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This area of "restraint" is so essentially a matter not only of individual choice but perfect fit - it is often better left to the ingenuity of the do-it-yourself enthusiast to make up equipment - if only in prototype. The wide range of "Toys" available from shops and by mail-order either fit or they don't. Adjustability is not a feature of most items.

Genital Bondage falls into three basic categories: Self-stimulation, prevention of masturbation and enforced chastity. Many aspects of these three are better covered in the NOTES ON CHASTITY BELTS. This sheet aims to focus on different ways of actually wrapping or restraining the male sexual organ as an erotic experience.


The usual note about safe and sane 'bondage' applies even more seriously to genital bondage. Interrupted blood circulation can very quickly cause serious permanent damage. Even temporary, superficial skin abrasion on the sexual organs can lead to loss of pleasure if nothing more, and inhibit activities for a considerable time. Particularly when genitals are covered while in 'bondage', careful monitoring is essential.

The mere presence of a single band around the base of cock and behind the scrotum can act as a powerful erotic stimulus. To many men it is part of everyday life. A cockring can be worn continuously without causing any serious damage or discomfort if not too tight. Choice of material, degree of weight or tightness is usually a matter of choice - or an act of submission. Many more complicated pieces of genital bondage equipment such as sheaths and 'Gates of Hell' are usually anchored onto a C.R. Therefore two different types of ring should be considered first.

A simple ring of metal, rubber, leather or chain is an inexpensive and effective stimulator. Even the act of getting a cockring into position behind the scrotum can be a stimulus in its own right - making it a pleasurable or painful undertaking. Whether the testicles are put through the ring before the penis or vice versa depends on personal preference and practicality. The minimum size of a solid ring is determined by the possibility of passing one testicle through. First-time users may find the process difficult, but it is safer to start with a ring too large rather than too small. What is enjoyably snug one minute can become excruciatingly (and dangerously) tight seconds later. Veins are very close to the surface and it's easy to interrupt the blood-flow. Even so, the C.R. is a popular and widely used device.

These allow for a tighter circle when in position because they can be smaller than the diameter of one testicle. Again, tightness for any length of time is a matter of personal capacity. Adjustment may take several forms depending on the material.
Four very simple and inexpensive alternatives are:
Short chain, lightweight and rust resistant, perhaps closed with a miniature padlock allows for a snug fit and a little extra consciousness of weight.

"Jubilee Clip" from an ordinary hardware store is an adjustable circle of metal strip which can be screwed smaller with a screwdriver. Psychologically very exciting. This would be an ideal device if it wasn't so easy for the screwdriver to slip as it's being tightened/untightened. Also, raw edges of the metal have to be smoothed before use. A very short screwdriver is advisable.

Disposable plastic 'ties' sold in garden supply shops have a loop in one end and when the other end is threaded through and tightened it will not loosen again - and must be cut off. The "Flexicuff" used by several Police Forces are Big Brothers to this versatile little item. A packet of them in various sizes is a useful addition to any Toy' cupboard.

Leather Thong or boot lace has a special appeal for people 'into' leather. Either knotted or plaited around it has a very different feel to metal or rubber. If you were a Boy Scout or Girl Guide you already know the complexities of a 'Turks Head' knot. Fun to put on, and complicated to tighten - but a unique device. Pubic hair may create problems - but then again, it may not.

When closed these must be small enough to prevent one testicle being pushed through. Several styles are illustrated. If a screw-lock is used, pinching must be avoided when being closed. If locked with a padlock, general movement may cause pinching due to the looseness of the padlock hasp. A piece of adhesive tape can eliminate this. A nut-and-bolt is an inexpensive alternative, but is only 'locked' if it's a "tamper-proof" bolt-head or other more extreme measures are used.

Ordinary padlock with a hasp approximately 2.75 inches wide will usually lock-around as a heavyweight cockring. Positioned under the scrotum this is a 'Heavy Trip' particularly when worn under street clothes in public places. Care should be taken to monitor the effect for short periods before the wearer is left alone without access to the key. The same idea is safer if a smaller size padlock is used, locked around the top of the ball-sack only.

Bull-Rings are special hinged rings and make an interesting alternative. Designed for piercing through the nostrils of a heavy animal to attach a lead-chain, they can be closed around the cock-and-balls. A small screw is then tightened and its head broken off. They're still removable because the broken screw reveals a screw-slot - but the effect is good. Unfortunately they come in only relatively large sizes, so can usually be slipped off. Two other problems are 1) The sharp edge designed for piercing is dangerously sharp (and no-one should be tempted to try piercing with it!)... and 2) The hinge when open reveals two sharp corners which can cut as the ring is closed. Bull-rings are a tempting idea but should only be used with caution.

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There are so many alternative forms of Genital Bondage 'Toys' manufactured in leather, rubber or neoprene. The effects of different configurations these produce can also be achieved with a piece of leather thong or soft cord, so they can be tried-out before a manufactured item is bought.

The original Information Sheet went on to describe various configurations - but so many manufacturers now have well illustrated web site, there is no point in duplicating effort.

