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first published by 'Fetters' 1980

3 = DILDOS/BUTT PLUGS (to revise)



The use of symbolic and artificial penises dates back at least to the Ancient Greeks, but modern technology has made a greater variety more readily available and safer to use. In Britain most are made from a malleable oil-based plastic with a remarkably flesh-like texture. In the USA a more rigid polyurethane is generally used.
In bondage the addition of a plug' of any kind can intensify a situation and contribute to the sense of vulnerability and domination. For many people they are an essential part of any Chastity Device.

The current legal situation regarding the sale and use of such items seems to be deliberately confused. A wide variety of dildos and plugs are openly offered for sale in the Popular Press, and all are advertised under the waiver "Sold as novelties only - not for actual use". Limitations on the posting and import/export of such goods are confusing (to say the least). So far we have been unable to find any solid evidence of statutes controlling the sale or shipment of such goods.
We would prefer that the use or non-use of such implements remain a matter of adult, well-informed personal choice rather than of government legislation - - but we do strongly advise that any such use is undertaken with full awareness of the physical and hygienic dangers involved - and only with the full consent of both people involved.

Any plug' inserted into any human bodily orifice must be clean, smooth and firmly anchored to something with which it can be pulled out again. A collar or plate, firmly attached to a flexible central core, is preferable.
Most good items manufactured for penetration have a chain core which prevents pieces breaking off. Any dildo with a more rigid core can be extremely dangerous as this could break through it's soft casing and cause irreparable damage to delicate internal human tissue.
Totally solid items of reasonable proportions and perfectly smooth, non-toxic finish may be used without danger if there is no violent movement of either the implement or the body while it is inside. Again this is a matter of individual capacity and pain threshold.

Careful washing after use is essential. This involves more than wiping. Warm soapy water with added antiseptic fluid is preferable - followed by careful rinsing in clean warm water - followed by a further soak in antiseptic for at least half an hour - then rinsing and drying. Store in a clean plastic bag, and preferably re-soak in antiseptic (and rinse) immediately before use. This may sound extreme, but the middle of a hot sexual Scene is not the time to check if the equipment is clean and safe to use.
Restricting the use of any one plug to one person is the simplest way of avoiding transfer of germs.
Signs of wear such as a pitted surface or splits on the coating are danger signals. Once the surface is broken, the plastic can easily tear and separate, therefore these items should be destroyed immediately. Lubricant from a dispenser or tube is much safer than from a canister or jar. Age and storage conditions can cause lubricant to deteriorate - which may then become a health hazard.

In recent specialised catalogues the range has expanded beyond the natural and practical penis substitutes with lengths of six to eight inches (153/205mm) and circumferences of 4.25 to 6.25 inches (120/157mm). The variety of shapes and textures now includes full fists, open hands and 'monster' proportions. Although offered for sale as "Novelties - not for actual use, one can only assume that somewhere there are people who use, or attempt to use phallic substitutes 18 inches long and ten or more inches in circumference.
Everything is a matter of degree; personal preference, medical considerations and plain common sense should provide each individual with their own guidelines. As with the real thing, sensitive manipulation of a small and flexible intrusion can be more erotically stimulating than sheer size and weight.

Many women and men find these 'toys' stimulating when inserted into the anus or vagina. Battery operated with rigid or flexible casing, some even have varying speeds of vibration. Unfortunately all are liable to malfunction, and none seem to have any external attachment point - which is risky. Available from must 'Sex Shops' and some mail-order distributors.

Various gimmicks intended to increase the size of any orifice are available. A medical 'spreader' is a form of metal reverse pliers. In experienced hands these can be quite safe, but indiscriminate use cane be painful and dangerous. Inflatable 'toys' are also made in different shapes and sizes.

To prevent a plug from entering deeper or being taken out, a simple harness is often used. This may or may not be lockable. A few are illustrated over leaf, but the more complicated versions are discussed in the Chastity Belt section of the catalogue and in the Chastity Belts INFO Sheet.

This useful addition to a harness not only keeps plug firmly in place, but it has a 'split-ring to which plugs can be attached.

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A very high quality chrome plated solid steel with screw-on end loops are available to special order. 4 inches long by 3.75 circ. to 6 inches long by 4.75 circ. (weighing from 11 to 29 ounces!).
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A popular stimulator for men or women. Plastic or rubber balls threaded on string or leather thong. Not easy to keep clean, so advisable to limit use to one person only.