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first published by 'Fetters' 1980



Attempting to chart this and other 'territories',
brainstorming sessions with several different game-players produced
a series of basic fact sheets.

Because the following notes cover both the fantasy and reality of chastity belts they have since been used as a starting point for discussion on many occasions.


FIRST THOUGHTS (September l980)
The situation of a woman locked into an indestructible crotch cover to protect her from sexual assault or to prevent promiscuity while her husband was off on a Holy Crusade has featured in romantic fiction for hundreds of years.

Today this idea of enforced fidelity (of one or both partners) seems to have a new appeal in our free-and-easy lives. To surrender such very personal freedom (either willingly or under threat) certainly adds zest to a relationship. Whether as punishment, a symbol of domination or a sign of mutual commitment, this sort of activity can take any relationship on to a different level. For both partners to accept limitation of access to their own bodies when apart can create even more dramatic situations.

To be left alone at home, or to be out and about at the office or factory, while locked into a restraint of this very personal nature is a constant reminder of dependency that can create hours of highly stimulating sexual excitement.


The traditional medieval type of "T" shaped metal girdle is what most people imagine when the subject is mentioned: something rigid, rusting and clanking with padlocks. Where has that image come from? Reliable historical evidence is scarce. Many museums display a metal construction of dubious origins and even more questionable efficiency. Historically the aim seems to have been to ensure that a woman would not become pregnant during her husband's absence, thereby safeguarding the line of succession. Alternatively it was to preserve a daughter's virginity to protect her marriage prospects.

For this purpose the "T" shape (a lockable waist belt fixed to a front to back crotch strap) would frustrate attempted copulation rather than prevent it! It would leave masturbation or sodomy as the natural alternatives.

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But, to totally prevent sexual enjoyment or arousal in any form is a very different ball game ... particularly when the subject is male! Anyone who has experimented with any form of cock bondage has encountered the problems of variability. Something which is comfortably restricting can suddenly become dangerously tight. The physical and social problems are numerous. Cock locks, sheaths, solid jocks and the like all have their advantages and limitations. Add to this the wide range of personal preferences for visual and dramatic effects and the range of possibilities becomes mind boggling.


A CLOSER LOOK (January l983)
Since I started writing the above notes a couple of years ago, there's been a lot of sweat, tears and occasional blood spilt in the cause of experimenting with different concepts of the chastity belt. The FETTERS workshop is littered with aborted contraptions. Yet we know that around the world there are men and women who are regularly locked into solid realisations of their fantasy: enforced chastity! For many people the chastity belt is the ultimate symbol of a partner's dominance or surrender. Taking any fantasy into reality can be a risky business. The most potent jerk-off routines, however detailed, usually have vague areas. To achieve the reality it is usually necessary to bring the dream into sharper focus.

The hard edges of reality could make most of our torture / punishment / imprisonment fantasies intolerable. Such a fantasy might be destroyed for all time if the actuality turned the slightest bit sour. FETTERS customers soon discover that the solid steel reality of manacles, or the unyielding canvas and leather straps of a straitjacket are a very different ballgame to their erotic daydreams. However, most of them can learn to live happily with the reality after making the necessary mental readjustments. My point is that facing up to these practical realities should begin in the planning stages when you are going to make or order equipment.

Bringing a fantasy into reality can be as complicated as writing a scenario for a movie. The general sweep of the action can be decided easily, and the dramatic or visual style is probably already clearly defined, but before it becomes reality, the practical details have to be brought into focus one by one. These cannot be conveniently skimmed over.


A chastity belt Check List is often the best way to make sure no essential element gets left out of the scene. Writing this list shouldn't be a chore. Whether it's done in partnership or in secret, checking over the specifics can give hours of stimulating speculation. Not only worth the effort; a whole lot of fun!

A check list might start with one of two questions:
What does it look like? or - what is it supposed to prevent?
Get that into focus for a start. (How practical is the fantasy of being welded permanently into a cast iron jock strap if, in reality, you can't even sit down without getting a hernia.)

The visual image:
This may be one of the main turn-ons. Should it involve something metal and vaguely medieval; or be like a Victorian surgical corset, all horsehide and rivets; or in shining modern hi-tech stainless steel?

