- enlarge photo
Padded gloves and helmet fixed, collar waiting to be padlocked. Lockable straps can be added later.


Wrapping, strapping, chaining and tying


Locked into pockets of combat jacket - enlarge photo
Hidden chain handcuff belt locks hands inside pockets ready for an outdoor stroll.


The title for this section tells only half the story.
Using ordinary clothing as a control mechanism can be very effective, even without locks.

In a brainstorming session the following 'ideas' document was produced. In it a whole range of different possibilities is explored.

To begin, three distinctions ...


To close a lock on some form of body covering is a powerful psychological trip for both people involved. But, locks may not always be necessary to make that covering impossible to remove. Here, both situations are discussed.

Rather than specially made restraint garments, the focus here is clothing originally designed for general wear. Normal protective work clothes, rain gear, rugged outdoor activities and motorcycle clothing are essentially strongly constructed. These can sometimes be quite restrictive in everyday use, but more so when imaginatively modified.

Restricting by adding multi-layers is a separate topic - one which has always attracted me. The fun to be had using several layers to inhibit or achieve physical control is explored under the heading 'Layering' via the Topics Index.

There's a broad range of alternatives to explore.

Enlarge photo for details
Enlarge photo for details Enlarge photo for details Enlarge photo for details
A discrete padlock or small plastic cable-tie can
fix a zip or make a padded glove impossible to remove. Extra belt-loops (right) make occasionally added straps or ties unslippable.


Many situations described in my correspondence with like-minded game-players over the years involve power-balance scenarios where slightly modified everyday clothing was at least the starting point. Imaginative people often came to me to discuss how to make a clothing item more robust so the games could become more challenging. The modified standard biker jacket is a good example. It is described and pictured via a link later on this page.

Predicaments, such as being taken out in public physically handicapped without this fact being obvious to passers-by, are easy to organise. The thrill of being out of doors secretly at the mercy of a controller or even being left alone out in public partially incapacitated and having to make your own way from point A to point B all the time knowing that your predicament might be discovered, are all expanded on in this section.

Quotes from letters in the Fetters Files offer a few alternatives. These describe actual happenings rather than fantasies:

... Thanks for photo of you in your padded fishing suit made lockable. When only neat collar and front zip fixings keep it closed, I guess your canal walking and fishing trips take on a new dimension. Adding chunky padlockable wrist, ankle, collar and waist belts when in a secluded spot must be a big turn-on for all concerned. Great situation to imagine, and the photos help my imagination. Is the gas mask lockable? If so, I guess even with hands free, with only the neck locked the whole ensemble must be escape-proof.

... interesting idea, using plastic water pipe as arm splints inside the sleeves of street clothes. Please send more details. I've used various improvised splints to make removing a jacket impossible. When it's zipped/buttoned shut by somebody else, it can be a powerful moment. Unfortunately, on a bike jacket, arm splints make it dangerous for the wearer to ride pillion. But you're right, in many situations soft splints can give the 'controller' interesting advantages in public as well as private (Soon I hope to add some ‘Splints and calipers' notes to the Topics Index).

... your modified denim jacket with handcuffs locking hands into pockets sounds like it's a success. Since I first published the description of my modified army jacket the idea is catching on.

Recently, a like minded friend in New York met me for lunch with a buddy in tow, his hands suitably locked into the front pockets of an old combat jacket. Very pink around the ears, we took him around Woolworth's before going into a Coffee Shop. He was new to our little games and probably expected to sit through the meal only as a spectator.

Relieved when the key was slid across the table to him ... he then realised what picking it up would entail. Taking a deep breath he cautiously eased one manacled hand into view to pick up the key and take it into his pocket, and was philosophical when ordered to open only one cuff. Trying to achieve this while sitting at a table in a crowded restaurant made him look as if he was tossing himself off. He achieved his task and dutifully returned the key to the table.

The rest of the meal was fun for two and a severe test of nerves for one. Eating bacon and runny eggs with only one hand free is complicated and quite entertaining to watch if you're that sort of person (and who do we know who isn't?)! My kind of mind game, bondage-and-control in the great outdoors of mid-town Manhattan.

Heavy canvas cover-all made lockable

Hands locked into pockets

Click on picture for photo set showing details of combat jacket modification

Gardening jacket locked on plus gag
Off-the-peg rainproof work jacket modified for restraint - Click on photo for more info and pictures.
The sensual nature of an item of locked-on clothing can be an additional stimulating factor. While trapped inside leather, latex or PVC, being ordered to cook a meal or dig the garden can be a real power trip for whoever's calling the shots - and for the person being controlled.

