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Army Escape and Evasion exercises
Resistance to Interrogation and torture training programs
Police or military capture and arrest techniques
Prison and detention centre simulation
Kidnap and hostage scenarios
Fantasy fulfilment group events
Physical ‘practice sessions' = training in equipment handling / (
experimenting with techniques rather than scene-playing)

Dear ..... I'm in the middle of preparing another booklet in the ‘Bondage Reader Series' - and could benefit from your input.

It will be a collection of information about self-testing and the testing of others either in group rather than one-to-one situations. From the preliminary list of topics above, you will gather that any type simulated 'Institutional' man-to-man control and counter-control, physical endurance and challenge situation could be included. But, the main aim will be to explore the problems of finding like-minded people, plus the practicalities involved in organising such simulations on a small scale and low budget.

The suggestion is to brainstorm around the related themes and produce a modest compendium of alternatives possibilities. Due to the variety of different activities covered by the headings, firm guidelines will not be possible. A useful list of points to consider first will be a starting point. Picking brains has already produced a working list of topics to cover in expanded articles and 'Check Lists'.

Information about achievements such as The Training Center or Academy in the USA will be helpful and at the same time cautionary.
The experiences during the recent Blast Theory 'Kidnap' project should serve to encourage practical thinking.
The main theme will be to highlight the complexities of organising Fantasy Fulfilment events in different circumstances but at the same time encourage imaginative and safe play.
A Further Reading list should also be offered in terms of previously published articles on different types of testing and fantasy enactment.

On another level, listing and discussing the variety of recurring fantasies of men who imagine testing themselves or others in situations either physical or psychological will, if nothing else, make hot one-handed reading for the majority.

For the few this could become a valuable Information Pack and encouragement to adventure.

The size and scope of the booklet will depend on ideas sparked in preliminary discussions and correspondence.

Please give me a call or suggest a topic you would like to expand on. Testing Times is only a working title - it is early days and much will depend on the mix of information forthcoming.

Regards -

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