Wrapping, strapping, chaining and tying


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Anything you can imagine can happen here.

Freedom to do or to be … whatever.

It can be as safe or as dangerous as you want it to be … but beware! ... This is a place where the un-real can suddenly feel very very real.

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In a group or with a partner or alone in the privacy of your own imagination ... there are different areas of 'reality' to explore here.

This page gives only a brief summary of alternatives on offer. Links to wildly different areas are all worth exploring, even for the armchair traveller who doesn't intent to adventure too far away from his home ground.

Several levels of reality may sound complicated but enjoyment and self-discovery are only two of the names of the games on offer here. Self-expression plays a big part … but, because you can be anybody you want to be in this territory … it takes mental energy to get your mind around some of the opportunities on offer.

Also, the language here is fun to play around with: words like fantasy, visualisation, scenarios, role-play all suggest a lack of reality - but there's nothing false about some of the drama different players can conjure up.

To call a well-imagined jerk-off fantasy ‘Theatre of the Mind's Eye” is not too far-fetched. That's another concept well worth exploring while you're here.

To transform you personality temporarily to give a regular play-partner a special thrill is not too difficult. It can be rewarding for both participants in the ‘scene'.

The power of certain clothes to take-over the wearer is something designers of uniforms have understood for centuries. Fully staged and costumed events can be mind-boggling if you find yourself in the middle of one of them unexpectedly. Gentle one-to-one personality adjustment scenarios can be as intense or as humorous such as you choose.

In groups or couples or in the privacy of your own head, there are lots of alternatives to explore here.

(Jan 2011)

Simulated scenes, role-play and 'Adventure' games.
Staged events such as kidnap, hostage taking and interrogation are at the extreme end of the scale.
A lot of material is already on file about elaborate 'scenario-games' and facilities where
such events can take place.

On a more modest level, couples who experiment with role-reversal and gentle personality adjustment to intensify an occasional power-exchange situation will be discussed here rather than restricting it to the context of 'Eroticism'. Although, of course, 'character' linked interactions can be intensely sexy, especially when the imagery includes uniforms or fetish-related iconography, the topic might eventually find a new name.
Especially as many such simulations are carried out via e-mail and the internet, so a topic I call 'visualisation' will at least start off in this area. It's a very broad territory and will need subheadings very soon.

The Jail Training Centre
The 'Mountain' Facility'
Event photos or are these all in "Erotica"?
What not overtly sexual equivalents are there to 'Inferno' or 'Black Rose'?

Descriptions of one-to-one and groups who meet to generate an ambience or simulate a 'predicament' might widen the horizons of some explorers of this material.
Fantasy Fulfilment facilities and themed weekend role-play-group events will be discussed in this section - but more details may be better stored in the "Space to play" area.


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