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Law enforcement images feature in a lot of fantasy scenarios.
In reality things can be dangerously different.
Six small collections of photos and text are only starting points for the imagination
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British police
USA police
Police in action
Police training

Occasionally, men who have trained as police officers have very real 'Houdini connections'.

When I first started to design restraint equipment, there was a particular serving London 'copper' always willing to field-test any device; he got a kick out of trying to fight his way out of or destroy it. Tough and determined, he'd put in some serious energy to test whatever I'd designed. That's how we kept the 'Fetters' design quality high ... and, like a lot of cops I've met in both Britain and the USA, this particular London police officer could never resist a challenge ... and watching him struggle and strain and occasionally get very angry when he failed to fight his way to freedom was a great spectator sport.

Also, on occasions, serving police officers have taken an active interest in my research into Houdini-type challenging and testing ... coming up with suggestions and demonstrating their practical efficiency.

Police training exercises are another field where the nature of men who decide to become cops can be seen in action. An officer responsible for teaching handcuffing and baton arrest procedures to police recruits, showed a couple of willing ' victims' a few effective moves for the benefit of my camera.

The psychology behind what attracts some men to become police or prison officers crops up in a couple of Storylines - and I'm looking for more material which describes police attitudes and activities.

The six photo-links at the bottom of this page lead to separate areas where images and text I've put there are already there to spark your imagination - but more would be welcome if they expand on any topic raised.


In 1993, a quirky little text I wrote to introduce the handcuffs and leg-irons section in the 'Fetters' catalogue,
painted an interesting mind-picture:

Handcuffs, a symbol of law enforcement and control, loom large in a lot of fantasies. Arrest and detention in real life has little to recommend it, but every child knows the thrill of Cops and Robber games.

Voluntary surrender of control is sometimes made easier by cold steel clicking into place.
Displayed as a signal, a pair of handcuffs is worth a thousand words.

Around the world and through the ages, handcuffs of different designs have captivated and challenged. Collectors lust and lock pickers puzzle but, locked onto a pair of willing wrists with the key under somebody else's control, the ball (it might be said) is firmly in somebody else's court.

PHOTO: Smith & Wesson cuffs.



A complete list of detailed descriptions of police-related incidents can be found via this title link.

POLICE EQUIPMENT (some material in place)
Handcuff technology and authentic arrest procedures have a special appeal for some people.
A lot of material on file is still waiting to be put on site. In the meantime, you'll find a few useful links via this heading.

A wide range of police pictures are to be found on the Internet. But, few sites beat the massively comprehensive www.cuff.dk collection of police and military photos. Check it out.
Many pictures to be found on this site come from there but their original sources is unknown. As I state elsewhere "If anyone owns or knows the origins of any picture used on the HOUDINI CONNECTIONS site, I will be very please to add a credit (and a link to a web site if required) OR remove the picture on request" Jim Stewart June 2004.

Politically incorrect and outrageously sexually explicit, some people imagine their own extensions of reality. Not for the prudish or socially responsible, under this heading a few scenarios dreamed up by New York graphic artist JOE T. suggests a series of wild police-related scenarios.

Find more for this 'territory':Forcible detention and restraint techniques, procedures and manuals

  • Police and prison museums or handcuff collections if publicly accessible
  • Castle, dungeon, old jail info (Would this include 'torture' equipment material?)
  • Military policing?
  • American 'Old West' sheriff / marshal pictures & text?
  • Court room officials and prison officers?

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British police
USA police
Police in action
Police training

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