A 10250 word story by Jim Stewart

Topics explored in this section
The range of popular imagery often used in homo-erotic 'jerk-off' scenarios.
Here the iconography is built into an elaborate mind-trip sequence


(EXCERPT 500 words)

The STRANGER now totally leather-clad, strait-jacketed and hooded is invited to enjoy the first-time experience of total powerless-ness. The voice of the LEATHERMAN (author?) continues the story ...

LM: As this is my personal jerk-off fantasy I know all the images I would like to cram into the climax (although I've already shot my bolt giving details of so many of my favourite sights and scenes). If this really was a movie scenario, the fantasies of the character are what would matter. Well, I know this guy, 'The Stranger'. OK he's been looking at KAKE and TOM OF FINLAND, but hiding behind his 'straightness' - so, let's give him a real review of the sort of images that have turned him on, secretly, all through his life. To hell with the budget and problems of filming so many different sequences in so many different locations - let the man enjoy himself with a regular festival of erotic film footage.

... the black void inside the hood begins to fill with erotically appealing sights and sounds punctuated by violent physical action.

HIGH SCHOOL JOCKS indulge in changing-room and shower horseplay. Suddenly, muscular arms grab an athletic neck and soon, in close-up, we see white adhesive tape fixing struggling wrists and ankles to wall bars or other gymnasium equipment. New imagery imposes itself as the location changes ...

BOXING RING with two well-matched young fighters sparring. They wear protective helmets and padded crotch covers. Suddenly, in close-up, boxing glove strings are being laced to ropes of the corner post of a boxing ring and silk shorts are being dragged down or torn away. An exotic bird screeches ...

ARMY GUYS in full battle gear on patrol in jungle or woodland terrain are jumped by others who proceed to bind them with khaki webbing straps and torment their prisoners. The situation could be either actual battle conditions or an army training exercise ... but suddenly the victim is in civilian hunting clothes - perhaps being tied or teased by cammo-clad hunters or back-packing buddies. The pumping hand on the crotch suddenly sounds like a pneumatic hammer/drill and the locations is changed to a construction site ...

CONSTRUCTION WORKER in an unfinished building or warehouse approaches another, and through menace or after a fight binds with wire or duct tape. The bound man watches as ...

A LASSO is thrown and in a violent struggle across dusty earth or in a stable, boots and leather chaps are roped elaborately and securely. As the aggressor cinches the final knots ...

A COPS PISTOL nuzzles into the ear of a leather-jacketed hoodlum. Two cops hold the prisoner at bay. Cuffs are applied - and (surprisingly) leg-irons are produced by the arresting officers. Once in place, the officers smile and produce less official equipment - like leather thongs and a substantial gag. The protesting hoodlum is carried down into a secret domestic cellar by the two smiling cops.

Maybe, in this very special sequence of imagery, the STRANGER features as the aggressor at the beginning of the various sections - but then miraculously each time assumes the role of the victim ... f the cinematography is up to it. The more confused and illogical the collection of mind’s-eye images, the more it will represent the STRANGER’s attitude to his attraction to erotic bondage.
In any event the climax could certainly be a crescendo of erotic excitement.
If anybody has got any energy left - the final sequence of this scenario should be a return to the bedroom.


Situation is almost as it was at the beginning of the film (or story) - The leather-strait-jacketed figure is still lying on the floor - but his pants flies are now open and there are cum-stains around his leather thighs.
One last time the camera travels lovingly over the strapped boots and up onto the leather bedspread, where booted feet and leather-clad thighs are again traversed. Once again we hear the voice of the LEATHERMAN.
LM: The idea of tough, powerful bodies encased, restrained, held prisoner and completely in my power and powerless to resist ... is the main theme of erotic fantasy for me every time. I like to see men writhe - but writhe in enjoyment rather than agony. The sound and smell and sight of his suffering body on the floor beside my bed keeps me awake ... savouring a dream that might disappear if I close my eyes.
At last we see the face of the figure on the bed through a haze of cigarette smoke. It is not the LEATHERMAN but the STRANGER, now wearing the LEATHERMAN’s clothes, enjoying his cigarettes and smiling down at the trussed figure on the floor as the credits roll.


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