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Perhaps this heading isn't appropriate when it comes to Gags and Gagging.
Stopping people talking is usually the aim behind gagging ... but putting into words very personal thoughts on the subject is something I'm encouraging people to do. So, feel free to write to me if you have an opinion or question.

Clear communication is certainly part of the GAGS topic. Reading the signs when somebody is gagged; interpreting the body language; distinguishing between signals to be taken notice of and angry protests of frustration to be ignored, is all part of the art of gagging.

Degrees of efficiency of different types of gags, and the psychological impact on different people are topics infinitely worth discussing. Technical differences between hard, soft, inflatable - preferences for rubber, leather, fabric - safety factors of teeth, tongue, larynx and sinus blockage: on this site, with so much information already available, any questions which throw a new side-light on the situation will be particularly welcome.

Examples of personal experience always make good reading. Suggested variations on the theme always set my mind racing. No need to write great prose - the nitty-gritty of the idea or question, rather than elegant writing.

FROM THE CORRESPONDENCE FILES, some of the following quotes are worth repeating although they're mentioned briefly on the site, but worth repeating here:

Army exercise, take-down and tie:
Further to that training exercise I wrote you about.
You asked about learning the moves thru practice - and my mention of gags.
In official training sessions we were closely supervised - a hog-tie was the recommended move - and no gags used or suggested. Even so, the exercises were a serious challenge, physically and mentally - and people got competitive.
But then, on the sly, the Instructors encouraged certain individuals in the 'intake' to practice the routine on each other - preferably without warning. And, like they say, practice makes perfect - and can be fun - or not such fun. Inevitably, some of these unscheduled surprise take-downs led to some seriously rough off-duty horsing around - particularly because certain demands might be made of the 'target' before letting him loose. Because of this, gagging was inevitable to reduce complaining and verbal abuse. And this gagging was never a matter of negotiation - if you got gagged you had to deal with it, like it or lump it.
You asked if I enjoyed it. No, I hated it - but, to be honest, I sometimes put myself in line for it happening to me - sometimes mouthing off - knowing what the response will be. In fact. As you might say, asking for it.

Gagging was usually only a neck sweat-scarf (army-type bandana), but sometimes duck tape. On one occasion two handkerchiefs stuffed in my mouth before a bandana tied tight across to prevent them being spat out. This was a challenge in itself, and I always worked hard to eventually spit out the gag - and the provocation/invitation usually worked - they'd stuff them back in and use tape (or threats of something worse unless I accepted it.

Gagged under a motorcycle helmet?
I REPLIED: Yes, lots of times in earlier days. Even before I owned a bike, I'd bough some send-hand gear for messing around in. I loved to go out in public in the gear, as long as I went somewhere where I wouldn’t meet people who knew I didn’t own a bike. Carrying a crash helmet, it’s easy to look as if you’re j us t walking to or from a parked bike. Wearing a crash helmet, nobody knows who you are anyway. And, yes, I have been suited up with gag under helmet, in public - driven somewhere and left to make my own way home - with no money in pockets – even with taped fingers and gloves taped on. I’ve also done it to other people. And, two people suited-up and out together, with one gagged under helmet plus genital bondage and butt-plugged, can be a trip in itself or the beginning of a session lasting much longer.

Stag Night horseplay?
Several people have admitted to leaving the groom or Best Man somewhere bound and gagged and maybe even naked. One correspondent has described persuading a friend to take him to a construction site at night, tie him up blindfolded and efficiently gagged with tape, then hanging a label on him saying this was part of a Stag Night - and inviting whoever found him to "use their imagination and enjoy the opportunity".
Not sure if this reported scenario was for real or wishful thinking - but I'm sure somewhere, some time it has happened. If so, in the circumstances, efficient gagging would be essential so the 'victim' could have no say in what did or did not happen next.

Technical information during a hot scene:
... after that, with me wet-faced and gasping, he decided it was time for an added touch. A new red rubber ball was shown to me. It was on a home-made thin leather strap. As the ball was forced behind my teeth, he told me reassuringly that it was from a pet shop, not from a toy shop - explaining as he pulled the strap so tight it bit into my cheeks, that pet-shop toys are guaranteed not toxic, whereas some balls from toyshops may be only painted, so can be dangerous!



