An 8750 word story by Jim Stewart

Perceptions of time can be altered by long periods restrained and physically challenged.
Time to think and time to plan.

The main topic explored is this introductory extract is the mind-energising effects of powerlessness under the hands of a trusted play-partner.

A number of other episodes in this story focus on specific topics.
(see end of this excerpt which introduces the characters)


Mind Games explored
(EXCERPT 1600 words)

The opening sentence of the story establishes the focus ...

Thinking time:
When you're lying face down on soggy earth among dripping dead heather with your wrists lashed securely to your boots for a few hours, it gives you time to think. A mental defence mechanism I developed long ago usually kicks in as I try to think myself out of a tight situation and into more enjoyable times. I've had plenty of practice. Throughout my life I've found ways to engineer myself into predicaments I love to be in ... but at the same time love to hate.

Bondage endurance and challenge games come naturally to me. Tie or be tied, I like them both. The mental process I use to escape from the more uncomfortable situations is similar to that described by Jack London in his novel 'Star Rover'. His main character, Darrrell Standing, taught himself to visit other worlds and past lives while strapped inside a killer strait jacket. To mentally generate this almost out-of-body experience demands concentration. Focus is important; it isn't enough to just let the mind wander.

Here today, warm and dry, the cold, damp five hours I spent on a Lancashire hillside yesterday is vivid in my mind as I write.

The opening of the next chapter develops the main topic ... and introduces a concept which is expanded in the TOPICS INDEX - the card and board game ...

Thinking ahead:
When Tony and I are planning a full weekend of self-indulgence, we like to start off with a theme or objective. A brand new black waxed motorcycle jacket and over-trousers I'd bought three months ago were still embarrassingly new, and I wanted to get them looking a bit more lived-in. Waxed gear may not be the most weatherproof on a bike but I find it a great turn-on to see and feel and stomp around in. I was angling for an opportunity to spend a few hours comfortably trussed up somewhere quiet; what I call a 'Pink Cloud' bondage session where I'm efficiently restrained but left in peace to luxuriate in the sensual experience.

Because we like our games to be structured but at the same time a bit unpredictable, a couple of years back we made for ourselves a special deck of playing cards together with a board game. These offer a range of bondage related choices, opportunities and surprises. The turn of a card or roll of a dice can bring advantages and disadvantages to both players as details emerge during a preliminary planning session.

Yesterday's event started the night before when a few unlucky throws of the dice committed me to a situation I hadn't planned for. My enjoyable 'breaking-in' of my new gear was suddenly going to be out-of-doors, hog-tied rather than comfortable, with a five hour time scale. At least I managed to unload two 'hazard' cards that would have added a butt plug and gag to my predicament. Tony was holding all the good cards, and one of them was a wild card which gave him 'chose your own surprise' option. Well, he certainly surprised me, and turned it into a really heavy challenge. But, today I'm here warm and comfortable writing about it, and he's got time to regret being quite so enthusiastic about breaking in my suit.

That's the way we play, and we both enjoy the challenge. Life's never dull. He knows that when I'm left with time to think, I not only use the process to block my mind to the discomfort or boredom by revisiting the past; but spend some time working out new forms of challenge for him. So, today I'm here remembering while he's dealing with the situation I dreamed up for him. I hope he's being as successful at escaping from his predicament as I was yesterday. Not escape in the physical sense, of course. We're both too good at devising bondage situations for physical escape to be much of a possibility.

So, let's get back to that windy hillside and the waxed cotton. It's odd that while mentally distancing myself from an experience, later I can recall in vivid detail the subtle tortures of the predicament I was in; abandoned trussed and bundled-up on my face in the mud. I can still visualise the elaborate network of rope that crossed and re-crossed around the jacket and pants. The tough new sticky fabric left little possibility of anything working loose because waxed sash-line had been used, which grips well on a greasy surface and knots fuse the waxed rope into finger-proof lumps (not that fingers could get anywhere near any of the knots). The chill wind couldn't penetrate the wax cotton but it was blowing straight through the thick woollen Balaclava that was supposed to be keeping my head warm. Around the mouth hole my saliva soon made it soggy and from my nostrils the warm air was making an increasingly damp patch inside. Cold as it was, I remember being grateful that at least my head wasn't encased in one of our gas masks, all of which have had latex backs added to make them impossible to rub off. I'd unloaded a gas mask 'hazard card' in the nick of time the night before.

Thinking time and planning retribution is another way of keeping the mind occupied when the body is in challenging restraint ...

Creative Thinking:
Another way to think myself out of the present when you've lost all sense of time (and feeling in your fingers) is to mentally work out the details of a new predicament to spring on that bastard Tony. I've been meaning to secretly devise a bondage situation involving splints ... get the mind focussed ...

... I like the idea of splints ... surgical leg-braces ... I'd like to take Tony out immobilised in leg braces, perhaps a full body and neck brace ... perhaps in a wheel chair ... be his keeper ... feed him in public and have to wipe his nose ... (My nose is running) ... Think ahead! ...

Think ahead. Tony immobilised in public ... helpless ... wipe his nose ... feed him in a restaurant. Embarrassing! Wheel him into the 'Disabled' toilet ... gag him quickly soon as we're in there so he can't argue ... then force him to allow the intimacy that a real paraplegic has to endure every day ... the indignity of not being able to wipe you're own arse ... not able to piss without a helping hand. The humiliation ... I'm not into humiliation ... but with Tony helpless to resist ... forced to co-operate, however long it took. That would be a massive power trip ... not un-gag him until he'd 'been' then perhaps have to apologise to somebody on the way out if they've been waiting to use the 'Disabled' toilet ... wheel him home and put him to bed still in splints and helpless until he's calmed down and was not likely to kill me ... because he'll be fucking furious! ... a scene to plan for ... but I'll need to get all the equipment, splints ... and a chair ...

... something simpler ... the two long bamboo poles I found in a skip and stored in our cellar until I could dream up something imaginative to do with them ... they're about nine feet long ... In a sort of spread-eagle position a pole could splint one leg then continue across the body and splint the opposite arm ... It would be a straight line ... With the other pole lashed to the other leg and opposite arm it would be like a cross. The poles are long enough to extend well past the hands and feet ... With a lot of plastic garden ties the pole could be fixed all the way along the arms and legs ... If you moved the ends of the poles there might be a scissor action; pull the legs apart and the arms would also move ... It might be fun to try tomorrow ...

... If he was wearing his leathers or a Barbour suit ... the two poles would thread through the legs and arms under the clothes and you wouldn't need garden ties. It might be hard on the suit ... so leathers would be better ... but leathers under a Barbour suit would be stronger ... yes, I could try that tomorrow ... Might be uncomfortable lying on two poles crossed in the middle ... What would happen if he was lying face down and the poles were on top? If the ends of the poles were slightly off the ground at both ends, he'd hang there with all the weight on the suit and be totally unable to move ... I think I could get him there ... start him off face down on the floor ... might need to tie him spread-eagled face down first while I got the poles into position ... yes, I'd definitely need to tie him ... I couldn't trust him to co-operate ...

To get him off the ground I'd use a couple of same-height tables ... lift the two arm ends of the poles onto one table first, then lift the two ends of the leg poles and drag the second table under them ... that might be the difficult part ... nice idea, though ... work on it ... work on it ... Horizontal suspension ... yes ... face down! Roll on tomorrow! Roll on five o'clock ...

What time is it? I've lost track. Think! Think hard! Think yourself out of 'now' and into some other time!

Five o'clock tonight ... what will happen at five o'clock tonight when this is all over? ...
The story continues for another 5000 words.

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