A figure-hugging PVC cat suit worn under a tracksuit when out for a morning jog; perhaps being paced by a determined 'trainer' is a hot experience in more ways than one.

For a boot-lover, whatever their style preference, being ordered into a pair of boots (perhaps a size too small) which can only be removed by somebody else who may or may not be immediately available, can be more than a fetishist's dream.
In a more extreme situation, a second pair of boots tightly laced onto arms (hands perhaps already trapped inside thick padded bike gloves), means that boots rule your world. A padlock to seal each boot shut is really here only for the dramatic effect - but it takes the game to a different level. (The beginnings of a boot-lovers page is taking shape on this site. Check out MOODY BOOTS if that's your 'thing')

An un-removable corset, high heels or even make-up can be serious physical as well as psychological challenge in a forced cross-dressing scene. To each his own!


Boots padlocked

There is no need for expensive chastity devices if clothing is adapted to prevent self-stimulation or even the ability to perform bodily functions without permission or assistance. A snug-fitting pair of Lycra shorts under a pair of jeans plus a lockable waist belt when out in public can achieve this - or a pair of mitts taped on while around the house.

A sportsman's genital cup to prevent self-stimulation - a butt plug firmly in place and un-removable if the belt or pants zip is padlocked: the games-without-names people invent for themselves have always been an inspiration to me.

Just a hint of kink
Authentic US army combat jacket modified.

It's a matter of personal preference when it comes to letting strangers know what you're into.

Several satisfied Fetters customers like to wear their modified gear in public and then keep an eye open for interested reactions. A few hefty extra 'D' rings on a jacket or a tell-tale dangling link of chain maybe enough for passers by with a discerning eye to spot (see left).
Even a tiny metal 'D' at the top of a jacket or crotch zipper, signals its own message with or without a padlock dangling from it. Neat strap loops added to jacket cuffs and collar need not be hidden. They perhaps give the garment a more interesting general look in the street or a bar - and people potentially on the same wavelength might be emboldened to introduce themselves.

A few useful extra 'D' rings?

Also see FILSON rain jacket for other undetectable signs of modification.



Depending on what pushes your sensual buttons, control through clothing need not cost a fortune.

Adhesive tape inside standard ski-mitts on a cold day is undetectable. Some serious wraps of a good tough packing tape around each elbow of an old sweater can make arms less bendable, to an extent that the wearer has to be helped into an outdoor-jacket and have it buttoned or zipped up for him/her. Also, behind an anorak hood or inside a motorcycle helmet, good solid sticky tape can silence any complaints from a willing if not always co-operative play-partner.

Kitchen or industrial strength plastic wrap can hold splints in firmly place. It should not be wrapped too tightly around elbows or knees - but perhaps over an athletic knee or elbow protector it can efficiently limit movement. This can even up the odds if a couple of play-partners like to struggle but are unequal in bodyweight. Inside unremovable clothes, plastic wrap can keep someone nicely steamed up and sweating.

Plastic cable-ties of all sizes are easily available and inexpensive. As they're not adjustable once closed, care should be taken not to over tighten - and a pair of snub-nosed tough scissors should always be on hand. These cut-anything scissors are available in most tool shops and through suppliers to ambulance and emergency services.
A tiny cable tie can remove the need for a padlock to keep a zipper closed. A slightly larger one around the wrist of a thick motorcycle glove (the end cut off neatly once closed) can make it impossible to remove (the padded fingers cannot even handle scissors if available).

Superglue or Araldite can be used to modify gloves. With small wooden or plastic 'splints' between the fingers (coffee stirrers or iced lolly sticks) these are unnoticeable and immobilise the fingers efficiently.

Several of my fiction-based-on-fact stories describe heavy-duty clothing modified or layered.

A good heavy leather bike jacket can be an ideal starting point. Various alternatives, from a token locking of a collar, to extensively adapting a commercial jacket as an indestructible restraint garment are described and pictured in a separate sector of this site. The link appears at the end of this page - and includes comments on making crash helmets impossible for the wearer to remove.

