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Early in this site I warned ...
You'll find no elegant high-fashion fetish gear here ... BUT if the sensual appeal of strong waterproof canvas, tarpaulin, and layers of industrial-weight oilskin clothing gets your juices flowing ... you're in the right place”.



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The sight, sound, touch, smell and even taste of this material make it distinctively SENSUAL.
For some people the appeal is difficult to explain.

On this page, links to graphic descriptions of different tactile, visual and practical uses of related materials might be worth exploring - if you like that sort of thing!

Western gear
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Fishing gear

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Black Prince


Waterproof clothing either pushes your buttons ...
... or it doesn’t.
Detailed description of how it feels, looks, sounds, smells and even tastes crop up in a lot of my stories.

 For site visitors who share my enthusiasm ... this page offers a convenient list of links to descriptions and photos of 'oilskins' for want of a better word.

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Radical Speed
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Wax cotton


Oilskin is a term that has changed it's meaning over the last century.

Canvas outer clothing soaked in crude oil or coated with tar in long-gone sea-going days was black and sticky.

Industrial ‘oilskin’ when first manufactured was the only really waterproof fabric during the 19th Century, but even that wasn’t totally water and wind-proof.

PVC (Poly vinyl chloride) sheeting gradually replaced traditional oiled woven fabric. Clothing made from this compound needed seams heat welded for the garment to be fully waterproof .

Here we will only be dealing with heavy-duty weatherproof gear, as distinct from the thin, soft and shiny PVC fabric used for fashionable kink.
To each his own!

Rubber gear as such is also not included, and even latex coated or neoprene impregnated items used for wet and dry diving gear do not appear on this index heading. BUT other plasticized fabrics such as ‘Black Prince’ and smooth khaki waterproof army gear might just squeeze into the ‘oilskins’ list.
Waxed fabric, although not totally waterproof, figures in a lot of my fantasies. Until I get around to a separate index for it ... further down this page, there are links


Episodes in several stories on this site describe heavy-duty weather gear.
Below is a list of direct links
(Use the ‘back’ button to read extracts and return to this list)

TOP RIDGE FARM, a 16000 word story about life on a Yorkshire hill farm, includes sequences where two brothers enjoy the challenge of working in the rain. CHECK IT OUT

HOUDINI STUFF, a very long story written long before there was a web site of the same name. In one episode a British fire-fighter learns what it feels like to be trussed-up in his bulky call-out suit. CHECK OUT 'MANACLES' EPISODE
Later,a lengthy episode describes in graphic detail, British and American fire-fighter kit subjected to some strenuous testing including being drenched with water.

JOHN STRICKLAND'S STORIES about Sam the Motorcycle Messenger and his partner all involve hot and steamy sessions in leather and waterproof bike gear.
FURTHER ADVENTURES OF A MOTORCYCLE MESSENGER is mainly about Sam being totally encased and trapped in his heavy duty PVC bike 'oilskins'.
PVC PACKAGE has two similar episodes: in the first Sam introduces somebody else to his rain-proof bike suit. This is followed by a second even more intense episode further down the same page.
HI MIKE is a story written in the form of correspondence. The title link will take you direct to a sequence which describes a strait-jacket over a one-piece rain suit.

PVC IN FANTASY & FACT is a 7000 word story by Jim Stewart, inspired by a situation in John Stapleton's 'Further Adventures'. The whole of this spin-off story is a graphic description of what total encasement in PVC oilskin gear feels like. CHECK IT OUT
FOR A SET OF HOT PHOTOS of gear described in this story ... CHECK OUT

RIDE TO GREENVILLE is another of my stories based on the realities of farmers finding fun things to do in their heavy old fashioned oilskins. This episode is set up as a British motorcyclist is caught in heavy rain while biking through a farm community in California. Protected by his form-fitting modern lightweight 'RadicalSpeed' rain-suit he arrives at a run-down roadside cafe ... CHECK IT OUT

THE ROPING KID is a collection of correspondence about roping skills. In one letter, the use of a Western rain ‘slicker’ oilskin coat (which is part of any cowman’s saddle pack) is described being used as a weapon. CHECK IT OUT

BLACK PRINCE is a short story about a time when a smooth and shiny new form of waterproof motorcycle gear was first introduced in Britain - but was it as ‘sensual’ as old fashioned Oilskin? CHECK IT OUT

YELLOW OILSKINS describes a real-life event in which a standard waterproof fishing smock features heavily in a self-applied bondage situation. CHECK IT OUT

Several other stories and ‘topic’ pages on this site are worth a vist ...
but for your convenience, the quite short ‘oilskin’ mentions are quoted here in full

BRIGHTON FRONT - a story about a seaside encounter:
Further along the promenade, I watched a few fishermen-mates who had settled down for a day on the beach. Because there was a slight wind and modest tide, rubber hip-boots and waterproof suits were not out of place. Fully padded Goretex overall suits, bib and brace day-glow oilskins ... and dark green tents to retire into, probably full of canvas haversacks full of reels and lines and cords, including fine nylon line with which to tie inescapable knots ...

