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USA army combat boots
with attached gaiters
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Classic British bike boots
from the Seventies


function and fetish

MOODY BOOTS from Jim Stewart

Boots have always been (for me) a bonus element if tough men are being tied-up and challenged. So, some recent photos may spark a few ideas if your personal restraint fantasy scenarios include booted guys.

A sack-load of boots (twelve pairs) had to go onto e-bay when I moved house some time ago. Photographing them provided a merry afternoon for a couple of guys trying them on - and me watching them.

For the record, here are pictures of what went out into the world. I hope they are being used, abused and enjoyed.

(Jim Stewart Feburary 2010)

The pictures tell their own story. Enjoy. Perhaps you can use the images as detail in your own mental 'storyboard' or jerk-off scenario ... if you have that sort of mind!

First, Cavalry boots, neat and refined. They need strong metal boot hooks to pull them on. They're even more of a challenge to pull them off. An extra pair of willing hands are sometimes necessary to help you out of them - or keep you in them.



Logger style bike boots (below), seriously sturdy. Sometimes I've added padlocks to prevent the wearer from removing them.

    Boots padlocked

Also, these tight-lacable boots have spent some time secured over hands (already wearing thick padded bike gloves) before being padlocked closed… making them impossible to remove.
They are still regularly put to imaginative use.
See end of this page for more about Locked-on clothes

Work boots well-lived-in, clumpy and tough, with useful quick-pull ‘speed laces’.
They went to new owners who were ready to make them work for their living.


Bike boots, weighty classic Seventies pair well used during and after my biking days.
Velcro straps close over laces, plus substatial metal toe protectors.
A great visual image (if you like that sort of thing) - and with a couple of pairs of thick socks inside them, you really know you're wearing them.


Wesco 21 inch , neat enough for jeans to fit inside or over the top.
Great American image style and, believe me, 'tough as old boots'.


Boots with attached gaiters have always fascinated me.
This very dark brown pair saw a lot of service both out-doors and in my playroom..

Standard US army boots modified with gaiters (added by me!)
As I said before, buckles add something extra for me, and these genuine issue boots (below) with pull-through speed laces have been tried and tested on many occasions. They're well described in my story 'Man-to-man Stuff' - see COMBAT BOOTS (excerpt) .

Oxblood work boots from the Fifties, still going strong even if they now only get the occasional outing during a group get-together. Rock solid, seriously protective. You certainly know when you’ve got them on when you're rolling around in them and can't get at them to take them off..



Western ‘Dress’ boots aren't many Englisman's dream - but I’ve worn these with a dinner jacket (in Texas). A lot of mileage in them yet – and they’re extremely comfortable.


End of the first page about stuff unearthed from my store cupboard and sold on.
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