is usually PVC and comes in lots of fun colours. It doesn’t rip across conveniently like fabric-based tapes and doesn’t stick to itself so well - but many an electrician’s assistant has found himself the butt of pranks on a building site, taped to the pipe-work during coffee break.

CELLOTAPE from any stationery cupboard (or Scotch tape as Americans call it) can come in useful for small jobs. This unthreatening clear plastic tape, even when quite narrow, if wrapped around wrists a couple of times can be surprisingly difficult to break out of. Read the ‘Criminal Confessions’ story for a short episode when a light-hearted bedroom game takes an unexpected turn.
It describes how the sexually insatiable husband Malcolm allows himself to be ‘handicapped’ as a joke, and suddenly discovers that what he thought would be easy to escape from - wasn’t - and new territory was opened up for the man who was usually in control (link below).

PACKING TAPE of various kinds is designed to be strong. If it has nylon membrane running through it, it’s virtually impossible to break once wrapped and sticking to itself. The fabric-based black stuff is my favourite because it looks dramatic.
Some packing tape is easier to rip into individual strips than PVC based stuff.

Any adhesive tape, when wrapped over PVC or leather clothing, can leave a sticky residue after use. This can usually be removed with white spirit or lighter fuel. Tape marks on fabric clothing can be more difficult to remove. Be warned. (More about using a protective layer of clingfilm under tape-wrapping later.)

CRINKLY BROWN plastic packing tape is less easy to handle than the fabric-based stuff, but is very cheap to buy. Because it’s also not easy to rip across, an inexpensive dispenser with a cutting edge is useful to house the roll.
The brown stuff when used with a dispenser is certainly easy to handle, but it does fold and crease. The heavier duty fabric-based tape has a great feel and look - and great sound as it is ripped off the roll!

BARRICADE, CAUTION & SAFETY TAPE is not-adhesive, used mainly to cordon off restricted areas - but when imaginatively wrapped it can serve a more practical purpose.



  • Taping over skin is a great turn-on for some people. But depending on the degree of stickiness, ripping tape off naked skin can be seriously painful, particularly if there’s body hair.
  • Tape directly sticking to skin, if left on for a while and some movement is attempted, this can soon cause skin abrasions. These can seriously reduce enjoyment of the situation and sores can last for days.
  • Under any adhesive wrapping, cling-film avoids a lot of problems and certainly makes it easier to cut the outer tape away after any session. Bought in wide rolls, ordinary kitchen clingfilm moulds well and even a total body mummy-wrap of cling-film can be achieved in minutes. If necessary, the intended 'package'
    can be encouraged to keep still by a few bits of adhesive tape before the clingfilm base is applied.
  • For a quick total head wrap, an ordinary polythene bag (with suitably air holes) can be used as a base.
    This can look untidy to begin with, but easy to completely cover over with adhesive tape.
  • Whether over skin or cling-film, most tape has no ‘give’ in it, and if applied too tightly, can interrupt blood circulation. This may cause a limb to swell, and very quickly make matters worse.

Avoid risk of having to end the game too early because of over-tight wrapping.

MOST IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: buy a pair of blunt-nosed scissors.
Always have a pair handy during any wrapping and strapping game-playing.
A quick release plan is essential, especially if the mouth is taped.
Many people find breathing only through the nose is quite tiring.
What is at first acceptable may gradually become less so during a session.
Taping the mouth from chin up onto the top lip can occasionally reduce flow of air
to the nasal passages as cheeks swell up.
Constant monitoring is essential whenever somebody’s mouth is taped.
Even body position can reduce the ability to fully expand the lungs.

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Safety scissors are essential
for not only
tape, but all rope games.
Available from most good
harware stores.






The Process of wrapping can be a dramatic ‘scene' in itself, even before the effects of
being taped begin to kick in. The distractions of the process postpone the impact of what the finished result will feel like; the vulnerability as well as the oppressive restrictive nature of adhesive binding make it a very special trip.

