The random selection of photos below is mainly for inspiration - positions and predicamanets are all a matter of personal amusement for the tie-er ... but in all instances, mutual enjoyment (or at least consent to be challenged) is the aim. What happens next is anybody's guess.

Most photos are already on the Internet. Where sources are known, I've added a credit - and will be happy to add more.

Sitting comfortably or not so comfortably

Bound-and-Gagged magazineJim's PlayroomBound-and-gagged againSource not know. Great set-up.
strung up or parcelled up,

Brooklyn in the SeventiesParcelled in an army ponchoB&G yet again
or stretched to your limits

Friends in the backyardAcademy 'Force Recon'
elaborate or simple rope-work,

'Top Ridge Farm' story 'Top Ridge Farm' story'Top Ridge Farm' story'Well Waxed' story'Well Waxed' story
it's the predicament you deal with

Man's World magazine'Top Ridge Farm' storyAcademy MenVist the Steranko pageSM fantasy stylized

Putting up a struggle ...

Visit the 'Force Recon' pagesVisit the 'Force Recon' pagesVisit the 'Force Recon' pagesVisit the 'Force Recon' pages
... but losing the battle

Visit the 'Force Recon' pagesJail Training Center siteSee 'Well Waxed' story
It's a sport, it's a game

Need more sports & gym-work hi-jinks picsNeed more sports & gym-work hi-jinks pics

Whether in fantasy or reality - the photos on this page only hint at what's available
if you go looking for it around this site.

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Photos of imaginative action always welcomed

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