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came together after group discussion and pooling of information.

Original introduction up-dated 1993 =

First compiled in 1980, each Info Sheet aimed to be an informal compendium of ideas & opinion focused around one specific aspect of erotic "Bondage" game-playing.

At that period in history, published information on the subject of restraint as a pleasurable pastime was far more difficult to obtain. These informal single leaflets set out to identify a few separate but related areas of interest generally lumped together as "Bondage". Since that time many informative books have been published and the broad subject is more widely understood.

Distinctions between S&M games and the focus of "Bondage Enthusiasts" are now more generally accepted as being related but in some ways very separate. Bondage (for want of a better word) now covers a multitude of different physical and psychological games quite apart from conventional Sado-Masochism. Academic thesis and steamy case-book reviews of alternative games have since been published. But, at the time when the first eight "FETTERS" Information Sheets appeared the then Editor of "DRUMMER" magazine refused to accept any clear distinction between S&M game playing and the more specific appeal of physical restraint in various forms. Attempts to identify the distinctions between S&M and Bondage and accept a certain separateness of appeal met with little enthusiasm by the then editor of America's leading magazine for men into leather and S&M.

The launch of the modest "DUNGEONMASTER" magazine helped slightly, but it was not until the advent of "BOUND & GAGGED" did the distinctions between S&M and Bondage game-playing become more generally acknowledged. Obviously the two subjects are closely related and distinctions difficult to define.

The pre-Internet, the eight original "FETTERS" Information Sheets remain a useful compendium of ideas. Each individual Sheet briefly explores options and practical know-how in regard to a specific aspect of erotic "Physical Control and Counter-control" game-playing. The intention remains to promote safety and the more imaginative use of techniques and equipment.

Gathered from various sources, the information aims to help the reader decide which, if any, of the alternatives might appeal to his or her tastes, needs or fantasies.

The psychology of Erotic Bondage is discussed separately under the heading "BONDAGE - TWELVE TALKING POINTS" (Now on web site via 'Information Bank' via the Home Page)

Several people, each with enthusiasm for and practical experience of a particular activity, have contributed their differing (and occasionally conflicting) perspectives.

We are not "recommending" any particular activities in these Info. Sheets.
There is no single proper way to play; this must be left to personal choice and discretion. But knowing what you're doing, and doing it in a 'Safe , sane and consensual' way should always be the main objective.
Practical expertise and sensitivity are the best safeguards. Testing the effect of a piece of equipment on yourself before inflicting it on a 'victim' is a useful precaution. For the Doer to have some idea what it actually feels like is an important Safety Factor.

In addition, trying different effects on a friend outside the context of a Scene, will allow for valuable feedback and exchanging ideas. This will pave the way for safer and more imaginative games in safer circumstances.
Also, by using an improvised substitute for a particular type of equipment, you can decide what you like and don't like without financial commitment at too early a stage.

Each separate 'Sheet' will deal with safety issues particular to it's subject but certain points always apply.
In general, any Scene should only be undertaken with both parties aware of any risks involved and with full consent of the 'victim'.
The use of any item of equipment on someone who is in no position to resist or argue, places full responsibility on the 'doer' to take all necessary precautions. Respect for the physical and emotional capacities of the 'recipient' should be paramount.
Pre-arranged limits and Stop Signals are essential for some people. This is a matter of personal preference, experience, trust, and plain common sense.
It is also advisable to monitor carefully the situation of anyone in severe bondage even if they are, in effect, in "isolation". This is doubly vital if they are also gagged and a verbal signal impossible. In case of panic or distress it is essential that the "controller" can offer calming reassurance or speedy removal of the restraints.
Drugs of ANY sort are dangerous in combination with restraint because without full mental clarity unintentional damage can easily be done.
Basically, when an item of restraint is used to 'plug' a victim, (i.e. gag, dildo etc.) or when blood is drawn, it should either be reserved for use by one person only or very carefully cleaned and sterilised between uses.

Activities described in these Information Sheets are all long established practices.
Our objective is to help prevent technical misapplication and identify possible risks involved. "FETTERS" accepts no responsibility for accident or injury resulting from private individuals putting into practice ideas discussed in these or any other "FETTERS" publications.

June 2006
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