The process can take a lot of time. Or a few well-practiced quick moves can handicap somebody enough to allow you freedom to get stright to the action you have planned for
after the 'capture'.
Whether the intention is only to efficiently restrict movement or totally encase, experience handling tape and a little pre-planning always achieves better results. Practice sessions to learn tape handling can be fun in themselves.

Surprise attack or willing cooperation lead to totally different end-results.
Final position achieved may depend on this. If resistance is an element in the game, simple circling of wrists, ankles and perhaps eyes can leave you free to then take as long as you like to extend the process as far and for as long as you please.
For some people, the actual process is something to savour - and dramatise.

Whether the ‘victim’ is wrapped standing, sitting or lying may be decided by the amount of resistance or cooperation.

Allowing the ‘victim’ to see during the wrapping process, whether a full body wrap, basic limb restraint or only the head, can be a memorable experience. The psychological effects of being made progressively more completely encased can be intense. But, avoiding complaints or comments during the process is often a wise precaution.


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GAGGING WITH TAPE is not as simple as many TV and movie sequences suggest.
A short strip of tape across a mouth is usually not enough. Even a few wraps around the mouth and back of head can be dislodged in time. I prefer starting the tape across an OPEN MOUTH and around the head a couple of wraps before circling under the chin and over the top-back of the head to close the mouth before further wrapping across the mouth from chin to nostrils. Care should be taken not to block nasal passages - and such wrapping is not safe if somebody has problems breathing only through their nose.

Alternatively, a short strip of tape under the chin and up onto both cheeks before circling the head can keep the mouth closed if wrapping over the head is not possible because of hair. But,the full under chin to top-back of the head is more secure.

Moustaches, beards and long hair also need to be taken into consideration when mouth-taping.

For gags, clingfilm under it is not usually an easy option because the tape needs to stick well to cheeks and chin. Ripping tape off skin can be a seriously challenging experience. Direct taping over any body hair should (in my opinion) only happen with the prior consent of the owner of the hair - and he should have previous knowledge of just how painful this can be to remove.

A fully shaved head and body can be an asset in all taping game-playing.


A small stuffer in the mouth first is acceptable to some people, if they have previous experience of being gagged. It certainly intensifies the experience ... BUT ...

A stuffer which can not be removed quickly can be a danger. Gags are very much a matter of personal preference and capacity (see the link to more general gagging information below).

The mouth-taping process described in the ‘Mechanic’ story (link below), includes piercing a small hole in the tape after it’s been wrapped. This needs to be done with care - but it can be very dramatic and demands cooperation of the gagged person. But, once it’s been explained that the process will allow extra air supply, the procedure is usually welcomed by the person gagged.

A designed-for-purpose plastic mouth bung such as penis-shaped gag on a mouth-cover, a squash ball or pair of boxers gum-shields can be effective if added before taping. All can be acceptable challenges to some game-players - but stay alert for signs of an emergency.
The person in control must always take the responsibility for close monitoring throughout any such process.

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Academy Men video

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Mummification of the whole body
Applying a neat full body-wrap is more easy to achieve with two pairs of hands well-coordinated, but it can be achieved solo. Much depends on the degree of cooperation and the position desired. Seated or lying are perhaps easiest. Pre-securing the ‘victim’ in some way first is sometimes necessary, the full covering being only the icing on the cake.

Body-weight is always a factor in a full mummy-wrap; lifting and supporting, especially when it’s one-on-one, can be complicated and sometime unpredictable.

Standing makes life simpler BUT safety measures must be taken if ankles are bound close together. There must be no chance of the person being wrapped, losing his balance. Wrapping around the standing body and an upright post or even a hanging length of chain can be a useful solution - but can be limiting once the process has been completed.

A well designed head harness attached to an overhead hook can be a very useful safety measure. This is to prevent overbalancing, nothing more. The person doing the wrapping needs to be sure that bodyweight is never allowed to hang on the head-harness. It is just a safety precaution - just until it is time to lower the body horizontally.
A rope around chest and under armpits and attached to a ceiling hook can serve the same purpose and even be removed (or cut and taped over at the last minute.
Alternatively, a full body taping with arms secured above the head (see left) can be quite a trip. But loss of circulation may occour if once taped, the body is not lowered into a horizontal position.

