Introduction - 3


A lot of years ago I placed an advertisement
in the back of a small American hunting magazine, SHOTGUN NEWS. It read:-

"Rope, strait-jackets, handcuffs, Houdini:
Did I get your attention?
If so, why so? ... or am I alone in the world?
Reply to box ..."

The response was a flood of spontaneous correspondence.
The rush to communicate was slightly disconcerting. Men who didn't know what the ad meant wrote because the words triggered confused reactions - and it worried them. Others knew exactly where
I was at, but had thought that they too were
"the only one in the world".
When the same ad was run in a couple of macho 'Man's Adventure'-type magazines it brought a similar response.

The lasting result was that my personal horizons were widened and
my instinctive interest in "wrapping, strapping, chaining and tying" became more focussed. Although this is not a commercial web site - my enthusiasm for physical CHALLENGE, RESTRAINT, ESCAPE, ENDURANCE and SURVIVAL game-playing did, for a while, become a business as well as a hobby.

... is something that has always pushed my buttons.
The Internet has opened up new channels of communication
for millions of explorers. That's why I decided to risk the chaos that is
cyber space and share my personal enthusiasms with anybody who
might search the 'web' using the sort of buzz words on my opening page.

If all goes well, men who enjoy getting into a bit of rough-and-tumble may find
themselves sharing the space with retired police officers and professional Escapologists.
Security guards and military personnel may not be happy to discover they have
something in common with enthusiastic players of erotic
'bondage & discipline' games ... but on the Internet ... no sweat.
This site is where you can explore safely (if safe is what you want).

Motorcyclists, mountain-climbers and rugby players should not
be thrown to find they share interests with other masochists who
admit to being turned on by stamina challenge, discomfort and endurance.

Whether or not actual physical restraint enters the picture as you see it, the buzz a lot of people get from challenge/competition/endurance
in body contact sports and the more physically demanding leisure activities is sometimes dangerously close to being a fetish (not a bad thing).

Also, the restrictive nature of the gear in some sports and rugged
outdoor activities has an inherent sensuality ...
and extra potential for a certain kind of mind.

The occasional willing surrender of power in any mutually
stimulating battle of wills is only a step away from physicality.
These are abstracts but the connecting factors can be exciting to explore.
If you're still interested ....