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debriefing after a session + sharing reactions.

Letter from a participant, together with photos taken during session:

Hi Jim, You asked for feed-back. Have spent a lot of time digesting the events of the past weekend. Firstly, I have to emphasise how much I enjoyed the day - both at the time and subsequently at home watching the video you took during the action.

Chris’s involvement seemed strange at first (did he really just happen to drop by - or was it pre-arranged?) but it certainly heightened the tension, being worked on by two pairs of hands, one a total stranger, while you took pics. I was glad I was already hooded before he was introduced into the 'scene'.

That leather bike jacket you modified with tough 'D' rings was a real turn-on in itself - even before he padlocked the collar and wasit shut - and started experimenting pinioning the arms behind and then forcibly crossing them infront. While helpless I did my damnedest to rip the jacket apart but your reinforcement held.

  He was certainly good at controlling the changes of position with efficiency. One of my favourite moments after him struggling to cross the arms straitjacketed fashion (one of my favourite fantasies is being forced into a restraint jacket) was when Chris muttered something about ‘too much squirming around’ before putting a knee in the middle of my back and pulling another strap extra tight. Mmmm...

My own exhibitionist streak was tickled by the knowledge that I was being videoed and photographed at various points - and you’re right, the video becomes more erotic with more distance from the event itself.

Yeah, by all means send to Blacksteel web site photos of me strapped to the upright metal grille/bed? That tip-up bed is a fantastic piece of equipment (photo below lefrt + see link at bottom of this page)

Chris is a hot guy and although seriously ‘straight’ seems to get a lot of pleasure out of the handling and strapping and teasing - and having things done to him as well. Great turn-on for all concerned. It certainly expanded my horizons about fantasies. I’ve been doing a lot of Internet boasting on various message boards.
Yours - Stu.

Thanks,also, for sending the photo attachments of Chris strapped to the chair.
The drysuit and gas mask sequence was great to watch from my bound and gagged position. You did a great job on us both - and I got off on watching him struggle. I still do! - on the video - like it's happening all over again.

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