Standing while torso wrapping is carried out is safe enough if ankles are only loosely hobbled. As long as feet are not fixed close together and the tugging is not too violent, this allows for at least the upper parts of the body to be circled without extra effort.

Lowering a body when taped chest-to-ankle can disturb the wrapping if the covering is not thick enough and the body bends at the waist. One-on-one, this move should be made with great care.

Starting in a sitting position and then, after wrapping the top half, persuading the ‘victim’ to lie flat is sometimes the most convenient solution.

Wrapping the top first or the legs first? Both have advantages. Because the torso is heavier, starting at the shoulders is often preferred, particularly because the contours of shoulders and neck need special attention. The throat wrap should never be too tight. But, the order in which the wrapping is applied is a matter of personal preference - and practicalities.
If the finished result will be lying flat, hands positioned down the sides or in front rather than in-back is important. Whether hands need to be secured before wrapping begins depends on cooperation.


Wrapping contours of the body, such as over shoulders before circling the chest, allows for a more tidy rounded effect. This is best achieved with individual short strips. Applying these to shoulders or the top of the head before circling the chest or brow depend on the visual effect aimed for. Gaps in tape wrapping can be unsightly unless they have been left for a specific purpose.

Imaginative positions for a full body encasement can be fun to achieve, but long immobilisation in uncomfortable positions can cause body cramps.
Careful monitoring is essential (and a quick escape-route available). Leaving openings at crotch, tit, eye or mouth level is a matter of personal preference.

Taping to posts, planks, benches or other fixed points can be doubly immobilising. One of my favourites is taping to gym equipment, perhaps with some weights attached for additional anchoring or stress.
There is an Academy video showing such a scene (photo left). Anybody know what it's called? I'd like to add more stills from that sequence

Unless anybody has suggestions for basic information missing from these notes - the rest is up to your imagination. The type of tape you chose to use (or can afford); the dynamic of the scene in terms of resistance / cooperation; the position - and what is planned for when the wrapping is complete as you decide to make it ... HAVE FUN - DO YOUR OWN THING.



DUCK-T (photos right) had one of the most imaginative sites, but it was forced out of existence, I hope not permanently.
Because of this, the owner,Steve has allowed his imaginative creation
Duck T - the Movie
to be linked exclusively from this site.
There has been some discussion about whether the ending of this fantasy
gives out the wrong message. Personally, I think it's a witty
and sexy piece of work, and the ending suggests the BEGINNING
of something enjoyable rather than anything negative.

The creator of the tape,'STEVE' welcomes feedback from
people who get a kickout of taping and being taped.
His E-mail addresses may have change, but try DUCK T

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MOVIES in which tape-wrapping features however briefly are listed on this comprehensive site - but there are so many of them it's perhaps for duct-tape anoraks only!

BUY TAPE ON LINE is a very useful USA site where you will find descriptions of the different characteristics of various types of tape - all available speedily by post.

YOUTUBE: FINALLY, when it comes to total masochism in an un-gay way, search with key words tape, duct or duck on 'YOUTUBE' to see various college kids and other masochists showing you what they get up to with sticky tape. One of my favourite cringe-makingly painful sequences illustrates just how rash it is to tape onto naked skin, can be found at METALHEAD.
Another serious sequence of painful skin-taping can be searched for as TAPE DIVER (so far I haven't been able to make the URL link to this site work. Check it out.

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New York bondage artist JOE T
has a taping page to himself on this site.
He even manages to capture the sound of a strip of extra sticky 'Tuff' tape being ripped from the roll.
See web page titled



As I said earlier, lots of hot pictures in my personal collection
came from sources unknown.
Gradually, I hope to identify and credit accurately all pictures on this page.
Please contact me if you can help to identify any of them.

Academy Men
Bound & Gagged
Jail Training Center
Joe T

Wikipedia Duct Tape info

which include descriptions of tape being used efficiently ...
follow the link