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one-piece motorcycle suit

from a homoerotic motorcycle story by John Strickland
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Bike courier Sam has told his partner Chris about a young guy where he works, who has on several occasions shown an interest in Sam's bike gear. Together they decide it might be fun to introduce this tough-looking young lad to some of the more esoteric possibilities of leather and PVC. They hatch a plan.

promises the eager "KAI" a bike ride. First, the leather jacketed biker invites his guest home, offering the chance to be kitted out in whatever gear he choses. Although tempted by a wide selection of leather KAI opts for a heavy PVC rain suit. Being a warm day, Sam even persuades the kid to wear it with nothing underneath (to get the full feel of it) while out on the bike.

During an exhilarating ride, they stop for a sexy roll around under a hedge before Sam suggest they both try on other gear back at the flat.

Chris having agreed to stay out of the way, the soon fully leather clad Sam tempts the still PVC clad Kai by mention of a strait-jacket made of leather. This prompts discussion of Escape Artists ... and the kid is hooked.



Sam slid back one of the mirrored doors, and pulled a bundle out of the closet beyond. Kai who has been luxuriating on the leather-covered bed sat up, his heart pounding.
"Fantastic," he exclaimed, jumping off the bed to get a better look at the jacket. "Fantastic!" he repeated turning the tangled bundle of thick leather and dangling straps in his hands.
"It looks better on. Wanna go into it?" asked Sam.
"As long as you let me out when I say, I'll give it a try," said Kai.

Sam settled himself onto the bed, his bike leathers creaking against the bed cover.
"No, my friend. We've got to get this clear from the beginning. You're not holding a toy there. A strait-jacket is a prison, and that's exactly what mine are. Just like in a real situation, you're not the one who says when you come out. If you let me strap you into that, then I'm the one who decides when you come out. Maybe I'd let you out after a couple of hours, maybe tomorrow morning, maybe Sunday evening would still find you strapped up like a maniac."
Kai looked dubious.
"You'd have to trust me." he continued, "I'd look after you, make sure you're not in pain at all, but, unless you could get out yourself, you'd be my prisoner as long as I decide and I'd have no qualms about tying you down or gagging you if the situation started getting serious. It's your decision."
"Forget it" said Kai, and threw the restraint onto the bed across Sam's legs. He took his coffee and drank it down in one then, smiling, he provocatively climbed astride his leather friend just as Sam had done to him when they were in the field under the hedge. Kai clamped his hands on Sam's shoulders under the soft leather shirt and pushed him down on the bed.
"You'd really refuse to let me out?" asked Kai.
"I'd expect you to take your imprisonment like a man, and not even ask me to let you out, Kai. The name of the game is trust."
"No chance, you bastard!" said Kai and kissed Sam deeply. The two cuddled, leather against oilskins and the atmosphere relaxed ... at least for a while, but Kai was somehow restless. Suddenly he pulled away.

"Oh shit!" he said nervously.
"What?" asked Sam.
"Strap me in the straitjacket!"
"You sure?"
"Strap me up in it, Sam!"
"Soon," said Sam, pulling Kai back towards him.
"Now," said Kai, "Quickly, before I change my mind!"
"You gonna keep that suit on or put your jeans and tee shirt on before the straitjacket on or what?" asked Sam.
"I guess I'll get kinda hot in all this PVC, won't I" asked Kai.
"You'll get kinda hot in a straitjacket anyway." Sam's eyes twinkled mischievously."Why not keep it on. I want to see the sweat roll off you! Come here, I'll do it up. "
He zipped Kai up, and fastened the high collar snuggly under his chin.
Kai looked Sam straight in the face. Sam had his hands on Kai's shiny shoulders.
"Give me one last hug before you lose your freedom. Kai."
Kai pulled Sam to him and they kissed and held each-other close.

Kai's hands travelled over the soft leather of Sam's shirt and Sam felt Kai's muscular body under the thick PVC Kai began breathing more heavily.
"Get the fucking jacket on me!" he said.
"I hope you're not going to regret this," said Sam as he picked up the heavy leather jacket lying on the bed. The buckles rattled ominously.
"Oh shit!" breathed Kai, as he stood up to be imprisoned.
"Pull your sleeves down over your hands a bit and hold them. Perhaps you can twist the sleeves around your arms a bit. I'll get the jacket on you better. Here."
Sam was facing Kai holding the thick jacket invitingly open.

Kai pushed his arms into the heavy sleeves and Sam moved round Kai to pull the jacket from the back. Kai's arms went down into the depths of the sleeves and he let go of the sleeves of his PVC suit. His hands felt the cool smooth leather of the inside of the straitjacket Sam jerked the jacket firmly over Kai's shoulders.
Kai raised his right arm and looked at the riveted, closed sleeve encasing his hand. A thick brown strap hung from the end.
"Second thoughts?" asked Sam as he pulled the jacket together at the back over Kai's shiny suit.
"Carry on!" Kai gasped.
Kai felt the straps being buckled, one after the other. The slack slowly left the straitjacket as the leather garment was fastened closed out of reach down his back. A thicker strap went like a belt around his waist. Sam pulled this firmly shut. Sam's hand reached through Kai's legs and grabbed for the crotch strap dangling from the front of the jacket. The strap was sewn to a thicker flap of leather and this was pulled through Kai's legs. Suddenly the whole jacket assumed a new tension as Sam strapped through the buckle at the back.
"Comfortable?" asked Sam.

