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1) FETTERS INFORMATION SHEET (Number One) focussed on this topic. Several enthusiasts pooled our know-how in this
useful check-list of safety and practical points back in the Eighties. It's still the best place to start whether you are experienced or a complete novice. MORE

2) MY CORRESPONDENCE FILES go even further back, long before the Internet made reliable information available.
Questions and answers, alternative opinions and detailed descriptions of fantasies and achievements on the subject of gags and being gagged, make fascinating reading. MORE

3) STORIES ON THIS SITE often include vivid descriptions of different types of gags being used. All written from practical experience, this link will take you to short-cuts to sequences describing gags in ten different stories. MORE

4) HEADTRIPS, another in the early Fetters INFORMATION SHEET series, offered
a broader overview of gag-related alternatives. Rather than just the mouth, confinement of the entire head is explored here. Using hoods, masks and other means, physical and psychological control over persona or identity of an individual is discussed. MORE

there's room on this page for your ideas and opinions,
whether serious or dramatic.

One of my favourite sources of inspiration is the New York illustrator, JOE T. Our correspondence and his drawings continue to burn brightly in my imagination.

A useful section on the main TAPE & TAPING PAGE offers some useful tips about sticky tape.

A master of self-applied restraints, this ex-navy-man had a particular talent for elaborate solo scenes, usually while efficiently self-gagged. Click on his name for detailed descriptions of his real-life experiments with gags.


Fabric, rope or straps - open or closed - tubes and pipes - hand-gagged or muzzled
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A BRITISH NAVY DIVING INSTRUCTOR and sportsman who, on this site, I have called CALLUM BUCHANAN, first wrote to me about 'mouth stuffing' long before I ever met him. In Letters from the Fetters Files some of his descriptions of intense self-applied bondage sessions while severely gagged, were published. This was no fantasy. Later, I was privileged to watch him during several of his sessions. Many of his ideas and achievements are described elsewhere on this site (see CALLUM INDEX)

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There's more to be written about covers and plugs which allow liquid to enter. Whether as a power trip or a prisoner well looked after, more descriptions would be welcomed.
A few alternatives are described in the story HOUDINI CONNECTIONS:

Robert smiled. 'Don't worry,' he said 'I just thought you might need a drink. It's clean water, slightly iced. This nozzle fits neatly into the breathing hole in your gag, and at the turn of this small tap ... the water flows down out of the bag.'
With that he demonstrated the procedure and soon a refreshing trickle of water entered Chunky's mouth. As Robert raised the bag higher the water flowed quicker into his immobilised mouth ... and his throat began to convulse trying to deal with it ... and failed. He began to choke and Robert deftly reduced the flow. As Chunky recovered from the first shock, he felt the chair tip backwards slightly and the swallowing became easier ... and he realised that Robert was demonstrating his total control of the situation.
Putting the bag aside, Robert mopped around the mouth of the hood and remarked amiably
'Of course it could have been piss ... your own piss, of course, because that's safe, healthwise. Or I could force feed a couple of litres of nice fresh water into you. Fill you to bursting point and wait for it to come out the other end. But a catheter, once in place makes it impossible for you to control the flow from inside but ... at the turn of a little tap ... it could be controlled from the outside. Or alternatively,'
he continued watching Chunky in the mirror, 'I could connect your catheterised cock to your mouth tube ... having first filled you up ... and just let nature take its course. It's called recycling. It's a fun game to watch ... waiting until the pressure is impossible to hold back. Not a game to everyone's taste. But powerful as a threat and, between players who mutually agree to set the limits high, a real challenge. You may not relish the idea ... but would you really want to totally rule out the possibility?

See complete text of the story HOUDINI STUFF

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