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(a round-up of stories and non-fiction)


have excited my imagination since
I was a very small child. An uncle of mine was an army Despatch Rider, and in my eyes a super-hero. Dashing, daring and obviously a man-of-action, I wanted to grow up to be just like him.
It never happened, but a pattern was set.

The connection between HOUDINI and motorcycling, is the restrictiveness of the gear; bulky and tough. My elder brother needed help to get out of his Belstaff ‘Stormguard’ coat when his fingers were frozen after a winter bike ride. The belt buckle, and smaller ones keeping the collar and face covers closed, were tricky - and the straps between his legs which kept the long coat from blowing open, were even more of a fiddle to release.
That thick and heavy, black and shiny coat used to hang in his bedroom because it was too bulky to fit into any coat cupboard. At least, that was my brother's story.

When I was alone in the house I'd sneek into his room and wrap myself in it - and that was when I was only seven or eight years old. Even then, the straps and buckles and snap fasteners somehow fascinated.
Nothing has changed since.

Vivid descriptions of bike gear, and the men who wear it are splattered around this site - so - here first is a round-up of ....

(then some non-fiction)

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Leather or
wet weather gear
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Despatch riders
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Leather all the way
or waxed

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or Rukka
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John Strickland's action-packed stories
The author paints detailed word pictures of bike messenger, Sam's adventures in his leathers and waterproof gear. Challenge and counter-challenge, endurance and imaginative game-playing with biker buddies are described in detail.
Hot - hot - hot. Check them out

MORE STORIES with bikers as leading characters are:

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Heavy duty PVC

Black Prince: a real-life youthful experience packed with
references to different bike gear and oilskins.
Long Distance Control Trip: a solo journey taken while trapped inside inescapable layers of bike gear described in vivid detail (two versions).
The Fierce Mechanic: a New York biker teaches a wannabe Leatherman what bikers are really about.
Well Waxed and Waterproof: tough endurance challenge games played roped-up out of doors in bike gear.
PVC in Fantasy and Reality: a vivid word picture of layer upon layer of super-efficient foul weather gear.
Ride to Greenville: a British biker’s adventures in the backwoods of rural America wearin a 'Radical speed' suit.
Wax Jackets and other Stuff: fantasy and fetish discussed in hot exchanges of correspondence about the diferent properties of and attraction towards bike gear.



Buried in several stories on this site, there are episodes which involve bikers and their gear.
Full texts of all titles below can be accessed from STORYLINES on the Home Page, but shortcuts to the motorcycle excerpts have been added below:

Scenario for a Leather Fantasy

The whole of this elaborate exploration of the attraction of leather might interest some bike gear enthusiasts. But, in particular, one sequence paints a vivid word picture of a non-biker climbing into leathers for the first time. MORE

Happy Birthday Boss
An army story about endurance and resistance to interrogation. In one sequence, a biker captures the officer in charge of interrogation training and gives him a taste of his own medicine. MORE

Locked in Leather REVISITED
John Strickland's hot story about two biker buddies is mainly about bikers and gear.
But, two sequences in it particularly fired up my boilers. Both involve motorcycle cops: so, for my own amusement I have expanded these episodes, adding a lot more detail. They're now part of a web page about vivid "Word Pictures" . MORE

Standard bike gear made lockable
A chapter in SO I LIKE TO GET TIED-UP ... SO WHAT!!? also expands on the subject. MORE

four titles are links to discussion and photos related to bike gear and biking
Motorcycle Scrambles

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Wind, rain and mud are part of the fun out on such events -
or is it masochism?


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Only a special breed of men get accepted for this generally risky branch of the armed services.

Bike jackets

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Locked-on clothes is the general topic, but tips for making bike gear more restrictive, might appeal to a certain sort of biker.

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Title links is to one of several pages of police-related topics.
Lots of photos.

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