under review 21st March 2005



Links already on this site are mainly short-cuts to additional information about a specific topic. These URLs direct visitors to where a topic is expanded for fully. This saves duplication of information already available, usually on more specialised sites.

A DIRECTORY OF LINKS: Absence of a comprehensive list permanently in view annoys some H-C site visitors. But, placing appropriate links on a specific TOPICS page (e.g.. one dedicated to chastity, rope, pvc or gags) is more convenient for people who are in the process of exploring that particular topic. However, a LINKS DIRECTORY will become necessary as the number of links on-site grows. But, I think, this list will need to be separated into topics rather than alphabetical.

PERSONAL CONTACT WITH THE OWNERS of all linked sites is something I would like to develop. Building this new 'directory' will encourage me to do this - gradually. It will take some time to finalise the list ... and I do not want to offend any Site Owner by not including them - BUT - information and opinion will be the name-of-the-game when deciding which sites to include and which not. Pay-to-enter sites and the general run of vendors will only be appropriate if those sites are sources of ideas and/or specialised equipment. As the list develops, policy on this may change.

PLACEMENT OF LINKS: The current policy of placing links not only on 'topic' sites but also AT THE END of a page, is to avoid the temptation of readers cutting away to URLs in the middle of reading a text. Putting URLs at the end of topic-specific pages will continue ... except when cut-aways to additional material within a story or non-fiction, offers a 'footnote' as in a book. In those cases, advice to always used the BACK button to return to the main text will be included.

KEEPING LINKS UP-TO-DATE (especially personal blogs) can be very time consuming - so Owners of linked sites will be encouraged to keep me posted of changes.

There are a few direct links to other people's sites on individual pages. (ADD TEMPORARY LIST OF THESE?)
Additional reciprocal links would be appreciated - because this will increase traffic to Houdini Connections.
In some cases, I have not yet requested links from several people I already mention on site.

Various good friends are currently advising on adding more links to my site - for which I'm always grateful.

The technology of 'banners' still defeats me. I may work on this - but discuss whether to stick with single-line text-link list only.

A more efficient SEARCH ENGINE and a better SITE MAT are needed on this site - and help with this is still being sought. I'm open to offers!

In addition to suggestions from site visitors for additional appropriate links to personal blogs and other informational sites - warnings if any link on this site is NOT WORKING are always appreciated.



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