Usually linked by short leather straps, any number of configurations are possible.
"Arab Strap": Cockring with a second smaller ring around the base of the penis only is used traditionally as an aid to sustaining an erection. Whether the second ring is linked to the C.R. by one strap or two it is a popular piece of basic equipment. If the lower sides of the two rings are linked by a short strap or chain tightly between the testicles it not only becomes a "Ball Separator" but can be impossible to slip out of.

"Gates of Hell": Traditionally implies a Cockring joined to three / six smaller rings along the penis. The diameter of these rings depends on whether the aim is to sustain an erection or prevent it.

"Stallion Guard": The real thing is designed to prevent a stud horse servicing a mare. A Gates of Hell can serve the same purpose - particularly if the rings are linked by other straps along the length of the penis. If the last ring is smaller than the others this makes full erection painful, if not impossible. Only when the first ring is linked to the C.R. under the balls is this device fully effective and un-removable without access to the key.
Leather strap versions of the above joined by rivets and either buckles or "Locking Posts" make attractive alternatives to metal.

Used to encase, restrict, hold up or down - the main problem is in the rapid changes in sizes during any Scene. Whether lockable or strapable a sheath should be as soft as possible to be really effective. Open ended or closed they can be the basis of many different games and situations.
Small rings attached to the ends of sheaths can be very useful, but if the sheath is then constricted inside other clothes rings and miniature buckles can cause havoc.
Internal prickers and external studs are a matter of personal choice (for either the wearer or buyer). These can add considerably to the physical and visual drama of the situation. Those sheaths which are supposed to encase both cock and balls are particularly difficult to get a snug fit.
Rigid sheaths or even bent sheaths can have their places in the wide variety of alternatives.

If made of metal, these should not be sharp enough to draw blood. If used in penis sheath or ball toys, remember that the skin is very thin. Skin damage is caused quickly and takes a long time to heal. The alternative is a rubber pad with nodules of rubber which when pressed onto a sensitive area can feel like metal pins. The rounded ends of rivets assembled on a leather pad can also have their uses.

Sometimes referred to as 'Trainers', it does seem that the ball-sack does grow or stretch gradually as these devices are used. Attachments for weights, lead chains, etc. are a matter of personal choice and needs. To circle the top of the sack with a strap is less dangerous than around the cockring line. This is how many FETTERS Chastity Devices are anchored.
The Parachute Harness is a particularly popular toy (with or without internal prickers) as an anchor for weights.

Several popular genital toys divide the ball sack. These can be used as an alternative to, or in conjunction with, Ball Stretchers.

As with sheaths, these either fit or they don't. Well tailored they can have an interesting visual effect - and under wrapping of cord or thong can act as a protector to sensitive skin.

A range of plates through which the cock, or cock and balls can be threaded and anchored. Fixed at the waist and perhaps under the crotch to back of waist these can be the basis of many alternative designs. If large and heavy with studs or cones they are a symbolic threat when worn by a sexual partner.

A stomach plate when very small, and with an attached cover, becomes an efficient device known as the "Rat Trap" but it should perhaps be called the "Clam Shell" because once cock and balls are sandwiched inside, there's no way they'll come out without access to the key.
The strap or chain used to fix any stomach plate into position must circle the waist above the hip bones if it's meant not to be slid off. The links from the plate to the waist need not be particularly tight if a ball-sack strap is incorporated because this will prevent removal.

A variety of differently shaped and sized covers can be used to encase the genitals. They usually hinge from the base upwards unless a flattening effect is desired. An interesting alternative to solid metal or leather covers can be cages made from strips of leather, metal strap or wire. These can have extraordinary visual impact as well as physical results.

A general range of 'novelty' condoms can be incorporated to suit personal tastes. Heavier black 'rubbers' are made but are often difficult to obtain.

Several thin latex sheaths and combined sheath/ball sacks are advertised. With thicker latex, if the size is right, the effect is excellent. Particularly if a ball-bag is included they can be quite a performance to get into - and it's not something somebody else can do for you - without a struggle!
Drainage tubes are built into some models on the market and can be useful.

A Ball Balloon is a lockable latex sphere approximately three inches in diameter when not stretched. Getting one into place and everything crushed into it can be quite an undertaking - often requiring tying a string around the testicles to stop them disappearing during the process. Talc or lubricant sometimes helps - pubic hair is usually a hindrance!

'Genital Bondage' involving rings pierced through the skin is a whole different subject already well covered in the specialist catalogues for piercing "jewellery".
Extreme examples of heavier metalwork being pierced into the genital area are not to everybody's taste - but are extremely effective

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In this range from our Amsterdam supplier of rubber, various penile straps and latex pants are illustrated in the main catalogue. The latex Bondage Balloon (HR48 in Price List) still defies illustration. You have to try cramming everything into a three inch diameter circular bag through a two inch hole and tighten the strap to feel the effect. What's more it's virtually impossible for somebody to do it for you - you have to do it for yourself.
The latex sheaths (with or without drainage tubes) are equally difficult to get on first time - but you soon discover the knack.