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Cuffed to the ceiling

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Simple and efficient if you have a couple of strong ceiling fixings and two floor anchor-points.
A removable play-frame


A few meters of chain,
four or five pear-hooks and (preferably) a couple of floor plates under the carpet which allows you to remove these fixing points when not in use.
Ceiling hooks can also be easily disguised.

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A quick and easy rig

His choice ... me in a fully strapped and snap-closed motorcycle suit ... who knows ... perhaps fixed to the chain frame ...
I like the chain frame, it allows a lot of movement but no escape. Made from strong welded chain links; floor to ceiling, two uprights and four horizontals ... lots of possibilities for different positions. When you thrash around it makes a very satisfying noise.
Spreadeagled against it or hanging from it ... padlocked or strapped or just tied.
Feeling that I should be able to break loose but knowing that it's indestructable.
A lot of movement but going nowhere ...

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Extra chain lengths circle neck and waist.
Boots well anchored to the chain parallel with the floor. Each wrist firmly tethered out to upright chains

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Variety is the spice of life  

From ' Letters from the Fetters Files' ...

Hi there ....
Your questions about the CHAIN-FRAME set-up ...
Yes, it can be an ideal solution, especially if it's got to be removable. It easily packs away into a very small box or bag when not in use. Even in some permanent play-spaces, being able to rig and de-rig it easily makes it a very useful piece of kit.

Technically, two good solid ceiling fixings are the main essential. Floor anchor points are less of a problem, but if the frame needs to be removable, the general floor surface dictates what is and what isn't possible in your particular circumstances.

A CHAIN FRAME is basically a single length of medium-weight chain strung between ceiling and floor using pear-hooks or similar spring clips. Two additional lengths of the same chain act as horizontal stretchers, provide adjustable attachment points and can be used to vary the degree of rigidity of the whole structure.

How lightweight or heavyweight the action it needs to withstand will be, is something only you can predict. Also, when it comes to what technical options are open to you, your specific space, budget and structural circumstances is, again, something only you know.

Feel free to contact me and ask more questions. I've outlined some technical general alternatives on a separate sheet ....

Go to TECHNICAL DETAILS if you're interested.
There, you'll also find descriptions of frames in use and a few more photos.

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Four sturdy fixing points on a ceiling, with continuous chain strung taut between them, can offer a wide variety of high-level opportunities.

of the Chain Frame
can be made from easy to erected
lightweight pipe-and-joint scaffolding such as KeyKlamp
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