"The Roping Kid"
Some e-message I receive turn into 'scenes' in themselves.
One example (below) is the anonymous writer who, over a period of months, wrote to me about rope. The correspondence turned into a game of cat-and-mouse because I suspected that there was an element of wank-fantasy in his e-mails. I got great amusement out of playing his game. On the subject of imaginative uses of rope my letters to him took on an element of personal threat, when I wrote:

Rope Gag
If you like rope so much (and I don’t like listening to too much complaining when I’m busy making somebody serio us ly uncomfortable) I’d wrap a piece of soft fat rope across your open mouth before taking it three times around your head. Think about that. Then, in front of your mouth, I could knot it at least six times (if not ten), until there’s a nice neat sausage of knotted rope. When this is bent in half I would cram it back deep into your open mouth before the ends of rope were tied off tight behind your head. That would mean you'd have a thick wad of knotted rope filling your mouth, and held there by the rope across your mouth and round your head. It would get soggier and soggier, and you'd have no way of spitting it out.
Have you ever tasted rope? You could try this rope-tie on yourself so you know in advance what it’s going to feel like when it happens to you suddenly without warning and you won’t be able stop it happening. I have friend - and I know where you live.
For more about The Roping Kid

is what makes this site special.
My thanks to:

BOB WINGATE and his personal blog, plus his BOUND & GAGGED web site;
METALBOND in New York for the many gag photos on his amazing site;
and my long-time friend STRAIT-ACTING's site, where he recently posted a key article on this topic =
HOW WOULD YOU GAG ME? plus an earlier gag-related posting when he asked

1) "A quick-off-the-mark site visitor sent me some interesting personal reactions to the new pages.
Among other comments he said: " ... for me a gag is so essential to any physical restraint situation or scenaro ... I prefer the phrase GAGGED & BOUND." I like it!

2) I asked Bob Wingate about a hot letter he published in the early days of B&G magazine.
It was titled YOUTHFUL OWTLAW, and described a very unusual gag. He very kindly sent me a copy - but quite rightly pointed out that as a real-life youthful adventure is was "unsafe". But it's still a hot read. The extract reads:
"CALIFORNIA. I thought that I'd share a bondage experience that was a major event in my life-where a boy's game of cowboys opened up a new aspect of being tied up… The story I have in mind takes place when we were 13 years old or so.
He sat me down in the chair, removed my gag and wiped my mouth dry with a towel. He went over to his desk, picked up a small bag and dumped its contents out on the desk.
One of the items that fell out was a rubber boxing mouthpiece which Sean worked into my open mouth. Then he picked up two blue balloons, and with a pencil's eraser end he pushed one balloon inside the other. Then he put a small funnel into the balloons, and poured some flour through the funnel into the balloons. This done, Sean pinched the mouthpiece stem of the balloons and pushed the balloon past the mouthpiece and into my mouth so that the balloon sat on my tongue.
Then Sean began taping adhesive tape over my mouth, lower jaw and face. He left the balloon stem sticking out of my mouth, and taped around it. Finally, when he had my entire mouth, lower jaw and face securely and tightly taped over, he picked up his boy scout canteen, pulled down his bandana face mask, and took a swig of water into his mouth.
He used a piece of string to tie a loose knot around the stem of the balloons that was sticking out of my taped-over mouth. Then he put his lips up, onto the balloon, and squirted water into the balloon in my mouth until it filled my mouth. It was a very effective gag, and while allowing for you to swallow, you could not talk and could hardly make any noise. Sean waited for me to protest as to the balloon's size, and pulled the string tight, tying the balloon's stem with a knot. Then the balloon's stem itself was pulled and stretched into a knot. With his boy scout knife Sean cut the string off at the knot. He taped over the end of the knotted balloon stem, and then, with the tape, he wrapped and taped over my mouth, back around my neck and back over my mouth, three times. I was gagged very well.
The gag was really a heavy duty gag, the flour and water mix in the balloon had begun to get hard and slowly expand, like dough, in my mouth. I could feel it slowly get harder, and grow larger in my mouth.

Editor BOB WINGAGE added the comment:
I've always loved this story, though it's a story one should only love vicariously. Please don't anybody try to duplicate this gag at home. It seems to me that, if it really worked, the flour and water combination could have swelled to the point where it might have cut off all breathing, not to say that, if very big, and hard, it might have been impossible to spit out. BW]

THE COMPLETE LETTER can be found in BOB'S Bound & Gagged archive at

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