Wrapping, strapping, chain and tying

Brief introduction to ...


Different games need different space - which is not always easily available.
Access to physical play-space can be a matter of budget, domestic limitations or opportunity.
Turning fantasy into some sort of reality is never just a matter of cash.
The strength of the urge is what can drive any project.

Imagining or planning can provide hours of mental enjoyment.
A mind-stimulating exercise in itself, but if such planning eventually results in getting to achieve even partial fantasy-fulfilment, that's a bonus.





In this sector, exchanging ideas on what can be achieved with limited resources and a lot of imagination has already produced an extensive Information Sheet.

That text is already on site. It aims to offer food for thought rather than scale drawings or projects sheets, because everybody's needs and resources are different.

I look forward to adding to this territory
with a little help from some wildly 'original' friends.


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