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offer lots of opportunities. But, whether upright or horizontal, they must always be securely anchored so not to fall when somebody struggles.

Scaffold poles in various configurations can be useful. Some pre-formed arch units available from building supply firms offer a ready-made play-frame. Lighter-weight pole-and-joint systems are available in several diameters and can be built into any configuration. Other self-construct metal systems such as Dexion or Speedframe offer limitless alternatives - and can be reassembled in different configurations from time to time.

Horizontal bars whether in a gymnasium or a five-bar gate in a field, can offer lots of alternatives
A single horizontal bar just under a meter from the ground, like a hitching rail in ‘Westerns’, can be very useful for bending someone over or when kneeling, the neck tied to it. (‘Hitching Rail’ link below)

Metal grilles can allow very elaborate and very thorough immobilisation of every part of the body - but a cautionary tale describes how even an expert roper can leave opportunity for a determined Houdini to find a way out (see links below).
Whether the grille surface is completely upright or slightly sloping backwards can make a big difference to the person standing against it. Against a sloping grille, to stand facing the surface or lean back against it can be equally stressful.
Width of the panel will dictate what positions are possible. A narrow (50/60 cm) grille attached to the wall on special tracks was introduced in the Seventies. Adjustable from upright to sloping to horizontal (when supported on a table frame) it can be of variable height. The advantages of this piece of equipment are worth exploring for regular players with dedicated play-space. (see links below)
Another very useful design I introduced for a hinged ‘Tilting Table’ is described in the same link.

A Chain Frame is a simple square formed by a single length of chain attached to two ceiling anchor-points (spaced two meters apart) and two corresponding floor points. This gives a semi-rigid frame consisting of two upright and horizontal floor and ceiling height chains - perhaps with additional horizontal short chains added at approximately neck and waist level (see links below).

Chairs of different designs offer different opportunities. Most ordinary domestic chairs in wood or plastic can be destroyed if enough effort is put into it. The dangers of a chair falling over with somebody well-tied to it are obvious. A good solidly made domestic chair, especially one with legs braced close to the floor, can offer various possibilities. One with arms often limits the positions the tied-person's arms can be in.
The traditional 'electric chair' configuration works well, but so does a neat armless metal office chair with a back narrow enough for wrists to be tied behind it - especially if the chair can be fixed to the floor.

Beds of many different types each offer their own advantages. A good solid old fashioned iron bedstead with a superstructure of metal bars at the head and foot were idea for game-playing. Modern equivalents often need additional bracing for really energetic players.
On a metal-framed bed base, secure anchor-points are automatically available.
A government surplus metal army cot can offer an economical solution, and they usually can be collapsed to store.
Futon bases, whether metal or wood, usually offer excellent anchor-points.
Domestic divans are more problematical to tie to but can be modified without additions being too obvious.
A substantial overlay mattress cover, if fixed firmly in position can have attachment points on it, as an occasional facility.
Single width beds can be more suitable than double in one-to-one situations.
Hammocks in canvas or string mesh are easily stored and can bring extra flexibility to position changes.
Flip-up bed which becomes an upright wall grille has a file to itself
(see links below).

Tables of various types
offer opportunities for standing against and bending forwards over, lying on one’s back with knees bent, or with body being stretched and anchored to wall fixings beyond the table.
Face up or face down, lying on a table can be uncomfortable. Some cushioning is recommended.
Long narrow table can be useful but takes up a lot of space - but sideways extension rods at top and bottom can provide for spread-eagle position. If some form of rack-type stretching facility is required, extension rods lengthwise are necessary. Minimum overall length required for a rack is usually about nine feet (unless a bent-legs version is used).
Sloping and tilting tables are discussed in a short text (see links below).

Home gym equipment can offer a range of opportunities if it has good solid upright posts and perhaps a cross-bar. Sloping or adjustable padded boards to sit or lie on or kneel over can add to fun and games, as can pullies and weights.
Descriptions of a few modifications are on file (see links below).

A tree trunk is a classic image for a moody outdoor rope-tie. but much depends on size and location. Whether tied facing or backed against; whether hands are roped to the body first or around the trunk … when well-fixed against the bark of a tree you can feel very close to nature.
A narrow tree trunk allows the tier to reach around the body plus tree when tying.
Strung between two trees also makes for severe vulnerability, but it usually takes two to do the tying.
Out of doors, any rope-tie is affected by temperature, weather, degree of privacy, etc.

One of the most gruelling tree-ties is described in graphic detail in Competitive Masochism’ (linked below).

Astride a horse or a fence, the classic Western movie image of the prisoner forced to ride a horse can, in reality, be a memorable trip. Hands tied in front to a saddle pommel, boots lashed to stirrups make it possible to canter but scary to gallop (and uncomfortable). With hands tied behind and ankles lashed under the belly or to stirrups can be a real pain.
But imagination can not give a true picture of travelling any distance in the ‘belly down’ position often seen in movies. Whether lying over a saddle or over bare back, this is a really gut-churning experience - which I recommend only the healthiest masochist to experience by choice.