For a simple, high-impact alternative ...
BACK-TO-FRONT leather bike jacket.
For anyone turned on by leather but not heavily into physical restraint game-playing, being persuaded into a good solid standard bike jacket worn back-to-front just for the sensual experience can be quite a trip. Inevitably, it feels very very restrictive and when zipped up the back, the wearer usually can't easily unzip it without a struggle. The collar also sits very high at the front when worn backwards, which can create an unthreatening sense of restriction. Added padded biker gauntlets (and perhaps mitts) can seriously limit the wearer's movement although his arms remain free. A neat plastic cable-tie added to each wrist can, of course, make gloves impossible to remove.

Std jacket back-to-front
Click on picture for photo set showing details of jacket used back-to-front

GOVERNMENT SURPLUS as a source of inspiration (more from correspondence files) …

... Yes, I agree, Surplus stores are a wonderful hunting ground for the creatively kinky. I like the sound of your thickly padded Tank Suit with strap-loops added at wrists, ankles, neck and waist. A simple set of lockable straps is easy to cobble together.

… mean tricks played with army kit: I've experienced a few but am always interested to hear of more. From personal experience I describe in my fact/fiction story Initiative Test (see under 'Storylines') a couple of duffle bags used as head-to-waist plus feet to waist captivity, an army rain poncho encasing a roped body and a metal-framed military back-pack used as an effective means of control.

... army and camping gear modified to restrain: the first straitjacket I ever made for myself was a heavy naval wind and waterproof anorak with mitts and straps added. I also have fond memories of an army "Anti Gas" suit and gas mask made un-removable … and I love to watch a sturdy khaki sleeping bag thrash around while somebody makes a determined (desperate) effort to escape from it.

... your notes on using two cold-weather parkas as a sweat-inducing prison gave food for thought. With one worn right way round plus another over it put on back-to-front, the outer hood can intensify the predicament especially if you're into breath control.

Army Despatch Rider kit. On their motorcycles sometimes in battle conditions, these men were a breed apart in the days prior to the use of phone contact in the field. Their boots, rainproof greatcoats and helmets were a classic image up until the Sixties. How can I get hold of a couple of old-fashioned army despatch rider topcoats for a photo session? Or at least some photographs of the genuine article in action (any offers?)


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Separate page (illustrated) devoted to modifying a leather biker jacket into an efficient restraint garment.

Detailed descriptions of various early attempts when I first started experimenting with garments modified to restrain (not illustrated yet).

Very effective 'enhancement' of an American FILSON work jacket, described and pictured.

In preparation for a broader discussion page on this topic, the magazine article At the Quartermaster's Store is on-line complete with photographs by 'Morgan'. The text of a letter about carryings-on in the Transport Section is reproduced as file DESPATCH RIDERS. Looking for photos, if anyone can help.

A detailed description of power-games played using motorcycle gear (un-illustrated), first published in the book 'So I Like To Get Tied-up ... So What!!?'

The fetish side of being locked or trapped in clothing is vividly described in two new pieces of imaginative writing.
The PVC story link above, explores the sensual side of inescapable 'oilskins'. Below, a 5000 word story about being locked into layers of waxed cotton m/c gear for a LONG DISTANCE CONTROL TRIP

CHASTITY BELT scenarios often involve locked-on garments. Lot's to fire up the imagination on these illustrated pages.

FINALLY, in feedback, a site visitor directed me to an interesting (if uncomfortable) way of locking-on tall boots such as Frye or any western-style boot. Details appear in a neat series of photos on Bob Wingate (of BOUND & GAGGED magazine and videos fame) newly restored site at http://bobwingate.blogs.com/photos/bootlock/index.html

You'll find lots of other good stuff there, too.

Even more feedback prompted by this lock-on clothing section: a letter from a well-wisher who offers the following ...
Extra technical detail …

Hi Jim,
I was intrigued to read about your army Combat Jacket modified with handcuff belt locking hands inside pockets. I have a Levi denim jacket which I modified in a similar way a long time ago. Faded blue (one of 6 I own, denim being my ‘thing'), it has slant pockets at front and I daringly cut a small hole in each so standard handcuffs could be threaded through inside between pockets. By placing a hand in each pocket, cuffs can be closed on the wrists by somebody else - who then closes the denim jacket before escorting his helpless prisoner - wherever. Together we've tried several versions of this.

It's easier with two pairs of cuffs, a single cuff of each locking each hand into separate pockets, then the two spare cuffs inside the jacket can just be locked together. I have myself been in different configurations of this idea on many occasions, up to a few hours - even to the extent of shopping with my partner; most enjoyable.


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