Know a reef-knot
from a granny, and
how to tie a handcuff-knot





Rope as extravagant fantasy
or practical reality

If you know the source of the photo
(above), please tell me, so I can
credit the owners.


If you think 35,000 words on the subject of rope and roping sounds obsessive - go find other topics to explore around Houdini Connections.

For those of you with R&R interests, since first posting this page in 2006, more and more has been added ...
... and there's always room for more comment and PHOTOS.

Below, different sections may all be worth a visit.
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is a collection of rope-related text files = correspondence, discussion documents and workshop notes

DESCRIPTIONS of people being tied-up efficiently can make hot reading, and perhaps encourage some people to try them out.
Shortcuts to roping sequences buried inside seven stories already on site, get you there quicker.

ROPE TRICKS and know-how is a matter of practice or instinct. Descriptions of knot tying can make the process sound more complicated than it really is - but these short 'how-to' texts might inspire a few people to improve their skills.

PHOTOS are often worth a thousand words.
On this site, collecting shots which illustrate interesting use of materials or original techniques is the main aim. More pictures would be welcome.
If you’re interested in contributing from your collection or helping out in photo sessions - I’d be happy to hear from you
via email

JAPANESE STYLE ROPING has now spread to two pages, thanks to contributions from several creative enthusiasts.

THE ROPING KID is another page of recent correspondence which provoked me to re-think and re-explore the differences between fantasy and reality. Some hot stuff there.

COMPETITIVE MASOCHISM, a particularly uncomfortable rope-tie described - needs photos - who's up for it?

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Ropework as decribed in the story 'Top Ridge Farm'

The Roping Kid?
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Sharing interesting links to other enthusiasts can only happen on a topic-specific page.
Here on the 'rope' page I intend to add several regular correspondents.

Only banner I've got so far is 'Men in Rope' below .. suggestions for other would be welcomed