Later in the story the game-player invites an army hard-nut who can not resist a challenge to join him for a session.
... “I want to see you sweating.” I explained. “Do you have any waterproof gear?”
His frown lapsed into a sudden grin “More than enough.”
“I see,” I smiled “kinky little sod. What sort of stuff?”
“Barbour waxed two piece ... a bit clapped out. Rukka one piece. Pair of RAF Dispatch Rider armour-tex breeches. Oh, and I’ve got a full RAF Fight Deck suit (very wind and waterproof) ... and a yellow oilskin suit and wellies nicked from Costain.”
“Just the job - bring them along ... you might finish up wearing them all at the same time!”

CRIMINAL CONFESSIONS FROM SUBURBIA - a long and information-packed real life autobiography of a kinky married couple mentions ...
“ ... Because we're both more into real gear rather than sex costumes means my hubby Malc is well provided for with his diving dry-suit, bike waterproofs and a black oilskin naval Foul Weather suit if he fancies a session of tied-up sweat and struggle. One of his favourite kicks is to be out of doors warm and waterproof all wrapped and strapped up helpless all night in the pouring rain.
With me cosy and warm inside our little camper van somewhere in the wilds of the Surrey countryside ... where anything is possible

 IMPROVISED STRAIT-JACKETS - the topic includes ...
“ ... In my early days when I found a solid black oilskin ex-Navy anorak complete with matching pants in a Government Surplus shop, I further improved my DIY skills. The anorak came well down to the crotch, and had storm-proof cuffs inside to seal the sleeve-ends. It was also hooded and had a waist belt. Restrictive enough in itself (being so thick and heavy), it was crying out for modification. Buying a second pair of pants allowed me to cut these up and add double thickness simple tubes of oilskin to lengthen the sleeves beyond finger-ends. Carried away by my growing DIY skills, the extra fabric also became a through-crotch flap which could be laced tight between my oilskin clad legs (if a chose to wear the pants), otherwise between my naked thighs. Even a pair of crude oilskin foot covers were attempted to complete the ensemble - but wellies or waders added to my enjoyment.
First time getting myself totally encased in the tough sticky black anorak in strait-jacket mode while wearing the oilskin trousers and rubber boots confirmed my instinctive preference for total encasement in industrial-weight gear and simulated restraint.
Sometime soon I hope to pick up a second suit in a slightly smaller size - and use it inside-out INSIDE the bigger suit with oilskin next to my naked skin.”


LETTERS FROM THE FETTERS FILES - In this collection of correspondence, the topic of sports equipment as bondage briefly touches on the subject of Oilskin:
“ ... Sometime in the near future I would like you to describe the techniques you've devised for putting yourself into your rubber layering solo sessions. The idea of you in a latex full body suit under your diver's wet suit INSIDE a dry suit, is a blast. When you visit - I’d like to video you getting yourself into all those layers. I guess I have a black oilskin foul weather suit which might just fit over the top of it all.

A lot more about this ex-navy diver can be found via SPORTS EQUIPMENT AS BONDAGE

In this collection of eight Information Sheets, the subject of lining restrictive bags and sacks is discussed:
“ ... Requests to have latex or oilskin lining added to bondage bags are frequent and possible ... but usually my recommendation is that you do not commit yourself to just one option. A permanently attached lining such as oilskin or latex many limit choices - and may also limit the time that can comfortably be spent in the sack. Wearing anything from a latex cat-suit, all rubber diving suit, foul weather naval oilskins or motorcycle leathers before entering a bag or sack are practical alternatives.

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The topic of ajusting stories to suit your own preferences is illustrated in an alternative version of the above-mentioned waxed cotton story - where all descriptions of that fabric have been changed by somebody who is more turned-on by Rukka gear.

For the RUKKA version of the story of 'Long Distance Control Trip
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