This general subject deserves direct reference to other more expert sources.

For the moment, an Introduction I wrote for a collection of correspondence on a very specifically focused interest, includes some comments on the general nature of what we loosely call '"Fetish"

As a word, Fetish means different things to different people. Whatever your personal erotic/sensual turn-on imagery, it often defies easy explanation. Trying to analyse things too closely can complicate the issue even further. If it gets your juices flowing and does no harm to anybody else - go for it.

The range is great: high heels or garter belts, fishnet stockings or thigh-high rubber waders, bulky bike leathers or slinky cat-suits in latex or PVC - to each his own. ‘Getting off' using a sensual stimulant, the look, feel, smell, sound, taste - can spark very different energies in different brains.


perhaps cover of
Fetish Times magazine
(no longere published)

Imagery enjoyable in the imagination can occupy the mind for many a happy hour. A determination to turn the fantasy into some sort of reality can offer endless exciting possibilities or screw up your life completely. It's all a matter of degree. The fine line between an interest - enthusiasm - obsession - fixation, is a matter of personal circumstance. Certainly, it can become a distraction in your everyday life if there is no one to share it with.

People who develop a secret instinctive erotic preference may be worried because social conditioning tells them this is a "perversion". If it doesn't fit into a recognised category of kink, it can be even more disturbing. There was a time when a guilty fantasy could stew dangerously because there was no safe means of finding out if there were others on the same wavelength. That has all changed.

In these days of Internet, the information highway is wide open - and safe. Opportunity to communicate with others has shed light into the murkiest corners. It's not just a case of pornography (although there's no shortage of hot one-handed reading to be found), the most obscure preference is now easier to 'research'.


Even when someone else's particular 'kink' does not appeal - finding what other people fantasise about / worry about / achieve, can stimulate the mind. The process of writing down thoughts and describing complicated feelings can clarify things for the writer as well as those who read it. Such written exposures can remain anonymous, or serve as introduction before developing closer contact with others. Communication is a valuable skill.

This collection of written correspondence which follows should illustrate the value of making a concentrated effort to explore in detail a private enthusiasm (or is it obsession?) with other people.

Even if the highly specialised sensual appeal of waxed motorcycle gear is not your specific 'thing', enjoy the enjoyment shared between two enthusiasts in this collection of correspondence.

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