June '92
Dear Jim,
Thanks for copies of the four BONDAGE READER stories. As you guessed, games played by the two brothers in TOP RIDGE FARM pressed all my buttons. Mucky, muddy wet-weather gear and down-to-earth Mansex is what I lust after.

Now - can you help? Among the Fetters files who do you know who lives in the wilds or has access to some raw space, either country or industrial? We're looking for somewhere where six to ten likely lads can occasionally go and let-rip and racket around. Our games aren't to everybody's taste but I guess if the owner of the space wanted to join in we would do our damnedest to accommodate him (or her?). If not, we would try to be discreet and unobtrusive.

Problems is, in most country areas there's an amazing Jungle Telegraph. However remote the location, first sign of strangers, and the locals all just happen to cycle by or stroll casually past walking the dog - or get the binoculars out to go bird watching. Our experiences of trying to spend a quiet afternoon playing our games in an apparently uninhabited country area, deserted mine, disused gravel pit or abandoned War Department site have been amazing. The moment a couple of cars or four bike are parked - the locals appear from nowhere - just passing by.

So, who do you know who owns a deserted lighthouse, mine, quarry, pig farm or swamp; alternatively an industrial wasteland? I'm sure you have such people on your books.
We, as a group, have members who would be particularly happy to pitch in and 'muck out' a suitable cowshed or pig pen. We would be prepared to put in time, energy and a little cash to make-good the odd roof , floor or shutters of a suitably out-of-the-way disused building. Our aim is a Club House where members could schedule occasional group events or as individuals bring willing (or willingly-unwilling) personal guests. The stories you told me about 'The Training Centre' , 'The Stockade' , 'The Academy' and 'The Mountain' in the USA - all sound too good to be true. The souvenir booklet about Chicago Hellfire Club annual 'Inferno' meetings you showed me have really got my imagination working.

Let me have your thoughts on any possibilities among your nefarious contacts, also the logistics of maintaining and equipping such a Club House on some sort of time-share basis. There isn't a vast amount of cash available for rent. To be really practical it should be in the midlands because our more regular members travel from all parts. A suitably isolated or insulated Club House in the wilds of Wrexham or the wastelands of Wellingborough would do nicely. Main thing is somewhere where the occasional group of Game Players could arrive and leave without attracting undue attention.
Give it some thought - or keep it in mind - I'm sure such places are out there - and somewhere the owner of such a place might welcome us with open arms? Are you sure the two brothers on whom you based TOP RIDGE FARM wouldn't like to give us the run of their place?
I'll phone you next week - just in case.

Yours hopefully, P.D.


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