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Talking and Listening
Getting people to talk about their individual preferences informally and anonymously is something I've been doing for many years.
A range of personal choices are described briefly (and illustrated) on a Talking & Listening web page. There, you are invited to contribute info. about your particular turn-on if it's not already mentioned .

The written word
This web site perhaps has too many words on it already. But, as a topic, writing things down is discussed in some interesting documents.
Sally Barrett's ironically titled little book 'Confessions From Suburbia' (originally titled We Love S&M) is a logical next step after early ‘Talking and Listening' sessions. This witty text is a good example of informal personal jottings which then turned into something useful to other people.
A whole range of private fantasies and personal experiences described in words are listed under the heading Storylines
As an alternative, several anthologies of correspondence and 'Brain-storming' sessions are preserved in text form - but, because these first came together as a result of group efforts, they're listed separately (next).

Discussion & Group sessions
Material here might start life under the heading 'Talking and Listening' - until it get's written down. Unlike personal opinions or histories, shared experience information has a separate heading. Workshops and Lecture/demos which provoke discussion have been distilled down as a useful list of Discussion Documents . This list can also lead the visitor to descriptions of Group game-playing

Specific words we chose to use (or fail to use) can make the difference between communicating and not communicating. Texts which discuss the precise use of words when game-playing may not be everybody's cup of tea - but using spot-on descriptions which are not open to misinterpretation are the best way to get exactly what you're looking for. Follow this link for several excellent web pages on the subject of Word Power.

Illustrated texts
Two sections about visual communication concern adding pictures to texts. When describing technical situations a picture can save several hundred words. The description of a rope-tie process is a good example.
Also, as an aid to your imagination when reading erotically charged text, the use of illustrations is well covered on this site. If the mixing of pictures and words interests you, Storyboards is a good place to start - or notes a 'Visualisation' workshop explore ways to create your own visual aids to support mintal fantasies, see Get Closer to Your Fantasies.

Sign Language & Signals
There are times when body language is all that a gagged and immobilised person has to communicate with. Limits and stop signs also fall into this category, and this is a very important topic for many game-players.
Signs & Signals will also take you to discussion of people not saying what they mean deliberately or unconsciously, is also among situations included in an index of

Questions and Answers
Communication of personal information via questioning is a surprisingly broad topic. Examples of everything from casual social fishing for clues, via Internet surfing to forceful in-your-face interrogation sessions have been assembled together in the growing file Q&A

Communication is a two way street
Get to grips with the different options open to you


Feedback & contributions to the different files listed and linked above would be welcome

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