Any device intended for actual use for even relatively short periods of time, must be used with consideration of the wearer's physical safety.
The choice of material, although perhaps an essential part of the desired dramatic effect, must be weighed against all practical considerations. If abrasions are allowed to develop, pleasure can be denied to all concerned for a matter of weeks.

When you have decided exactly what the device is supposed to do or to prevent, you should perhaps experiment with improvised versions before settling on a particular design. This way you can discover what does or doesn't work for you.

The degree of escape-proofing is another reality which has to be faced. A totally indestructible impregnable device is virtually impossible in this day and age. Given access to a hacksaw, a pair of bolt cutters or a friendly locksmith, no thoroughly determined victim need remain imprisoned.

Exactly how secure need the device you have in mind be?. Threat alone is often enough to keep a victim wearing even the most uncomfortable device. Additional restraints such as mitts and handcuffs can sometimes reduce the number of locks needed. Of course if the hands are free and still the device can't be removed without destroying it, the scene is intensified!

Face the facts, leather straps can be cut; inexpensive locks can be picked. Metal reinforced leather and top quality padlocks will add considerably to the cost.
Locks at every fixing point may make opening and closing a device a very complicated process. This can be a potent part of your scene ... or a downright irritation. The rules of the game are something that only you can decide. (I deliberately refer to all S/M activity in terms of a game. Although it can be as tough, demanding and painful as ice hockey, football or boxing, if it ceases to be a game, the dangers are legion!).

However high or low security factors are on your list, the situation should never arise that a belt is causing so much pain or physical damage that the wearer must remove it at any price!.

Toilet functions and hygiene:
The most practical reality is the time factor when choosing a device, because toilet functions have to be considered if it's to be worn for periods of over five hours; particularly if the key holder is not immediately available.
With the traditional 'T' shaped design both toilet functions are possible, though really quite messy. A totally efficient design, particularly if a butt plug is used, can make such body functions impossible.

For periods of over five hours without relief, people with experience of bondage for unspecified periods can usually devise their own solutions. Control through diet, enemas or day/night urinal bags allow most situations to be made possible. Having considered the points raised so far you should by now have a clearer idea which device will allow which sort of possibilities.
(For expanded Check List ideas see the 'Check List' workshop notes on the main Chastity Index)

Everything in erotic bondage is a matter of degree.

Denying a partner access to his/her own body for a day is very different from the victim spending a night locked into the same device! Believe me!!

Wearing a "handicap" in the privacy of the home is very different from being escorted around a public place with it locked on. Being taken around with the device hidden beneath clothes is totally unlike being at a social event with all the locks exposed to view. All a matter of degree.

Forcing someone to go off to their place of employment unable to take a piss can give both "players" a day of intense tension, but for two people to mutually agree to spend their time apart both locked into devices with keys held by their partners is something else!

The range of different designs available in many leather stores or mail-order catalogues is considerable, but in most instances the degree of efficiency will depend upon a good fit. Even most off-the-peg cock and ball toys either fit or they don't; there are no half measures. Some people can't get them on while others find that they fall off.

Adjustability in a lockable chastity device is usually quite limited. Accurate measurements are particularly important if ordering by mail.

Safety factors deserve more space than I'm prepared to give them here. Because so much in S/M is a matter of personal taste (and degree) it should be enough to say "Take care"! Most male chastity devices need to fit tightly around the genitals, and when locked on the cock and balls may be out of view. Even temporary interruption of blood circulation is potentially dangerous - and the danger signals are usually seen rather than felt. You can minimise this danger with cautious and concerned experimentation. Monitoring the effect of what's going on inside a metal jock-box or behind a laced up, strapped down, butt plugged horsehide crotch harness is up to the gamesman.

The safety of all S/M equipment is, generally speaking, in the hands of the users rather than those of the designer / maker / supplier.

The original Information Sheet then continued with details of various designs for male chastity devices developed by 'Fetters' twenty-five years ago. These and many variations are still in production.

During the past few years many FETTERS customers have come to us with very specific ideas and we've been able to carry many of them out successfully. As a result of this experience we have been able to identify the more popular and efficient types of chastity devices.

END Chastity Belt Information Sheet

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