Tree-tie, mentioned in 'Rope Notes



one of the most gruelling rope-ties I ever experienced is described below.

Experimenting to make a roping 'predicament' progressively more challenging - perhaps on a turn-and-turn-about basic ... gradually adding to the stress to see who could hold out longest ... is the sort of game I used to relish in my younger days.

As a word of warning: when experimenting with the position described below, it is essential for the 'victim' to be well layered with clothing - as protection against the cold and to prevent bruising.

Deciding how long such a severely uncomfortable challenge situation might be sustainable for, is a matter for the individuals responsible.

The text below was published in the late Seventies - when the experience was fresh in my mind.
It is still a potent piece of description of a real-life adventure.

Jim Stewart October 2005


(A series of pictures to illustrate this rope-tie would be welcomed)

Main tie = hands tied behind back (wrists parallel palms facing) and preferably wearing a padded jacket - then backed against a tree and tightly roped against it circled at waist and chest by two separate ropes - before feet are pulled off the ground. This leaves the whole bodyweight hanging against the trunk of the tree supported only by the two upper body ropes.

This position is seriously uncomfortable from the start, even if wearing a padded jacket and perhaps other layering. Getting the feel of it for the first time is quite a trip - especially if you don’t know in advance what’s coming until the feet are pulled off the ground. The bodyweight hanging against the bark of the tree can be a challenge in itself. If you’re into endurance, experiencing the situation and testing your ability to deal with it is an interesting first step - and needs careful monitoring - and, if necessary, a speedy let-out (legs released and allowed to stand.)

Whether simply testing yourself to see how long you can deal with it for - or gambling in advance for how long and then having to tough it out - the progressive nature of the stress produced by the position is something to be aware of. Quite an experience.

As a development on the basic situation, to be asked to submit but not being willing to (yet), the challenge is intensified if you’re then left alone to deal with it for a set period before being given a second opportunity to give in. That’s a situation I’ve experienced, and later challenged other people to match how long I’ve held out for in that predicament.

On one memorable occasion, an enterprising play-partner got bored because I was determined to keep holding out for longer in spite of the discomfort. He accepted my repeated refusal to be let lose as bloody-minded defiance - so decided to experiment as to how he could force an earlier submission. He warned that unless I gave in immediately he would intensify my predicament - and that I’d would be submitting sooner than I thought. That was enough to make me more determined. We were well-matched, so I challenged him to do his worst - and it was far worse than I had anticipated.

A final serious warning that he would go ahead with his plan to intensify the discomfort - and after this last ‘get-out’ opportunity he would go through with his plan even if I changed my mind when details were revealed. Again I told him to go fuck himself - the usual interplay of our competitive game-playing.

Unruffled, he next calmly informed me that, as we had just past the point of no return, he would in the circumstances gag me because he didn't want me arguing or pleading once his intention started to take effect.

Rope twice around my head and knotted firmly several time in my open mouth was a technique he’d used before. It is extremely uncomfortable although not totally preventing ‘noises’. But, he explained, he liked noises and added confidently that I would soon be making some.

Selecting a small rock about the size of two hands, he then seated himself in front of me, talking amiably as I dealt resolutely with my increasingly painful position. Continuing his friendly tone, he explained that, by just leaving me there for long enough would have me begging for release eventually - but he had decided to seriously shorten the time I would hold out. As he talked, he slowly and methodically tied cord around the rock so it could be hung from a single loop. Having demonstrated that this would be heavier that the pair of old climbing boots he had hung from my balls on a previous occasion - he proceeded to pull my cock and balls out of my pants - tie a cord loop around my scrotum and suspend the rock.

He then explained affably that I could submit now or, of I didn't, he would not ask again for half an hour however much I indicated I wanted out. Unable to grit my teeth - I shook my head - and he said “Fine” because he always enjoyed watching me suffer.

In normal circumstances, a signal of three precise nods would, at any time in our game-playing have let me loose immediately - but having waived that right, I knew that now even admitting defeat would cost me a penalty - something I would not enjoy.

So I was then left to deal with the position and the rock for what seemed like an hour although it was only half, just as he’d promised. After that he stood before me again and offered release on his terms - which were still seriously unacceptable - so he again decided to up the anti. “Choice,” he said, “a heavier rock ... or something else?” I was in no position to debate the issue. More determinedly he said, “One nod for a bigger rock, two nods for ‘something else’.”

What we called mid-scene choices can be very powerful. Could I deal with extra weight, I wondered? … and what was the something else? I was about ready to throw in the towel when, watching my hesitation he demanded. “Right now - one nod or two?” After a pause he continued, “Believe me, mate, the easiest option for you is three nods right now for ‘out immediately’ - but only on my terms now which means heavy penalty time. He waited expectantly - and no nods from me gave him the freedom to do whatever might amuse his inventive mind. I knew that by sticking it out I had done him a favour. He smiled and patted my cheek. “Remember - you asked for it!” he said.

His devilish alternative to a bigger rock was to slowly and deliberately painfully bring me to orgasm - and the eventual explosion while roped immovably against a tree with a rock swinging from my testicles was not an enjoyable experience. Eventually I came, thrashing against the ropes but hardly moving except my head - and the nodding and shaking of the head counted for nothing.

After I got my breath back - yet another sharp demand from him that I submit immediately or else. I was getting really desperate - but now even more determined.

“You ain’t going to win” he said reasonably - before explaining calmly that I’d just bought myself a full hour with no further chance to change my mind because he would leave me alone - after which he would return and bring me to orgasm again come hell or high-water - and, if necessary, repeat the process again and again at increasing intervals of time between his visits.

It was only after the third orgasm that I capitulated - and the penalty - which involved me digging a pit and him having an opportunity to practice the skills involved in burying somebody up to their neck (something he’d never until then had the chance to try) ... is another story.


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