Chapter seven

by Jim Stewart


Original contents of this chapter was
a series of extracts from letters in “The Fetters Files”

Dear /////,
Thanks for your letter. So, Jack ///// in San Diego suggested you should write me. Haven't heard from him for several years. Is he still working as an Escape Artist? Last time he contacted me it was to ask how to make a jacket ESCAPE-PROOF! Did he follow my instructions - and is he still stuck in it? No, he was wrong when he told you that I “... know all there is to know about strait-jackets”. I'm still learning, and enjoying the process. You ask if I am “Seriously into strait-jackets”. Now what does that mean? I guess the answer is "Yes, I definitely am seriously into strait-jackets ... the more seriously, efficiently applied the better, and as often as possible.”

Your very general questions might have opened a Pandora's Box because you failed to specify exactly where your interest lies ... are you a budding Escapologist or does the idea/image of being strapped into, strapping someone into or just watching it happen rings bells in your brain ... Because Yes, I'm “turned on to it”, as you put it ... but it's not nearly as simple as that. Are we talking sexual, sensual, erotic? Maybe so, maybe no. There are all sorts of boosts and blasts and tingles which happen spontaneously outside our conscious control. So, to give you a better perspective on the subject and at the risk of freaking you out, here follows a random collection of extracts (Thank God for Word Processors) from the FETTERS File on Strait Jackets. Make of them what you will!”

Dear /////,
What a lot of questions. Hope I can supply at least a few answers. First you should read the FETTERS Information Sheet “Notes on Strait-jackets”. This was first written fifteen years ago to save me having to answer the same questions over and over. However, the sheet is drastically in need of revision and expansion. My Strait-jacket information file has got so fat I could write a book ... but don't hold your breath. So, for what they're worth here are the original brief “Notes” ... followed by other info which may be relevant to your particular interests ... maybe not, so just concentrate on aspects of the subject that do appeal to your tastes ... or lack of taste! As reassurance, you ain't the only one in the world to be “Turned on by ...”...

There followed the full text of "NOTES ON STRAIT-JACKETS" first published in I982 as a single xeroxed sheet; part of eight "Fetters Information Sheets". Each of these has now been transferred onto this web site separately.

Information Sheet NOTES ON STRAIT-JACKETS has been expanded on.
Another Information Sheet about BAGS-AND-SACKS is closely related as a topic.

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