Cops dishing out unofficial punishment ...
Cops on the receiving end ...
Station house hi-jinks cop-to-cop ...

The bold exaggerated drawing style of
lends itself to hunky cops and ruthless street hoodlums in
dangerous conflict.


Much of Joe's work is private commissions.
So far no publisher has come up with a ‘collected works'.

I have seen only a small range of images from early series and would like to see more - in particular, 'The Precinct'.

If your cop fantasies reach extravagant proportions - with his permission, here are a few random 'clips' from JOE T's portfolio of storyboards and elaborate multi-image single frame scenarios
to set your imaginations working.

(left) In this detail from a larger drawing, are these real Leathermen carrying the trussed cop, or
off-duty officers playing a trick on a buddy?
(below) Three frames from a "Copnapping". When Officer Pete comes off duty he hopes to get a good night's sleep.  
In "Fresh Rookie Cop" (above) is it a villain or police colleague who gives him the 'initiation'?
Even part of one of Joe's pictures tells enough to set the imagination racing.



is a series of unrelated sheets with cop themes.
Some are single pictures each illustrating a basic situation,
leaving you to decide what happened next.

Others tell a story in multiple images, which set up and then develop a scenario.
(To view expanded pictures click on TITLES below
not the thumbnails)

Aggressively raunchy and sexually explicit, images linked from the titles below are not to everybody's taste - in it's own genre, this series has wit and a great sense of perverted enjoyment - and is ripe for republishing - perhaps with added commentary.

THE PULL involves a hog-tied officer made to suffering.

FRESH ROOKIE CAPTIVE only hints at what might happen next.

A BEER OR TWO are the least of a trussed cop's worries

COPNAPPING is a two-act drama with more to follow.

INTO THE PADDY WAGON is complete story told in one frame.

THE CONTEST features tied and tortured cops.

...and cops in control ...

LEARNING TO CO-OPERATE involves unauthorised police procedures.

THE CHAIR has a mechanically operated dildo feature

HOLDING HIS FULL ATTENTION adds a new element to interrogation

discover the realities of a ‘full cavity search'

SINGLE-HANDED CAPTURE only hints at what might happen next

SNIPPED OPEN shows a cop wide open to abuse at the hands of what look like seriously kinky oppressors

A Joe T storyboard about
strong sticky tape put to good use
has been added - March 2007.

For more on the subject of drawn sequences of action see the correspondence

A couple of hot British motorcycle cops doing their own thing
feature in my fantasy 'extension' of a favourite John Stapleton story.
Check out 'Locked in Leather - revisited'

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