Wrapping, strapping, chaining and tying

(more than public ‘Escapology' to be explored here)


Watching Houdini-type public challenges can have an unpredictable effect on some people ... exciting or disturbing.

Seeing such a happening for the first time when young made a lasting impression on me ... generating unexplained instinctive responses.


This heading covers a lot more ground that showmanship. Although I've been writing about the subject for years, there are deeper and wider issues still to explore.

I wrote my first magazine article about HOUDINI when I was seventeen years old. That was in the Fifties, and his reputation was still very much alive more than 25 years after his death. Even then I was quite an enthusiast, but what I wrote reveals how little I understood about the subject or myself at that time (so I haven't included the text on site!)

More recently, in my semi-autobiographical 'So I Like To Get Tied-up ... So What!!?' a chapter explores the various effects watching somebody restrained and challenged might have on the challenger - on the person challenged - and on the audience.

Another long report I wrote, 'Houdini Today', speculates on what sort of challenges HOUDINI might expect if he were alive today. This text describes a project in the 1970s when, as an experiment, I invited Houdini-type challenges and attempted to escape from them - and then described the results in print. The basic 'What sort of challenges might Houdini Today' question can still provoke interesting discussion and experiments even now.
(Both texts are accessible via links further down this page)

On this site the title 'Escape Artistry' introduces more than 'Escapology'.
Inter-linked topics lead off in one direction but very quickly lead you onto other tracks, paths crossing and re-crossing.

Signposted areas to look for are


Anything connected to the reputation of the man Houdini. Further into this general topic illusionists, magicians, memorabilia collectors and historians are advised to visit related, more specialised sites. But, because most 'Escapology' sites prefer to avoid any discussion of the deeper psychological or sensual issues, you may find a few interesting new perspectives along the way. MORE (part constructed)

Basic materials
Explore the sensual as well as practical alternatives discussed here. Rope, tape, straps ... leather, metal, canvas ... and more exotic materials to inspire creativity. MORE (waiting for material)

Restraint equipment
Vast subject. In this storage area, different types of device will eventually be grouped under separate headings. I'm currently considering how to categorise. Technology of different types of restraints sometimes overlaps - is sometimes very specific. Escaping from and making escape-proof - lots to discuss when this area really gets established.
Listings of sources and links to other sites are gradually coming together. MORE (waiting for material)

Processes and procedures
Overlap with the previous two sections. Materials and equipment being used, feature in various detailed descriptions of wrapping, strapping, chaining, tying in action. Strong connections here with 'Challenge and Test' territory, but focus under this heading is on actual application of ... and escape from ... whatever. A crowded area with many sub-sections MORE (waiting for material)

Escape challenges
The psychology of related activities is the focus here.
Different mind-sets behind accepting a challenge to escape from physical restraint - or devising and issuing such challenges deserve a lot of space. This is definitely an area separate from the more general catch-as-catch-can 'Challenge and Test' situations ... or any overtly fetish/sexual examples - which will be stored under the 'Erotic' heading. Here, planning technical challenges, training the body to endure-survive physical restraint experiments will be discussed.
In addition, the need some people feel to experience extreme body restriction when escape is not necessarily the objective could be explored here - unless the conscious motivating factor is overt eroticism.
(waiting for material)

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The Great Houdini Mystery = what different people get out of watching physical restraint challenges
Houdini Today = project text describes in detail several modern escape challenge possibilities
Strickland's story 'Hi Mike' = amateur Escape Artist scenario - homo-erotic but non-sexual
Jim Steranko 'thesis' on Escape Artistry? - could this be included?

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