Slope table: An adjustable 6 x 2ft grille which can be fixed upright, or on a slope or horizontal when supported by a metal ‘cube’.
A wall-mounted simple frame with channels in which lugs on one end of the grille frame run, allows a series of positions. The other end of grille frame has two small solid wheels to aid angle changes.

The metal ‘cube’ which acts as a table base when grille panel is horizontal also has other uses. With a solid table top or padded soft top added, this can become a side table, coffee table or stool.
Optional extras for this versatile Slope Table can be; a body-size padded surface, Body Strap Set, and sideways extension bars to allow for full spread-eagle.

Another option is a stretching rack mechanism to be added to one end.

The basic mechanism for changing position of the main grille frame can also be helped by a simple counterweight system if required.


The base for this unique mechanism can be an oblong metal cage, large enough to accomodate a crouching man. The top can serve as a table, the height being approx 85cm.
For use as described in the following text it must be fixed very firmly to the floor.

A metal ladder appox two meters tall is fixed to one end of the base structure by strong hinges at table height. Details of fixing mechanisms for this structure are available - but in general, the idea is for the ladder stand upright or hinge down to lie across the long dimenson of the base cage.

Excerpt from story HOUDINI CONNECTIONS

British fire-fighter A.J. 'Chunky' Proctor has agreed to be photographed tied-up in his work gear, including breathing mask. Determined to risk exploring fantasies that had been with him for years, Chunky, in a well-equipped bondage playroom enjoys a session chained to an upright wall grille, and putting up a determined struggle for the cameras.

Next he is released and re-positioned ...

Chunky was only vaguely aware of the narrow upright metal ladder he was now being backed up against. He was interested by the plastic cable ties being used to cinch first one elbow and then the other to the sides of the ladder, followed by more to cinch his wrists. Swiftly and simply the thread-through plastic bands circled his bulkily clothed limbs. Next the knees and ankles ... although they might have been longer ties Chunky reasoned distantly as both above and below each knee was circled tight and then high on his thighs - dangerously close to his crotch - but Chunky was not concerned.Then, interestingly, some sort of pillow was placed behind his head before his collar shackle was similarly attached to a convenient rung of the ladder.

Suitable for a fire-fighter to be tied to a ladder he reasoned to himself. He’d helped tie a Brigade probationer to a ladder as part of a Fire Station initiation on several occasions. Now here he was, efficiently and inescapably lashed to a ladder by an expert. Somebody who ‘knew the ropes’ ... and he was going to learn a lot. Chunky was vaguely disappointed that Robert was not taking photographs of the process. But the younger man knew he was on camera doing the tying. His partner, Alan, was participating at the CCTV control panel in the next room.


The neck to ankle lashing complete, Robert stepped aside and moved to a cleat where a ceiling rope that supported the top of the ladder, and released it. This allowed the ladder to gently hinge down into a horizontal position across the length of the metal table/cage which supported it at waist height.

For Chunky, it was not drowsiness after the previous strenuous session of struggling against chains, but a sense of calm that came from having no control over (or responsibility for) what happened next. He was lying on his back totally immobilised and so had no responsibility for anything.

Robert repositioned himself at the end of the ladder immediately above Chunky’s head ... leaning close to the masked face to talk. He explained that exploring Power Exchange game-playing could be a riskly business - and that allowing himself to surrender all control was a risky business.

The essentially straight fire-fighter had, from the start, insisted that he was kinky but definiately not Gay. The experienced young SM game-player now decides to demonstrate just how helpless his tough new game-playing buddy really is.

Robert again looked up at the CCTV camera and indicated for it to zoom in ...before placing one hand on Chunky’s knee which was efficiently immobilised by thick plastic cable ties both above and below it ... and having squeezed it, began slowly to run his hand from the knee up to massage the inside of a captive thigh before travelling up onto the tough fabric that covered the cock of the prone man.

Chunky’s relaxed and confident idyll had come to a sudden end. He’d gone tense and doubts were crowding in on him ... and his predicament had suddenly flashed into a different context as the hand began to massage his rapidly wilting dick. He felt betrayed, but Roberts voice cut through his turmoil.

"Concentrate your mind on your predicament here A.J. Totally powerless - and I could have my wicked way with you - but that's not the name of the game. Seeing somebody completely powerless turns me on. What turns you on, Proctor? If a woman tied you down, strapped on a dildo and fucked you....”
The cock beneath his hand had sprung to life “ ... a woman with a ten inch plastic dildo Roger-ing you violently and you tied down and unable to stop or even argue?” ... he clamped his hand over the helpless guys mouth and kept massaging the surging cock. “A woman - would she be dressed in leather - or rubber - or a nurse in white ...?”

Robert continued to squeeze the now rampant cock “ ... and you tied down and gagged ... and totally helpless ...” The whole immobilised body was suddenly convulsing within the confines of the suit and plastic ties. Muffled cries escaped although trapped under the experienced hand that remained clamped over his mouth, as Chunky struggled to thrash his head from side to side. His body arched and bucked, rattling the ladder and the supporting metal cage - which, fortunately was well anchored to the floor ... as a CCTV camera zoomed silently in to record the event.

Robert removed his hand from the crotch and then slowly released the gasping mouth.


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