Kai just grunted and wriggled his shoulders a bit to work himself into the jacket better. Sam pulled the jacket's collar up high and passed the strap through the loops. The collar's buckle was at the front, the strap went right around the neck. Kai lifted his chin to let Sam push the prong through the hole. Sam then took the ends of Kai's closed sleeves and jerked the sleeves downwards, pulling any slack out of them.

"Let me hold you one last time," said Kai embracing Sam with his encased arms. He chaffed his rough chin over Sam's cheek and held him close, his hands inside thick leather mitts, running over the soft leather of Sam's shirt; his fingers feeling nothing in the depths of the closed and riveted sleeves. Sam hugged Kai to him, Kai's body feeling totally different in the solid leather to the smooth PVC He fingered the straps and buckles down Kai's back.
"Now cross your arms, Kai, left over right, there's a good boy!" He grabbed the ends of the sleeves and passed them through the retainer straps on the sides of the jacket. They would stop Kai working his arms up or down.
"Point of no return, Kai!" said Sam as he jerked the thick sleeve strap through the buckle on the other sleeve. He braced himself against Kai and wrenched the strap again. Kai grunted as the prong clicked through the hole in the strap. Sam set to work tidying up the straps, passing them through loops positioned to stop them flapping and hanging.
"That's you fixed!" said Sam and turned Kai towards the mirror.

Kai's prick, throbbing under the pressure of the crotch strap, had even more blood surged into it as Kai took in the sight of his imprisoned self. The jacket was battered and stained, the brown leather greasy and shiny from previous battles. Black leather reinforced the jacket at the elbows, at the ends of the sleeves and a strip of black leather was riveted down the front of the jacket extending into the crotch strap. Kai's arms were folded across his chest. The buckle at his collar glinted in the light and an inch or so of the PVC suit's collar could be seen higher than the jacket's collar, jet black against the brown leather. His legs shone in the suit, pulled into folds where the crotch strap cut between his legs. Sam stood beside him looking magnificent in his complete leather. He slapped a hand down on Kai's shoulder, his hand making a loud slap on the thick leather jacket.

"I've always wanted to try a straitjacket," said Kai.
"Sometime soon you'll be able to," said Sam.
"What the hell are you talking about? What's this I'm in? A Tee-shirt?"
"At the moment, Kai, you've got a leather jacket strapped on you. It will only become a straitjacket when you start wanting to get out. When you start realising you're a prisoner and start fighting and struggling against it's grip, then you'll know what a straitjacket really is."
"And you're really going to let me get that far?" asked Kai, almost hopefully.
"Oh sure, and that will only be the beginning. You look great strapped like that. It suits you. It turns you on and it sure turns me on so, Kai, maybe you'll be hugging yourself for the rest of your life! I'll look after you."
Sam pulled the strapped guy to him and kissed him. Kai was breathing fast, turned on by the straitjacket strapped over the smooth suit, his heart slamming in his chest at the thought of being the long-term prisoner of this fabulous leather man holding him. Sam felt over the hard leather that encased Kai's body, feeling the numerous straps and buckles holding the straitjacket onto its prisoner. Kai couldn't respond, his arms strapped tightly around him. Every movement, every twist he made, applied pressure to his prick through the crotch strap. He kissed Sam deeply, he couldn't get enough of his leather man. Sam hugged his restrained partner tighter to him, his chin over Kai's leathered shoulder. His tongue licked the shiny oilskin collar sticking out of the straitjacket, his tongue felt the heavy strap encircling Kai's neck. Kai's unshaven chin moved over the soft, warm black leather of Sam's shirt, Kai's cheek rubbed against the shirt's greasy collar. His natural instinct was to cuddle and embrace this sensuous guy but his arms were unable to move, encased in thick leather sleeves designed to immobilise.

Sam pushed against Kai a little too enthusiastically and he toppled backwards on to the bed, Sam falling with him. The two lay on the worn black leather bed cover, Kai's head had fallen between two leather-covered pillows. Sam climbed astride the strapped man, his knees pushing Kai's shiny legs together. He leant with all his weight onto Kai, a hand pushing down on each shoulder.
"Having regrets Kai? I could do anything to you and you couldn't move a finger to stop me. Like this for instance!"
He grabbed the leather pillows either side of Kai's head and pushed them down over his face. Kai struggled, wrenching his head from side to side and twisting his body under Sam's weight. Sam let go of the pillows and Kai came up gasping for air.
"Had you worried for a moment there, didn't I?" said Sam.
"I can take whatever you give me," said Kai provocatively.
"Will you'll be saying that the same time tomorrow night after a long tortuous day in that jacket? You won't be able to cum and you'll slowly go insane with frustration. Then I'll just deliver you ready strait-jacketed to the nearest asylum, where I'll come to torment you as you roll around in your padded cell! I didn't tell you I've got connections. Serious, professional help if I really call on it." ...

And, of course, Sam was telling the truth. His partner Chris was waiting in the wings ... and Kai was only at the beginning of his adventure ...

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Drawing by John Strickland

END OF 'PVC Package' strait-jacket EXCERPT
(the story continues for another 3250 words)

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