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Feb 2011

The title given to this area could be misleading to an Escape Artist.

Every aspect of escaping from physical restraint both in public and private will be grouped together in this section.

Subheading listed below cover a wide range of related but separate 'topics'

'Houdini-related' historical material would be appropriate here - but this may only be touched on because several more focused Escape Artist sites already cover the ground. Web link URLs direct to specialized sites will be added where appropriate.

Technical matters related to equipment and techniques used in public escapes will be stored alongside information about sources of authentic police and hospital restraining equipment.

Discussion of ways of making escape impossible; detailed descriptions of restraints being applied in real-life, historical and game-playing situations are already on file (via the 'Topics Index').


Restraint challenging in private with no overt sexual implications will be stored here. This may be cross-referred with the 'bondage' oriented storage area if both parties admit to being turned-on by the situation.

The psychological appeal of escaping and/or not escaping, of watching, of planning or experimenting, are aspects already discussed in material I have written in correspondence and "fiction based on fact".
As the 'topics' list is expanded, distinctions will become clearer.

Links to source sites and individuals pictured below are being prepared.
These thumbnails expand but better resolution copies are being sought



Risk and dare

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