Wrapping, strapping, chaining and tying


(from various correspondence)


A check list of ideas to consider (as supplied to various Fetters customers in the past).

Standard leather jacket:
... Yes, the modifications you suggest can be done quite easily. Holes in slant pockets can usually be modified so wearer can be handcuffed inside jacket before it's zipped up. Standard handcuffs (preferably two pairs) link hands inside jacket front. Fixing the cuffs to an internal belt reduces possible strain on the jacket by limiting movement.

... A tactfully modified jacket can still look like a standard bike jacket in public - except to the discerning eye.

Padlocks in place

How lockable is lockable?
One simple miniature "D" ring at the top of the front zip to take a padlock can render any jacket impossible for the wearer to remove without access to the key. The padlock can be hidden by the collar or crash helmet - or a specially added leather tab to cover it.

Padlockable waist straps may not be so easy to disguise but adds to the psychological impact on the wearer.

Padded gloves taped on or fixed with cable ties hidden under cuffs of the jacket can also make a helmet impossible to remove even when not locked on. Mitts over gloves naturally increase the powerlessness.

A gag or mouth taped shut can go un-noticed under most helmets. The type of helmet with an internal breathing filter can be particularly effective.

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Plastic cable ties can be cut short, and used insidead of padlocks.

Is exhibitionism part of the thrill?
A few sturdy "D" rings permanently attached at sides and back of jacket can usually pass without comment. However, for real practical use ‘D' rings are best both sewn and riveted through to a strong internal webbing harness if the jacket is to be worn by a determined HOUDINI.

Even quite chunky extra 'D' rings on a regular-looking jacket (with or without the occasional dangling padlock) can look quite stylish - but also be quite a conversation opener in everyday use.

Internal webbing harness inside a jacket can extend down inside pants and under crotch with "Chastity Jock" incorporated. This also intensifies the all-over restrictive feel by pulling the jacket downwards.

Strap-loops added at wrist, waist and collar can accommodate unslippable lockable straps which can be added as and when required. These loops also have a subtle visual impact in public. If more are added at bicep and on chest so many loops send out a more obvious signal - which is not always a bad thing.

A jacket worn complete with straps in public makes a very definite statement especially when padlocks are in place. Much depends on the degree of exhibitionism.

Straps with 'D' rings on each of them provide useful anchor points, offering lots of alternative configurations.



Correspondence which raised additional points

Zip-on, zip-off leather mitts added to bike jacket cuffs.
... Not sure your suggestion will work. Zips will not be very strong if you intend to then strap mitts finger-end to finger-end around the body in traditional straitjacket crossed-arms style. But, if the link you make is perhaps between sturdy straps around each wrist, there would be no problem.
Blindfold under crash helmet as well as gag on by a pillion passenger? A risky situation, but that's what pushes some people's buttons. It has been done more often than many people like to believe. Read John Stapleton's story Locked In Leather ? It is not all fiction (See ‘Storylines' via the Home Page ). ... helmet with the brand name 'Lazer'. Thanks for information. Any helmet with internal face-protector offers gag or mouth taping possibilities. No need to modify the chin strap. With cabel-tied-on gloves, the helmet stays on until somebody gets out the tough-cut scissors



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